Working Boomer Starts a Moped Movement

It is Thursday but really Monday for me.  This Working Boomer is getting ready for work tonight.  The weather is rather cold outside and the wind is blowing.  So I headed out dressed in my layers.

My main concern is that my car moves when it is time to take that trip to work.  Therefore I just returned from the local gas station.  I purchased a new ice scrapper with a brush.  That was ten dollar.  Then I added a can of defroster for my window shields which was five dollars.  I filled my gas tank and that was another twenty-five dollars.  I noticed the gas prices are up again.  Why does that seem to happen at each holiday?  I need to save some money for my retirement years.   Is that a lost cause.  I think NOT.

I just have to put on my thinking cap, get in high gear and make some cuts.  Maybe I should start riding a moped.  Heck yes!  That would save on gasoline and I could have a little fun too!  Maybe we boomers could start a trend.  We could call ourselves the Oldies but Goodies Working and Rolling Moped Riders Group.  There I go again with this thinking stuff but HEY  when it is humorous, positive or fun, Why Not?

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