Are We Baby Boomers – Seniors – Or Active Adults?

Baby Boomers -Seniors - Active AdultsMaybe if I write about some of the things that I have read about Baby Boomers lately then you will help me figure out just who or what we are.  When I looked up the definition of “who are Baby Boomers” it said a Baby Boomer is a person who was born during the demographic post War  War II .  We grew up during the 50’s, 60’s and 1970’s. Our birth years are 1946 to 1964.  Got that, but as I read about us today it gets more and more complicated for me.  I am going to share some things that I read and let’s figure this thing out.

First of all, when do we get that senior discount on food with the smaller portion?  Is it sixty-two or sixty-five?  I was born in 1948 and I have read that I am a boomer but on the menu it says I am a senior.  Then there was an article that I read that said the age sixty folks are now the new 50’s.  Really?  That just does not agree with my birth certificate.

When I read about health and dieting my head became even more confused.  Of course with my head that is not unusual.  The other day there was an article in the news that said we boomers are obese or to put it nicely FAT.  Then I visited the senior center where the age limit was sixty-two and much to my surprise most of the folks there were my age, but yet it was not called a boomer center.  May I add, that with all the activities that they were participating in they appeared very energetic and healthy, not OBESE.

One article I read, stated we were messing up the city transportation because there was so many of us.  That has to change.  I was down in the city just the other day and most of the folks that I saw were much younger than me.  Maybe the boomers just had not got out of bed yet.

Really though, I do not think the boomers are sleeping in too late.  Most of my friends are getting up very early to exercise and get their bodies ready for work.  Actually, I even read an article stating how we boomers were going to work for a LONG TIME.  All you have to do is turn on the news to hear that.  But speaking of the news, have you noticed how old some of the reporters are?    So is that true or not?  They look like seniors that are filling up the jobs. Some though are very young reporters.

Then there are the ads for health clubs and wrinkle creams.  They appear to be geared to boomers, but I saw a senior gentleman buying ten jars of Vitamin E cream at the Dollar store just the other day.  He told the sales person that he needed to keep his skin young.  Now I am not an expert in that area and I am sure the cream will help, but on the other hand, he looked to be about 90 years old.  Maybe he just meant he wanted to keep his skin healthy.

I could go on and on with the things that I have read and observed.  Instead I will just leave you with this solution that I have come up with for those age sixty-two.  Why not just call us Senior Boomers?  Please add a comment so we can get all of this figured out and fixed please.  All we have to do is come up with an agreement.  🙂

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