A Simple Way To Avoid The Monday Blues

Monday comes every week as we all know.  As a week end worker, it is my Friday. I turned on my computer to Face book, Google+ and twitter.  There I read where a lot of boomers are tired just as I am on Monday. Some folks sounded a little blue.  Then I looked for positive and encouraging words that others had written on the social network sites.  By doing this, I know that I am not alone but share some of the same thoughts and feelings as other boomers.  I take what I want and leave the rest.  By sharing even small words which are written or said is a gift that we all can give another.  Just for today, I am going to write two things that I read on my face book that encouraged me.  Hopefully it will encourage you.  We are one.  We are human and we ALL  have the ability to express kindness and caring to help ourselves plus others.

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote this, “I am a human being, not a human doing.¬† Don’t equate your self-worth with how well you do things in life.¬† You aren’t what you do.¬† If you are what you do, then when you don’t…you aren’t.”¬†¬† “Wow, what a simple concept,” I though to myself as I read the words.¬† Next, I opened an email from a face book friend.¬† It reminded me not to over do.¬† Also the person thanked me for a response.¬† That felt good.

Then I looked at a¬†posting from another young person. This is what it said. “It is very difficult to take care of others unless you have first taken care of yourself. What do you need to do for yourself so that you can be available for others? What needs are going unmet? How can you be kind to yourself?”¬† My heart sang with a smile as I thought about how young this person was. But yet¬†he took the time to write those words for all of his face book¬†friends to read.¬† The words gave me hope.

I read another post from a Face book friend that reminded me about how gossip can hurt others.  I smiled.  How simple but how important this is to remember when we speak.  Even silence at times can be a gift.

Yes, we have the power to change our attitude and avoid the Monday blues.  Also just a reminder as I was reminded; gifts of importance such as positive words do not cost, but are worth much to others.  Encouragement and love have the power to heal.  Words and simple actions can bring SMILES to faces.  It is a simple way to give and help others to avoid the Monday Blues.

Remember, as each day passes we become older and wiser.¬† Each Monday will become more and more important. The last chapter of our life is being written.¬† So if you didn’t start today then set a goal for next week to keep it simple and avoid the Monday blues.

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