Senior assisted living facility

Professional Caregiving, From a Boomer Perspective

 A lot of Boomers are being forced to reinvent their life in order to finish well. I am one of those Second Act or Encore Boomers.

Professional Caregiver My Perfect Match

Last year brought the dreaded pink slip. As a Boomer about to turn sixty, this event really threw me into an emotional funk. Shortly after the good bye notice I started my Boomer blog. I felt a lot of other Boomer’s were very probably facing the same situation. I wanted to have a blog that would give Boomer’s a place to sound off, encourage one another and help each other find a way off their floating iceberg. It actually ended up being very cathartic for me and as I was trying to help others, I helped myself. By December, I had thought it out, processed the many pieces of the puzzle and came to the conclusion that professional caregiving would be the perfect match for me at this time in my life.  To find Senior Assisted Living

Now, two months into my new caregiver career, I am loving it!!. I work at a very nice assisted living facility as a caregiver/sitter. These are assisted living residents that need a little extra assistance with getting through their day for various reasons. There can be times of recuperation from a hospital stay or a need for someone to assist them with various prescribed therapies or even a dementia resident that needs some stimulation/companion. As a consumer, the good part about going through an assisted living facility or an agency that provide these services, is of course some security in knowing that the caregiver has to have a background check, take a tuberculosis test, have a CPR certificate, plus some training in caregiving.

As a Boomer caregiver, I find it very easy to empathize for and with the patient in their struggles with declining abilities. I have formed a bond with my one “regular” patient. Personally, I cannot see how one can care for another and not form some attachment. I would only advise this as a career choice for those who find it easy to give love, care and concern to others. My regular enjoys a hug every day. Human touch is important even at 101 and eighty-eight pounds soaking wet.

About The Snarky Boomer

I’m a “Baby Boomer” of 1951. I started writing online in 2004 for my business website. Since 2004 I have written several personal blogs and other business websites. In 2007 I was writing bid proposals, as partner in a software start up company. In 2008 I wrote a few eHow articles before the days of Demand Studio. I have over 20+ years of entrepreneurial and business experience. University of Georgia-Business, Psychology and Marketing, along with a folder full of certificates and seminars too long to list. I am a person who gets really excited learning and researching interesting places or a new project.

To find Senior Assisted Living

“Since my mother has moved into an assisted living place she has started eating healthier thanks to the caregivers.  She is  interacting with others and caregiving has improved her life. She’s doing great.  Thanks.”

Senior assisted living facility
Senior assisted living facility

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  1. Caregivers can have such a huge, positive impact for families who need them.

    Foreign live-in caretakers often come to Canada under the LCP (Live-in Caretaker Program). There are some bonuses to this program such as the caretaker being eligible for the same healthcare Canadian residents get.

    But, there have been cases of abuse by employers. It is super important that caretakers under this program fully know their rights accorded to them by Canadian law!
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