Home is Where You Hang Your Hat

Often Boomers tend to forget where to hang our hat.  Boomers travel to different places.  We make geographical changes.  We change jobs.  We join many different groups.  We seek out people to try to find happiness in them.  We buy things or maybe I should say toys.  We dream of far away places.  We rush and rush to make things perfect.  We look for peace and serenity.

Have you ever done this?  I have.  Then when tired I come home to my heart!  I look at my pet. I look at that old familiar lazy boy chair.  I smell the scent of a home baked meal.  I see a child smile.  I touch the clean sheets on my bed.  I feel the warmth of a soothing bubble bath.  I slip my feet into those old comfy house shoes.  I pick of a good book.  I hear the sounds of my neighbors as they are enjoying their families.  I look around.  I see my old hat hanging on the hook.  I smile.  The cookies are baking in oven.  The coffee pot is brewing fresh smelling coffee.  My world is at peace.

No matter where I go, no matter what I buy, no matter who I see, serenity is where I hang my hat.  My hat may be a little wore but it is warm.    I am HOME!   Home is where the HEART IS!  This is where I hang my Hat.

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Robert Fowler

Robert Fowler is President of Retirement Media Inc.
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