Jobs For Baby Boomers

Retirement Jobs for Baby Boomers

Listed below are some of the best web sites for Baby Boomers to find jobs, even your retirement job.

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Jobs Websites Every Baby Boomer Should Visit
Best Job Sites for Baby Boomers

Before you can get a job, you must be looking for one in the places where people are posting jobs. The following sites are helpful especially to people with a long career who are wanting to fill a niche within the work force. Have a look at these websites. They could very well be the site you find your next position.  Here is info on Baby Boomer Jobs.

RetiredBrains.com – full of job hunting help with a simple interace, RetiredBrains.com focuses exclusively on older workers. Job hunters can search for job listings in the U.S. and abroad by keyword, location, and the type of position. It’s also possible to set up job-search agents to email you upon a match as well as post your resume
for people to find you.

RebootYou.com — RebootYou is a blog focused on the concept of “rebooting” your life for whatever comes next. This site has lots of valuable information for people who want to “reboot” their life and start fresh. It also has stories of people who’ve done this very thing who came from all different backgrounds.

BoomersNextStep.com – full of valuable content for all the baby boomers. It has articles related to employment, choosing a second career, and whether age plays a role on whether you should start a new career. With news and lifestyle tips, this site is great for the senior who wants to plan the next stage of their life.>

Workforce50.com — The slogan “No Pastures Here” pretty much says it all. Workforce50.com’s career site is targeted to mature workers searching for employment, making a transition, or approaching retirement. With a job force full of listings by companies wanting to hire people who are 50+ years of age, this site is a must visit for seniors looking for a new position in retirement.

ExecuNet.com – for the Executive-level person, ExecuNet strives to connect executives with new jobs and recruiting firms looking to hire executives. While the job board is 100% dedicated to executives and upper-level employees who make over $100,000 per year and up, there is a lot of content geared toward people who want to get to this level.

YourEncore.com — YourEncore is a niche job site targeted to retired and veteran scientists and engineers. The professionals that get accepted by YourEncore become “Experts” who get paired with clients who need assistance from experienced professionals. Accepted profesionals are able to reject projects which don’t interest them so this means that you can be “retired” while still working on things that interest you. To get started as an Expert, visit the site and fill out a profile for YourEncore to look at.

ENRGE.us — The Employment Network for Retirement Government Experts (ENRGE) website is a website for government employees or those within 12 months of retirement to get their resume out there so ENRGE’s network of government vendors, private equity managers, VCs, human resources departments and business owners can hire and find someone who can help them with whatever project they happen to be working on.

RetireeWorkForce.com – RetireeWorkForce’s niche is showcasing unique part-time, flexible, seasonal and full-time positions that aren’t found anywhere else. On top of the job search and resume-building services, RetireeWorkForce has what they call “RW University” which is a program with 130 classes taught by instructors or self-administered that give certificates.

RetirementJobs.com – Only 5 years old and founded by former Fortune 1000 human resources executives, RetirementJobs.com locates companies that want older workers and pairs them with active, efficient, punctual, and mature adults who want a job to match their lifestyle. It’s free to search for jobs though a premium package is offered which gives the user access to special members-only content and classes.

Baby Boomer Jobs

Mark Miller, author of The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security, said boomers began viewing the retirement years differently well before the recession took hold. “Many were committed to staying engaged. … The whole idea of working longer, even for a handful of years, can be tremendously beneficial to your mental well being.”

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AARP’s Work page has a lot of good resources about Social Security, Jobs, Pension, Retirement Calculator. Jobs for Boomers and Seniors