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boomer resourcesBoomer Places has added several new pages that you have not seen here before, that are great resources for baby boomers; so I wanted to let you know where to find them.  They are permanent pages about Boomer Blogs, about topics ranging from Fun Things for Boomers to Do, Boomer Cruises, Cruise planning, Grocery Store Senior Discounts, Fall Prevention Tips, and the SilverSneakers program under Medicare which provides a great benefit you should look into if you receive Medicare benefits.

So where do you do you find these pages you ask.  Many of the tabs on the top of this page have pages under them.  If you put your cursor over one of the tabs you will see a drop down menu displayed listing the pages under that tab.  The tab itself takes you to a page and if there is a menu dropping down then there are more than one pages.

Under the Boomer Boomer Blog tab, we Boomer Travel Blogs are some of the best travel blogs  out there.  Boomers lover to travel and to write about their travels.

Under the Entertainment tab, we have 25 Fun Things for Baby Boomers to Do has some interesting and entertaining ideas for boomers.

Under the Boomer Medicare tab, we have a page explaining the SilverSneakers program.

Under the Boomer Travel, we have both a Boomer Cruises page and then a British Isles Cruise Planning page to show how a cruise is planned.

Under the Boomer/Senior Discounts tab we have a Grocery Store Senior Discounts page and Age 55+ Perks page.

Under the Boomers Health Issues tab we have a page for 6 Tips Boomers Need for Slips and Fall Prevention.

Remember each tab itself is a page also.  So now you know, please take a look.

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