Boomer Stories: Memories and Humor

WorkingBoomer has inspired me with her Boomer Stories.  I get the premise that Baby Boomers have lived through many exciting decades and have stories to tell.  Living is experiences and some experiences you remember more than others.   When you tell these personal stories to others it becomes part of  your life’s story.   Boomer blogging  is done by people who want to share some of these stories.

OK I accept the task to write one of my boomer stories.   What shall I write about?  Inspiration?  Generation perspective?  World peace?  No, I think fishing stories.  Fishing and stories kind of go together, don’t you think?

These three fishing stories all happen in the early part of my life, because I don’t fish much anymore except an occasional charter boat trip in the Gulf of Mexico.  The first story is scary and the other two humorous.

Here we go.

1. CATCHING A MESS – Growing up in a small town in middle Georgia,  when I was about age 15,  I went fishing just about every day during the Summer behind the dam at the spillway at Lake Tchukolaho with my two brothers.   This particular day I was catching the bream like crazy with my Zebco 33 spinner.  Wearing Calypso shorts and low cut Converse tennis shoes with no socks I waded out in the water almost up to my waist, to get closer to the fish.  After a while my fish stringer was full of bream and getting heavy so I double tied it to my belt loop so it would not come off and turned to start back to shore .   That fish stinger sure was heavy and I couldn’t wait to show my brother waiting on shore, so with both hands  I hoisted up the stringer of fish.  What happened next I still get goose bumps over.  There was a huge ugly water moccasin snake who had swallowed up the bottom half of my fish stringer.  Gasping jaws wide open trying to sallow the whole string.   I don’t know who was surprised more, me or the snake.  Remember the string was tied to my belt loop.  There was a lot of high stepping and splashing and eventfully I got to shore with out the snake.

Ok on to better times.

2. WHAT DO I DO NOW? – When I moved to the city and got married, Mary Ann and I lived in some apartments near Stone Mountain Park which had a nice lake.  I would come home from my Accounting job, change out of the suit, pick up my fishing gear and head over for 30 minutes of bass fishing before dusk.  Each time I would ask Mary Ann if  she wanted to go, and the answer was “No, you go ahead”, but this day she said yes.   Off to park we go and stopped on the side of the road and took the short walk through the woods to the lake .   Bass fishing is done by casting along the shoreline in the shallow water.  But we couldn’t both do that so I set Mary Ann up with a plastic worm and a large weight on her spinner and cast it straight out in the lake.  You just slowly reel in the line and then throw it back out, were my instructions.  There that would take care of here while I do some real Bass fishing.

I quickly disappeared along the wooded path along the lake to the better fishing spot.   Thirty minutes later, I had a couple of hits but no fish. Since it would be getting dark, I headed back.  As I came out of the woods to the clearing, I see Mary Ann standing there with her spinner rod pointed up and a big bass flip flopping on the ground.  “What do I do now” I heard her say.

On to the last fishing story.

3. TALK ABOUT A BIG CATCH!. –  So Mary Ann and I are fishing at a country pond.  It is getting late afternoon and time to bass fish.  We are on the side of the pond.  I plan to go along the pond’s edge fishing for bass. Mary Ann needs something to do.   I rig up a spinner with a Jitterbug lure, the type that wobbles back and forth across the top of the water.   Planning to keep her clear of my fishing grounds, I say “throw it over there towards the other side of the pond by those cattails”.    Mary Ann, where?   At that time three cows were walking along a path on the other side of the pond going to wherever cows go at the end of the day. I said “over there by the cows”.   Mary Ann reared back and slung that Jitterbug lure with a mighty sling .   The lure sailed high in the air and took off.  It landed on the cows back!

The cow keeps strolling down the path.  The fishing line is reeling off.

Mary Ann said here! and gave the spinner to me.  I made sure the line was letting out as the cow continued down the path.  What to do?  The lure after hitting the cow on the back must have jumped off on the other side. The line fell off the cow just before we gave out of line.

Working Boomer Starts a Moped Movement

It is Thursday but really Monday for me.  This Working Boomer is getting ready for work tonight.  The weather is rather cold outside and the wind is blowing.  So I headed out dressed in my layers.

My main concern is that my car moves when it is time to take that trip to work.  Therefore I just returned from the local gas station.  I purchased a new ice scrapper with a brush.  That was ten dollar.  Then I added a can of defroster for my window shields which was five dollars.  I filled my gas tank and that was another twenty-five dollars.  I noticed the gas prices are up again.  Why does that seem to happen at each holiday?  I need to save some money for my retirement years.   Is that a lost cause.  I think NOT.

I just have to put on my thinking cap, get in high gear and make some cuts.  Maybe I should start riding a moped.  Heck yes!  That would save on gasoline and I could have a little fun too!  Maybe we boomers could start a trend.  We could call ourselves the Oldies but Goodies Working and Rolling Moped Riders Group.  There I go again with this thinking stuff but HEY  when it is humorous, positive or fun, Why Not?

Laughter is Good Medicine

People who laugh often and have a good sense of humor can deal with stress easier. I have read this in many articles. Today I was able to put that to the test.

I reached for my telephone. It was not working. I tried to turn the television on. It was not working. I messed with the connection wires and nothing happened. That was a beginning to a bad attitude.

Promptly at 9a.m. I called my service provider and was greeted by a sweet sounding voice. The lady was very customer service friendly. I proceeded to tell her my problem with a tone of voice that was not so pleasing. As she tried to help me I interrupted her and told her just to have someone come and fix the problem. Now as I said before, I already had a bad attitude before I placed the call.

As I was talking I looked toward my wall at the electric switch that I never touch. Well let me not say never. The switch was turned to the off position. One flick of the switch and everything was back in working order.

I then apologized to the customer service rep. for my poor attitude and we laughed together. In addition while I had her on the line I purchased a better Internet service which also fixed the problem that I was having with my computer.
Yes, I am human. I am grateful for the ability to change my attitude, laugh at myself and make an apology. Now I have to remember to put tape over that switch and practice maintaining a better attitude when those little sillies ruffle my feathers.