The Boomers Dysfunction Junction Family

When I was a younger person, I remember watching the television show, “Leave It To Beaver.”  Everyone was so proper and perfect.  It represented the all American family back in the day.  Needless to say, I was nothing like Mrs. Clever.  My clothes were not perfect, my house was disorganized, and as as a single Mom I guess you might say we were a bit dysfunctional.  In other words we did not set the standards for normal but what is normal but a setting on a washing machine.  There were many self help programs and books for this condition back then.  One thing for sure by attending these programs, I met others that were just like me.   Some even appeared in more abnormal situations than my family.  Instead of judging the situation, I will just say dysfunction or not, it was what it was.  Who cares about titles anyway.   If the truth be known, I am sure most folks have a few skeletons in their closets.

The qualifications for dysfunction could be doing a lot of things such as drinking, drugging, care taking, sex, over eating, under eating, or anything that is connected with an addiction.  Then there is the term, “being politically correct.”  Whatever, I say!  From articles that I have been reading lately it appears boomers have been saddled with the blame for a lot of this.  Again, I say,”Whatever.”  Give us a break already!  The last time I was in a bar, it was unbelievable to me watching some of our younger generation put down a few cold beers.  As fast as they were going down who would have had time to taste the cold part anyway.  It has been a while since I have seen any 70 year old folks chugging that fast but I know they can.  Really who cares about the age thing as long as they are legal age to drink.  Oh right, make sure it is not obsessive or it will be dysfunctional.

I am waiting for the statistics to come out on today’s day and age families regarding computer age dysfunction.  So far from what I have observed is that members of a family sit in the same room.  Each person has a cell phone in their hand.  Constantly they are texting away on the phone.  Then there is a giggle from a person on the opposite of the room.  Instead of talking, these two folks are texting each other. That is the way they share a laugh.  Give me a break!  Pretty soon one will have to have a cell phone to ask for the butter to be passed at the dinner table.  Speaking of the the dinner table, that brings me to something else.  I have seen many families that all just grab their food and head to the family room or living room.  There everyone sits around, eats and watches the biggest loser.  To me this appears to be dysfunctional but who am I make that call.

Then I keep reading about families where the parents, grandparents and kids all live under the same roof.  My, My, I do hope these dwelling are structurally safe if there is any dysfunction going on in these families.  Actually, before the next sixty years has come and gone, we boomers may know the family unit as more than it was in days gone by.  Did I say 60 years?  No way, I don’t plan on being around to experience any more new terms associated with family dysfunction junction!  There are so many different surveys going on, I am sure someone will get on this important topic soon of the future of family dysfunction junction.  Only time will tell folks, only time will tell!