Energy Drinks For Baby Boomers

energy drinksSeniors have always had some magic tonic to boost energy levels.  I know of one senior lady a couple of decades ago who just loved her “jogging in a jug” she called it.

From the times of the traveling medicine shows until today there has been something to boost energy and spirits.

For many to get going and keep going it’s a few cups of coffee during the day. Cans of Coke or sipping iced tea to keeps others going.  Then there are native herbal remedies and Chinese tonics.  Some say strength training and diet should do it.

The young first embraced the 5-Hour Energy Shots and are still the biggest users.
According to a WSJ article from a few years ago “Bottlers of Buzz Wake Up to Find Seniors as Customers” the 5-Hour Energy Shots also became popular with plenty of seniors over age 60 who aren’t ready to slow down.  At the Costco, cases of energy shots are stacked beside Ensure nutrition shakes and across from tubes of wrinkle cream.

As the energy shots became popular with baby boomers they actually started advertising in the AARP bulletin and at the Life@50+ events.  I will be attending the Life@50+ event in Atlanta so I will verify that.  Reportedly the energy shots are a big seller at some golf courses.

Now this trend has expanded to shelves full of all types of energy drinks and energy shots everywhere you go as they have soared in popularity with young adults and some use among boomers.

Some say they are fine in moderation.  Others warn intensely caffeinated beverages come with some serious health risks for middle age plus persons.  (The Surprising Risks of Energy Drinks for Boomers).  If you are sensitive to caffeine don’t use energy drinks.  Certainly don’t use energy drinks and alcohol.  For me it sounds like usage in moderation is the key and most of us at this age already know that.

Since I lost 30 lbs, joined the gym and walk at the senior centers a couple times a week, I also gave up coffee.  Now coffee just taste weird.  However I bought a can of Gridlock, an Energy Drink from Aldi Foods and liked it.  Gridlock is reportedly made by Monster Energy Drink for Aldi Foods.  The taste was good and I noticed a  good buzz which let me really get some work done on the Internet.  Yes, that is me speaking.

At age 65 I don’t know of any of my friends who use energy drinks.  However last week I was having lunch with my retired friend Jim who is approaching 70 and asked him if he drinks coffee.  He says sure and he usually has several cups of coffee a day.  My friend Scott who is late 50’s and still working is notorious for taking his large QT cup with him for several refills of Coke a day.   As I sip on my Gridlock this morning writing this, I wonder if this is a difference in preference in how you get your caffeine.

There are some advantages of energy drinks to boomers as pointed out in this article.    As it points out, it is amazing how much more awake you can be on a well formulated energy drink compared to an old fashioned coffee drink, without the nerves, stomach upset, etc.  We can get our basic vitamin requirements in some energy tonics without swallowing a hand full of pills.  Finding the right energy drink can greatly increase our stamina and minimize soreness the next morning.  You can save money too.  My Gridlock cost $1.00 for a two  servings can compared to a latte from Starbucks at $3 or $4 dollars I am guessing.

Boomers need to do their own research to pick a healthy energy drink that suits them and those under the care of a doctor should ask if there is any reason they shouldn’t use energy drinks in moderation.