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There are two things boomers love to do:  they love to blog and they love to travel.  Photography is another love of boomers. So it is natural that there are some wonderful boomer travel blogs with great photographs and information.

Travel is on the list of most people’s retirement activities.  Baby boomers enjoy some nice vacations.   However, you don’t have to be retired or a baby boomer to enjoy these boomer travel blogs.  They are full of interesting places to visit around the world and things to do when you get there.  Let’s not forget the travel tips and advice as well.  But I think my favorite part of visiting travel blogs and web sites is to see the wonderful photographs and see what the bloggers are doing and where they are or have been recently.

Travel sites and blogs can give you ideas of places to visit.  Follow a travel blogger and you get to know them like a friend as they share their trips and tips.  It is exciting to see where they turn up next.  Even if you never make a trip yourself you will feel like you have experienced traveling  yourself.  Travel blogs are refreshing, exciting, interesting, educational and informative.  OK enough, let’s take a look at some of our favorite boomer travel sites and blogs.

Travel Blogs and Websites For Boomers

Despite my comments above, don’t let me get too quaint here, these are not casual or hobby travel bloggers.  These are the best of the best boomer travel web sites and bloggers with full time sites being updated continuously.  These are not bland corporate travel sites; each has their own personalities, specialties and styles.  That’s why I like them all. I recently had an opportunity to meet every blogger listed and was so impressed I can’t tell you. Now take a look at the best travel websites anywhere.

New! Solo Travel Girl site by Jennifer Huber is a new addition to our best travel blogs. Jennifer has worked in the tourism industry for nearly 20 years including 10 years with a park management company in Yellowstone, Death Valley and Everglades National Parks. I met Jennifer at Lifeat50+ in Boston and believe her blog is great for solo travelers or anyone.

One of our favorite baby boomer travel bloggers has always been Donna Hull with her blog My Itch Travel Feet – The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel.  Always traveling to interesting in the US and internationally from her home in Montana, wherever she turns up next will be exciting.  Donna does the type of travel boomers like: active and inquisitive travels.   Small luxury cruises are one of  Donna’s specialties.  A real plus is that both Donna and her husband Alan are both great photographers.

David & Veronica are emptynester baby boomers who blog as The GypsyNester to chronicle their discoveries and places they visit.  Plenty of good travel photos adorn their posts and the photos are perfectly matched to their words seemingly following them step by step.  You really get the gist of a place reading their blog. More than that, Dave and Veronica are great people and have a genuine love of travel that you will see on their web site, and especially in their videos. They will turn into your travel gurus like they have for us.  🙂

The Roaming Boomers   – David and Carol Porter did what we all want to do.  Turn 50 and travel!  A boomers travel guide with pretty pictures in a well laid out presentation.  In fact they have a tab called pretty pictures and a cloud to browse locations.  David does a great job on The Roaming Boomers web site.

Frugal Travel Guy – About saving money while traveling to some great places.  Reducing the travel expenses that can nickel and dime you on any trip.  Christine Krzyszton is the writer we like best on this site and her published popular book “How to See The World in A Weekend”.

Go NOMAD – Travel articles about great destinations all over the world.  Max Hartshorne has one of the strongest travel sites anywhere. Max knows travel.  I had dinner with Max and was quite impressed.

Chris Cruises – Chris Owen is a travel writer from Orlando Florida who shares frank, inside information about cruise vacations with travelers. Chis knows cruises.  I was with Chris in a group of travel experts when they interviewed a cruse line representative and the travel experts let Chris do the talking.

Never Stop Traveling – I like the way they write on this blog.  You feel like you are there with them on the trip. Donna Manz as a travel planner, focuses on Europe, senior and solo travel and river cruises.

Travel Past 50 – For those who’ve been around. I have just discovered this travel site and like it.

Travel Blog Directory – the most comprehensive list of travel blogs on the internet.

Baby boomer cruiser

Boomer Travel Resources

As a bonus to this page, here are some great travel resources that we use all the time.

AARP Travel Center – Travel and leisure deals, tips and news for tours, air, hotels.  AARP travel center powered by Expedia.  I  recently met with their guy designing their next travel site and it is going to be one place to design, plan and purchase travel.  Should be coming out in Jan 2014 but the current travel site is already a top travel resource.  Plus you get discounts!

Cruise Critic has forums where passengers post about their cruises.  You get the good and the bad about a cruise or the cruise ship.  Boomer cruises are popular and most of the posters on the Cruise Critic forums are boomers.

TripAdvisor – One of my favorite travel sites is Trip Advisor. I like to see the reviews by real people on hotels and attractions especially.  Then go to the forums for the location you are visiting and catch the scoop of what is happening from real people who have been there or are locals. You can ask questions too.

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