Auto Repairs Made Easier

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Auto Repairs Made Easier

Don’t’ you just hate it when you have a problem with your auto and you need some sort of expensive auto repair or service. We are baby boomers so we have been through a lot including aggravating auto repairs before, but it doesn’t get any easier does it.

Auto repairs can be costly but that is not the only thing making us feel a little queasy and irritated.  How do we know the repair actually needs to be done? How do we know if we are being quoted a fair price or are we being ripped off by an unethical auto repair service? That’s what I am worried about more than just the price. Apparently a lot of people agree with me since a reported 66 percent of car owners believe they have been ripped off by a repair shop.

RepairPal is a company that evaluates and certifies auto repair shops based on a number of criteria.  I looked into their service which offers to put you in touch with reputable and dependable auto repairs shops in your neighborhood which meets their criteria. An auto repair shop must undergo a comprehensive technical assessment by RepairPal’s team of veteran ASE certified master technicians, must meet high customer service standards which they verify by interviewing customers of the auto shop. Additionally the shops must offer a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty and guarantee to charge fair prices within the range of RepairPal’s price estimator.

So I gave RepairPal’s web site a try.  Seeing that RepairPal has a program with AARP Discounts and I am a member, I went to AARP’s RepairPal page.   I entered my name, email, zip code and make of auto and clicked “Find a Shop” button.  Under the button it said “This is a free service. No credit card required.”   On the results screen it found 37 auto repair shops in my city and it listed the three that were RepairPal certified.  It gave their name, address and phone number and indicated there would be 10% off their services for AARP members.  Too easy!

I found the process to be easy and not intrusive, just putting me in easy contact with the RepairPal Certified shops in my area. The 10% AARP member discount would be a plus too. Next time I need a repair I am going to give them a try.

Author: Robert Fowler

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12 thoughts on “Auto Repairs Made Easier”

  1. It is a nice found Rob, thanks for sharing. I was suspecting that most motorists are worried about going to a repair shop nearly as much as going to a dentist. Your figures support my feeling. If you have no clue what they are talking about how would you know if they are telling the truth and not setting a bait to rip you off. That is unless you trust the company and mechanic.

  2. Having your car go in for its normal check up is just like what we do when we have our yearly physicals. It makes sure that nothing is wrong, and if there are issues, you can then proceed to get them fixed. It will make your car reliable over the long haul because the maintenance will help diagnose any problems your car may have.

  3. Hi Robert! Feeling very good to read out your blog on auto repairs made easier. Actually before reading your blog it was really difficult but RepairPal has done it very much easy by providing discount opportunity. So definitely this will be very handy for us and hope that every car owners will join here:)

  4. Sounds like an interesting service, any follow up to this how did you get on with Repairpal service? I also feel your pain its so hard to know who to trust these days when it comes to car repairs

  5. Great write up. Congratulations! I second the 12 month 12000 mile warranty that is mentioned here. A responsible auto repair center will know how to deal with any problem right from first. Most car owners like me do not think twice before we invest in the repair. It is like going to the doctor where you doo not think twice before spending huge amounts of money. Car repair centers which understand the value of such surrender will make sure there is no waste of time or money, with optimized services and excellent warranty.

  6. Car repair is a issue of car users. There are many repair shops dealing with car service, car repair etc. They charge much that expected. The article says that now car repair expenses are more due to extra costs. A company named Repair Pal has the power to certify any repair shop. According to that a car user can evaluate the quality as well as the efficiency of work. So that they will get more benefit with low cost.

  7. Very well written. Yes most of the car drivers are facing this kind of trouble when something is wrong with their car. Due to frustration they avoid expensive services. But they fail to think that good or quality services services are needed, not just the cheapest. Yes it sometimes happens that auto repair center may be charging very high cost for low service. So people must be aware about this service center reputation and must go to the centers who are worth it.

  8. Good one. Yes every car users are undergoing the same trouble. If they are getting any kind of defect in their car first of all they are hesitating to take their car to the car service centers due to the cost factor. Because most of the repair or service centers are charging very high cost. RepairPal doing a very good task for which a user will feel assure for taking the car to a service center. This kind of practices should be there to act as hurdles for the expensive repair centers. And I think it is very helpful for people like us .

  9. I think the key to not getting ripped off is finding the right auto repair place. I found a locally owned car repair shop that is just great. I trust them to not rip me off because they haven’t in the past. The owner knows my name and the kind of cars that I drive and is more than willing to help explain things when I have questions.

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