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Baby boomer blogs

Robert Fowler with Retirement Media has visited a lot of baby boomer blogs.  Coming up with a list of boomer blogs I like best, it is a difficult task since I read so many blogs for a variety of reasons. Some for content, some for enjoyment, some to learn, some to be inspired or motivated and some for good information.

So with that in mind here are some of the boomer blogs and boomer web sites we find most enjoyable to visit.  We are not calling this list the best boomer blogs or top boomer blogs.  We just made a list mostly for ourselves.  Just call it a boomer blog bookmark if you like.  We have made some notes about each blog in case one interests you.

Baby Boomer Blogs We Like

Please note that we have moved to a separate page our Boomer Travel Blogs. Check it out because it is great!

OK, I am going to start with a couple of boomer blogs that I recently discovered on Twitter.

Baby Boomer Retirement by Deborah Diane, a fellow baby boomer, who has been keeping this blog updated for seven years!  I find her posts to be relevant and informative.  A please to read.

The other blog I am adding is:  Aging With Freedom by Daniel and Lori, a couple of younger boomers who are passionate about their blog and giving you the latest on financial freedom, how and where to live in retirement, tech, health and many more relevant.  Just like me they started their blog as their personal road to retirement.  Really like this one!

Better After 50 | Real Women – Real Stories. Real women over 50, real stories. Join the conversation – join our community and write articles or post in our forum. Sex, menopause, finance, aging parents, love, loss and more.

Life at a Del Webb Community is my new about what it’s like to live in a Del Webb Community.  Been here 5 years now.

Time Goes By – Some of the best writing anywhere on what aging is really like.

Marc and Angel Hack Life This blog has the byline “Practical Tips for Productive Living” is modest but this blog is inspiring and thought provoking. It has amazingly consistent high quality content!  – Robert

Aging Abundantly | A trusted venue for services by and for women over fifty
Dorothy Sander has a quality blog about quality of life, health,  aging. Stuff you can actually use.

boomer blog for grandparents and boomers
Lisa Carpenter

Grandma’s Briefs – On life’s second act – I met Lisa Carpendar as a fellow blogger invited to a AARP National Convention years ago. Lisa gets around for a grandmother! She provides and informative and entertaining blog for grandmothers, grandparents, baby boomers and empty nesters. I met Lisa at Lifeat50 at she is a neat lady!

What is a baby boomer blog?  Well for our purposes most of the blogs we visit are written by baby boomers and has content mostly for baby boomers.  Most of these baby boomer blogs are owned and written by individual baby boomers, not large corporations.  Baby boomer blogs are popular because baby boomers are finding that writing is fun and they have many boomer stories to tell, plus socialize with new friends.

Oh, there are more baby boomer blogs to check out.  For example, if you came directly to this page, click Boomer Places for our site.  By Robert Fowler


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  1. I’m not a boomer but work with a lot of them as an adviser and also help my parents out a lot. This is a great list and one I’ve forwarded to them to utilized. Thanks!

  2. This is a great resource! We are glad that there are more and more resources out there like this. We just started featuring some baby boomer bloggers in the feature section of our site. Truly inspiring!

  3. Every body has their own reasons of reading blogs. I mainly do it to collect information, and some times for fun. This post provides a great list of baby boomer blogs. Nice part is all are relating to different categories .

    Nice and informative post

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is really cool I will show my dad all of these different blogs. My dad has a blog at billsshortstories.blogspot.com where he collects all of his short stories along with his classical studies writings. It’s been awesome seeing my dad so active online…..3 years ago I never would have guess it.

  5. We expect our site will be ready in a few weeks when we will start marketing. Having external links is an important marketing aspect. Would you be interested in a reciprocal arrangement?

  6. Hi, I am a fellow boomer, and a blogger. My blog is boomer, midlife, adventure travel, diving, and journeys of life. Lots of photos! I love many of the blogs posted here, and hope you will give me a look! LOVE this site!

  7. This is such a perfect place to come when you are old enough to retire but young enough to enjoy the world around you. My sisters and I love to travel and that is what I blog about. Travel tips, mobile devices and how to take it On The Road.

  8. Excellent list as more and more bloggers focus on boomers. We offer advice and assistance to boomers about using technology creatively and productively and combine that with travel to beautiful Maine locations.

  9. I’m impressed! I was beginning to think there weren’t any blogs out there about Baby Boomers but mine. Yea! Thanks for this great resource. As a fellow Baby Boomer I love reading blogs that inspire us all. I’m a believer that life is what you make of it, no matter what your age. Blessings!

  10. Hey all. I like the blogs. I also have been visiting boomerslink.com. It’s a pretty nice site with news, photos, etc.

  11. Great work done by Robert Fowler and Ann Hearn..thanks for sharing blogs..All the blogs are very interesting and helpful especially Travel blog and Women’s Health and Well Being Blog ..I found all of them quiet interesting.

  12. Hi,

    This is a great list of baby boomer bloggers.

    I also blog for boomers at The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide. I cover consumer issues to help boomers make smart consumer choices.


  13. What a wonderful list of interesting blogs! Thank you for compiling and sharing.

    I purchased BoomersNextStep.com in July last year and have been working on it seriously in the last couple of months. It is about baby boomers’ careers, lifestyle and travel.

    With my professional background as a career coach it was a logical choice to purchase a site which was full of outstanding posts about baby boomers finding or creating purposeful work. However all work and no play is never fun, so lifestyle and travel are also important aspects of the site.

    I’m currently using a Facebook page to build awareness of the site and would love people to connect on there. I live in Brisbane Australia, but many of my readers of the site are US based.

  14. Love this list and follow most of these bloggers! I’m fairly new to the party, and when I grow up, I want to contribute here! We’re just getting started on our Encore Voyage and we’re learning that life is whatever we chose to make it! You’re never too old to reinvent yourself!

  15. Always on the lookout for others like me who write interesting pieces. Sometimes, I just wonder at the popularity of certain blogs. We each like our own type of thing so there is lots of room for different blogging venues.

  16. Good list of interesting blogs. Read a few and thoroughly enjoyed Dave’s blog on retirement. I am inspired. It is not over unless it is over.


  17. Great list. Please also check out PBS’s Nextavenue.org and its bloggers including Kerry Hannon, Nancy Collamer, Chris Farrell, Sue Campbell, Liza Kaufman Hogan, Jill Yanish, Linda Bernstein, Doug Bradley, Bart Astor, Kevin McGrath and me.

  18. How cool is this!? I will certainly check out some of these blogs, love the concept of those of us over 50 sharing our expertise.

  19. One of the most important things for bloggers of all ages is checking on the competition. Glad I did because I found boomerplaces.

    As a fellow boomer blogger my goal is driving home the idea of possibilities. It’s possible to start a blog, possible to get into the back side and add code to the .htaccess files on your c-panel.

    Just saying it makes me feel smart to blog, smart enough to call my hosting company and ask how I just wiped out my blog by adding the wrong code. He said delete the added code, and I was back.

    So much of what we see and hear seems beyond our reach. Maybe it is, but it’s not that far. Keeping up with ideas and trends is one way to stay tuned in, just don’t expect your peers to embrace it.

    One boomer I know said he dreams of ‘unplugging’ when he retires. No phone, computer, or TV. Hope he’s talking about hitting the library and bookstores. Too often unplugged drains the life-battery so low it’s hard getting up.

    BoomerPdx is about UP. From Boomer Up to Buckle Up, getting up is so big.

    And so is the big boomer blogger list on boomeplaces.



  20. Hi I’m a baby boomer. I love to read very much whenever I got something on baby boomers. I like the blogs posted here. I am also an author of 2 love stories. These are Deadly Bouquet and Deadly Secrets which are based on boomers. Hope all the boomers will read my books.

  21. I’ve been blogging at The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide since 2008. I love to keep boomers up on all the latest consumer news.


  22. Loved your list, and so happy to see GrandmasBriefs included. I’ve communicated with Lisa in the past, and she’s a wonderful person. Robert and Ann, my sister and I will be launching our site soon, and are currently looking for contributing bloggers. I can’t tell you have valuable this post was to us. Thank you so much for your research!

  23. Well done, bringing the blogs together. The more we boomers can effectively network, the more we will realize how much we can stay in control of our lives and influence the world around us.

  24. I’ve been writing for the boomer market on my blog from three years now. It’s about social issues, nostalgia, book and movie reviews, everyday experiences. Would love to find a like-minded boomer blogging Community.
    Visit BOOMERBROADcast.net and let me know what you think,

  25. thank you for a great list of Baby Boomer blogs. I’ve been blogging at SMART Living 365.com for almost 6 years now and I share a lot of ideas about creating a healthy, happy and meaningful life with all my readers. And because I just turned 60, I’m also writing quite a bit about positive aging and new ways to look at retirement (I call it rightsizing!) Would love to be included in your list if you do another one.

  26. I am 59 years young, and I am retiring on 01/31/2017. I would like to share my plans to stay busy during retirement. I learned to play the guitar as a child, you see I want to be a musician but life took its turn, and I did not pursued a music career. About a year ago I picked up the guitar again, started writing and singing, and it is great. I now have enough original tunes for an album, which will be released on 01/31/2017 the day of my retirement. So what will I be doing during retirement? I will be singing! Youtube.com Ainsley Lounds

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