Boomer Memories: A Visit to A Brother in FL

Go deep sea fishing with Working Boomer and her brother and discover the adventure of a lifetime and their treasured monster catch. Boomer stories.

The alarm clock went off at 4 a.m. and I jumped out of bed ready for my fishing trip in South Florida.  This time I had learned a few things from the day before.  I cut off the jeans in my suit case and made shorts to wear along with a halter top.  My carrying bag was full of sun tan lotion.  I was good to go.  By 4:30a.m. my brother and I were at the boat.

It was a nice large boat with a bathroom, table,chairs and an umbrella to keep the sun away.   I thought to myself, ” this is going to be one relaxing fishing trip.” We headed out into the ocean until there was no land to be seen.  The sunrise was beautiful!  My brother stopped the boat so we could begin fishing.

First of all, I could not believe the size of the hooks.  The line was not at all like the line for river fishing  but instead looked to me more like big cable wire wrapped around a huge roller looking thing.  Paul attached a hunk of meat or something on the hook.  Now I had never seen nothing like that before so I figured I had better just do some watching and learning. After casting this large thing out into the ocean, my brother stuck the pole in a big round object and we waited.  It wasn’t long until I saw a large fish in the distance fly up out of the ocean and back down again.  “Wow, look at that!,” I exclaimed to Paul as I looked down at this fishing line which was moving.  Paul responded, “Sis, that flying fish is on your hook.”

Trying to wind in that line was like trying to pull in a bulldozer.  The darn fish got away.  The next fish that hit was a 28 lb. barracuda which Paul caught.  It flopped on the line as it landed on the deck of the boat.  I took a look and  for a moment there, swim or not, I almost jumped overboard.  This fish had big ugly TEETH. Paul said, “Now Sis, don’t try to take the hook out of this baby’s mouth like you do those Missouri fish.”  He didn’t have to worry about that because I was already safely hiding in the bathroom peeking out the door.  Then Paul took some kind of spear looking thing that he called a gaff and stabbed the fish.  Blood went all over the deck.  Now Paul caught a few more barracuda.  I made more escapes to the bathroom.

Then we came upon a group of Red Snapper. He reeled in a lot of those.  Paul really enjoyed snapper catching. Red snapper have BIG red eyeballs.  By that time the sun was drilling down and I was sweating like a big dog, blood everywhere but this was fun.  That is until I had a yank at my line and it took off so fast that I didn’t know what to do.  I tugged, reeled, fought, and was determined to get the fish into the boat.  After what seemed like an hour I had to ask brother for HELP.  It was a Big One!  Now it was at the side of the boat.  I looked down and yelled.  It was Jaws himself.  As you might have already guessed, I was back in the bathroom again.

I finally got brave and came out.  Jaws ate two gaffs.  I threw soda cans down his BIG mouth and the he still wouldn’t die.  We didn’t have a shark gun so Paul made a lasso like you rope cows with and lassoed the shark.  I took the other end of the rope and tied it around the table legs so we could get jaws head above water. Jaws then gave up the fight and went peacefully to his maker.

After hours we headed back to land with Jaws attached to the side of the boat.  We docked. Oh my, what an adventure but the work was just beginning.  We weighed Jaws. It was only a little 6 ft. baby shark but I wanted the shark teeth.  So Paul cut into the shark. Oh  what a smell which sent me running again. Now, I am here to tell you I have never seen so much blood.  In addition, we had to clean the boat before we could return home.

Finally jaws was cut up by a saw and iced in a trash can.  The teeth were cut out gums and all.  So fish, myself, and brother were finally headed home. I was a bit traumatized, hot, tired and ready for a good nap.  That is when I realized that 1p.m. until 4 p.m. was good napping time in South Florida during the summer.

Later, my brother who was a chef, fried up a mess of those red snapper.  Man were they good.  I ate until I was about to pop as my brother encouraged me to eat more.  After I could eat no more Paul asked,  “Sis did you enjoy your fish dinner?”  Now he had that sly grin on his face again.  I said, Oh yes, that was the best fish that I have ever eaten.”  He said, “I’m glad because you just consumed over a $100 worth of fish if you had bought them at the store.”  So once again I learned a little bit about red snapper, barracuda, shark, salt water ocean fishing, big boat cleaning, and was preparing for my next adventure with my brother Paul.

So if any of this interests you then check out vacations and places to live on this site  If you are lucky you might even find a good smoked fish recipe under the title recipes.  Yep, if I had it all to do over, I would not change a thing.  Those were great times and good boomer memories. More Boomer StoriesBoomer Vacations

Author: Robert Fowler

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