Boomers: Have You Considered Doing Some Writing?

Have you considered doing some writing?

Baby Boomers are doing more writing these days.  Writing is good for the soul.  Remember as a kid how exciting it was to start a diary.  It can be just as exciting to start writing later in life, in fact I have noticed blogging is a favorite boomer activity.  Many people blog to speak from their heart and to get things off their chest.  It’s something therapeutic about setting down at the computer and letting your thoughts flow out into words.  Writing helps to organize your thoughts and you feel like you are building something.

Some boomers use writing to focus on their lives and experiences and to find their purpose.  WorkingBoomer developed the Boomer Story to do exactly that.

Web businesses are turning out to be a favorite of Boomers to earn some income while working from home and doing something they are passionate about for a change.  While web design and SEO are important, content is king.   Writing some or most of your content is a huge plus and is rewarding both emotionally and financially.   You can build a web site with your content and it will be seen and enjoyed by many for a long time.

You discover with a little research, you can write about almost any subject.  Writing often about a particular subject makes you a mini expert which can develop into the expert on the subject.  When you write about a subject, you find yourself reading about the subject.  You learn and then you share through your own writing.   Writing is a way of giving back.

Some people may be natural at writing but anyone can develop their writing skills.   Just start writing, reviewing and rewriting and that is a start.    Writing about something you are passionate about helps.   There are plenty of resources to help you with your writing.   Some books about writing are a big help.   I have acquired two of these books and will get more.  Reading the writing of others helps too.  You will know good writing when you read it.   There are web forums and on-line courses about writing.

I am just starting to write more and eagerly look forward to reading, writing, and sharing.

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Author: Robert Fowler

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