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Life Long Learning

Remember how we used the encyclopedia to learn.  In today’s age we use computers, books and many other resources.  Learning is a never ending process.  It can be fun and exciting, while enhancing our lives in many ways.  By learning, we are able to share our knowledge with others.  We can learn to develop new skills, energize our brain, make wiser choices and improve our overall well being.  Learning helps us to feel and stay  young and is good for your brain’s health.  Learning gives us a sense of accomplishment.

As boomers we all need to learn, in order to maintain a positive healthy lifestyle in today’s society.  I try to learn something new every day.  I would like to list a few things that I have learned in less than 48 hours.

  1. 1. I have a desire to improve my writing skills, because I have a passion for writing.  A book, Eats Shoots and Leaves, by Lynne Truss was suggested to me by a commentator.  A friend gave me the book as a gift.  I am now reading it, and finding the book very helpful.  Also, I have been looking up articles on the computer about writing.  It is amazing what one can learn about comma’s, apostrophes, and punctuation.  Slowly, I am working my way to semi colons.  Even though I learned this in my early school years, I need to review.  I actually had forgotten that a comma is used with a slight pause.
  2. There was a great article that I found in the computer regarding Brain Fitness by Karen Schwartz.  The title of the article is, Seniors Use Computer Programs To Try To Stay Sharp.  The article contained a wealth of knowledge, on how we can exercise our brains.
  3. Since I enjoy blogging, I looked up blogging on the computer.  There I learned about titles and content.  Then I reread Robert’s blog on Aging With Purpose and Boomers-Have You Considered A little Writing.  This time not only did I pay attention to the content, I checked out the punctuation.  Now that Robert can really write!
  4. Then I decided to check out retirement communities to learn more about boomer and senior living resources.  It is totally unreal what I learned there.  You can jump across the country to learn about retirement communities in different locales.  I even got into history when I looked up Springfield, Illinois; The home town of Abraham Lincoln.

With the aging process as a boomer, I have been facing a few Boomer health issues.  Even though I worked in health care for many years, I decided to use the computer to gain more knowledge regarding different health topics that boomers may be facing.  My job requires a lot of driving and I have been having back and leg pain.  I googled leg pain.  I read about phlebitis, heart conditions, diabetes, neuropathy and thrombophlebitis.  Did you know that prolonged driving can cause leg pain called thrombophlebitis?  Now I can ask my doctor about this when I see him.

Then I checked out Rheumatoid arthritis and joint conditions.  Unfortunately, these are two things that I deal with on a daily basis.  Since I want to maintain a positive, active, and rewarding life style, it is important to me to learn all that I can regarding arthritis. I found a great article on by Carol Eustice.  It is called, ” The 8 Best Things To Do For Arthritis.”  Wow, was this enlightening and positive!  She wrote about stress, conserving our energy, medication, participation, keeping motivated, mutual support, meditation, and keeping a Can-Do Mindset, communication, and clearing the mind.  One of the most important statements that Carol wrote was, Knowledge Is Power!

Knowledge is power.

Yes, as boomers we have the ability to learn.  We have the resources.  Not only can we improve our own lives; we can share our knowledge to help others.  By continuing to learn, we have the Power to live happy, productive lives for many years yet to come.

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Author: Robert Fowler

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