Boomers Health Issues

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iStock_000012048011XSmallWe have had quite a few blog posts over the years about Baby Boomers health.  Below are some of the best boomer health posts.  Also we are adding new health topic sub-pages under the tab to  this page located at the top of this page.

Pages about Boomer Health
Slip and Falls Prevention Tips

Posts about Boomer Health

Boomers Can Be Gray and Groovy

Baby Boomers Health: 12 Tips For Old Guys

Boomers Health: The Weight of the Nation

Dentals For Boomers

Boomers Healthy Eating Tips

Boomers: Save on Medical Expenses

Boomers Tired All The Time? You May be Suffering from Sleep Apnea

Boomers Can Cope Returning to Work After a Serious Illness

Health Care Tips for Baby Boomers

 Baby Boomers Stress

Boomers Can Defeat Burnout

Boomers: Losing Weight After 50s

Boomers: Accept The Aging Process – A Little Humor Will Help

Baby Boomers And Pain Management

Using Boomer Wisdom To Be Healthy

Aging Boomers – Avoid These Downside Risks

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  1. Enjoyed your website and helpful links. Boomer health websites are scarce on the internet, especially one that has trusted and reliable information. Well done on the website and I look forward to reading more of your articles. I’ll be sure to point my older patients this way. Thanks.

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  3. I was looking for trusted information regarding boomers and luckily I found this page. This is a very wonderful website full of information I need. Keep up the good work.

  4. These are great blog posts to share with my parents! My dad is still pretty healthy and mobile, but my mom suffers from back pain. Luckily though, she can still use weights.

  5. This is a useful and helpful article; these are great benefits of the baby boomers heath post. Thanks for the share.

  6. with technology getting better each year, and with the information we have now, its easier to do the right things to prolong life, eating right, exercising more are vital keys also,

  7. Wow… what incredible content for baby boomers!! This site covers and exponential amount of information – great post on preventative care.

  8. Baby boomers health is certainly going to be an important topic in the years to come. Also important will be honest information about vitamins and supplements instead of gimmicks. And affordability of vitamins and supplements for baby boomers will be an important issue.

  9. Sleep apnea is a medical condition that needs to be treated or else could lead to stroke, heart attack, sudden death. I see CPAP mentioned here for sleep apnea treatment, but there are two more additional sleep apnea machines that you can use, namely BiPAP and APAP. All these machines are expensive, but the good news is you can also rent one for your personal use.

  10. As we grow older our body naturally becomes more acidic. An overabundance of acidity in our body can lead to many health issues such as Arthritic pain, Osteoporosis, and Joint/Muscle pain. To combat the over acidity in our body, it is best to stay hydrated, eat right, and exercise daily.

  11. About boomers health issues you’ve added some excellent health related blogs!! I’ve really enjoyed studying some of these posts. They’ve managed to provide great resources within their writing and I appreciate their hard work pretty much. Great posting!! Keep up the good work…

  12. Baby Boomer’s health issues are significant, given more and more are retiring and /or facing retirement in the coming years. United Tai Chi Center is a promoter of Tai Chi as an alternative integrated medical solution. Tai Chi is an inexpensive and effective way of maintaining health and longevity and lifting an individual’s quality of life. Many scientific studies have been conducted to show the benefit of long-time exercise of Tai Chi. Hope that it is incorporated in a lot of the health discussion of our society today.

  13. Baby Boomer’s health issues are significant, given more and more are retiring and /or facing retirement in the coming years. United Tai Chi Center is a promoter of Tai Chi as an alternative integrated medical solution.

  14. This post is indeed turning into a great resource page about boomers health. I really enjoyed reading some of the previous posts added above. Great to learn health information from unique places! Thanks for making such post very interesting by sharing such constructive boomers health related posts.

  15. Great article on baby boomers, retiring and health issues. I am a baby boomer myself and would like to retire in a few years. I think the biggest problem when you are older is getting in enough exercise or quality exercising. It seems the older you get, in my case, you don’t have the energy you used to have.

  16. Agree that these are the common health issues for baby boomers. In fact I read from the WHO report that the top 10 causes of death are 1) heart disease 2)stroke 3) lung cancer 4) Alzheimer 5) lower respiratory infections 6) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 7) colon cancers 8) diabetes 9) hypertensive heart disease 10) breast cancer. I believe with the latest stem cell research by Purtier Placenta would be able to address some of these health issues. My parents who are in the baby boomers bracket can testify to it. 🙂

  17. with technology getting better each year, and with the information we have now, its easier to do the right things to prolong life, eating right, exercising more are vital keys also,

  18. I’m not considered overweight but find that my muscle tone is deteriorating. I guess weights are the right way to go for that.

  19. Yes, getting old has its negatives. I feel by bones ache. i have become more tired. I have less energy. Lets not forget about the wrinkles and the sagging skin. But its not entirely that bad. As I age I become wiser. Watching your family grow bring joy. I have to say though, one can do many things to feel young. Dr.Amjadi wrote an article on how to do just that. It helped me out.

  20. Boomer health is going to be an interesting study over the next few decades. This huge population is going to be living longer than any other before it, which will place new demands on our health care system, and even the bodies of the boomers themselves.

    Modern medicine/care helps us live longer, but I’m not sure that’s always a good thing. In the case of the boomers, it might be too much all at once.

  21. As a boomer myself I always get good ideas for future medical and health cartoons by reading information on sites such as yours. I appreciate your informative page and extensive use of information relayed by others here.

  22. Have you looked at whole plant based diets. They are proving to be absolutely amazing and they are getting tremendous results.
    lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar
    Reversal or prevention of heart disease
    longer life, healthier weight
    lower risk of cancer and diabetes
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  23. Giving baby boomers more resources for health tips is always a good thing. With longer lifespans now than ever before we need people taking responsibility for their bodies.

  24. It’s amazing how many people, baby boomers included, are starting to take note of their health – it’s quite motivating.

    I mean just look at the life expectancy today versus 50 years ago. Things are headed in the right direction, but we have a long ways to go.

    Getting out and exercising and eating better is the best thing you can do to get started, no matter who you are – young or old.

  25. Thank you for all the informative information on your article, I can say I learn some new here today from the poat ”Boomers Healthy Eating Tips” especially which that provides some healthy habits to follow.

  26. Some great suggestions here for good reads on BB health and fitness. also outlines some tips for diet scheduling and losing weight fast.

  27. You are never too old to start looking after yourself.
    It takes time to get in to fitness but by doing a little bit each day, you can soon get to a level of fitness that works well for you.

  28. Good Content ! Easily understand boomers health issues technique. so it’s very useful. There are common boomers health issues : 1) high blood pressure
    2) high cholesterol
    3) obesity
    4) Dementia/Alzheimer’s
    5) Osteoporosis
    6) Heart Disease
    7) Cancer
    8) Joint Issue
    9) Stroke
    10) Stress
    Thanks for sharing information !

  29. Thank you for the links you shared. I will make sure to browse them and go over some of your other posts.

    I do believe that boomers health is really important to talk about. Their health is really frail and activity such as exercise could help as a way to deal with stress.

    Thank you for sharing this information!

  30. I’m enjoying these articles and forwarding them to my parents as we speak. I am about to look into that “Weight of the Nation” documentary mentioned in one post. Thanks!

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