Boomers Wake Up And Smell The Roses

As a boomer there has been loss in my life just as there has been in yours. There has been good times and some that I would choose not to repeat. The important thing is though, we baby boomers must continue to wake up and smell the roses.

This morning, very early, I took my dog, Sweetie, for a short walk.  Unexpectedly she got loose from her leash.  My heart started to pound.  I called her name.  She ran further away from me.  I thought to myself, “Oh no, what if she gets out on the busy road and gets hit by a car.”  She appeared to be happy being free.  I lowered my voice and praised her as I approached her again.  She stopped.  I attached her collar back around her neck. I gave a sign of relief.  She was safe back with me.  We walked back to my apartment.  I gave her a treat and praised her for coming back.  My precious Sweetie gives me unconditional love and joy.  This set off a series of thoughts in my head.

As a boomer there has been loss in my life just as there has been in yours.  There has been good times and some that I would choose not to repeat.  The important thing is though, we must continue to wake up and smell the roses.  A pet, a grandchild or anything that we love is here today for us to appreciate and enjoy.  Often we forget that until that person, place or thing has or is slipping away.  As I attached the collar around Sweetie’s neck, I awakened and smelled a rose.

Daily smelling roses is important to our well being as boomers.  Nothing can take that pleasure away.  It is a choice and an attitude.  How easy it is to forget that as we go about our daily lives in a fast paced world of uncertainty.  Boomers it may seem simple but at times we complicate what is so valuable.  This is a list of roses that I hope one of you can enjoy smelling today.

  1. The smell of a fresh brewed pot of coffee
  2. The sunshine on your face
  3. The gentle wind flowing across your body as you take a leisurely stroll
  4. The color of the fall leaves that are on that tree in your back yard
  5. The sound of a train in the small town where you live
  6. The smile on your partner’s face as you enjoy visiting a senior citizen next door
  7. The sound of your own heart beating as you begin to live in peace
  8. The sight of another city fall festival beginning to take place
  9. The feel of comfort as you settle down into your bed for a good night of rest
  10. The taste of a home cooked meal that your neighbor invited you to join
  11. The gratitude for a friend that made a special phone call just to say hello and tell you that they care
  12. The memory of laughter that you shared with your parents as a child
  13. The warmth of a loving home
  14. The smell of  cookies baking in the oven

The list can go on as you and I wake up, slow down, look, see, smell, hear, taste and feel the roses.  Look around today.  They are everywhere if you choose to see.  Don’t wait until it is too late and has slipped away.  Add your own roses to the list and enjoy life.  Boomers wake up today and smell the roses.

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Originally posted 2011-09-22 16:41:16.

Author: Robert Fowler

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