Baby Boomer News – Issue 3

Baby Boomer NewsContinuing the Baby Boomer News for this edition, I scanned the baby boomer headlines for this week for interesting stories. I like the ones with news about baby boomer generation’s current lives and also boomer trends. I say for us because I am age 65 and one of the older boomers myself. So here is a quick look at news affecting baby boomers.

Names for Grandparents

This story is all over the Internet, probably because it is from USA Today but it seems some baby boomers may want to be called something else besides the tradition grandparent names like Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Bubbe, or Papa. These boomers want to be called something that won’t be construed as feeling older. Gigi and Mimi are popular. Many boomers choose a more unique name. Source: Story

Boomer Travel Trend: Taking Extended Holidays

It seems baby boomers are traveling more before retiring by taking extended holidays sometimes leaving on flights with no return date booked.  They are doing it because they can and while they can. This verifies my observations that travel by boomers is on the upswing. Source: Story

road tripsBoomers Taking More Frequent Shorter Trips

According to this based on a AARP survey (AARP Travel) baby boomers are taking more frequent and shorter domestic road trips rather than longer International trips.  The boomers leave behind their children and grandchildren and head out with little short term planning. They spend $3000 per year on travel on average. Nine Great Summer Road Trips by AARP and Retirement Travel: Road Trips

Well this boomers taking short trips clashes with the story right above this one doesn’t it.  I personally think both types of boomer travel may be in an upswing.  Source: Story

Wall Street Looks to Aging Boomers

Wall Street is looking to the aging baby boomers as an investment theme. Boomers they say are starting to put their feet up, buy investment properties, get more diseases, lose some of their eyesight and draw on government assistance. So they say put your money into Healthcare, medical science and services for aging boomers.  Source: Story

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Not Making the Cut
The rift between Baby Boomer Generation and other generations.
Testing for Hepatitis C – has been covered.

Auto Repairs Made Easier

Auto Repairs Made Easier

auto repairsDon’t’ you just hate it when you have a problem with your auto and you need some sort of expensive auto repair or service. We are baby boomers so we have been through a lot including aggravating auto repairs before, but it doesn’t get any easier does it.

Auto repairs can be costly but that is not the only thing making us feel a little queasy and irritated.  How do we know the repair actually needs to be done? How do we know if we are being quoted a fair price or are we being ripped off by an unethical auto repair service? That’s what I am worried about more than just the price. Apparently a lot of people agree with me since a reported 66 percent of car owners believe they have been ripped off by a repair shop.

RepairPal is a company that evaluates and certifies auto repair shops based on a number of criteria.  I looked into their service which offers to put you in touch with reputable and dependable auto repairs shops in your neighborhood which meets their criteria. An auto repair shop must undergo a comprehensive technical assessment by RepairPal’s team of veteran ASE certified master technicians, must meet high customer service standards which they verify by interviewing customers of the auto shop. Additionally the shops must offer a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty and guarantee to charge fair prices within the range of RepairPal’s price estimator.

So I gave RepairPal’s web site a try.  Seeing that RepairPal has a program with AARP Discounts and I am a member, I went to AARP’s RepairPal page.   I entered my name, email, zip code and make of auto and clicked “Find a Shop” button.  Under the button it said “This is a free service. No credit card required.”   On the results screen it found 37 auto repair shops in my city and it listed the three that were RepairPal certified.  It gave their name, address and phone number and indicated there would be 10% off their services for AARP members.  Too easy!

I found the process to be easy and not intrusive, just putting me in easy contact with the RepairPal Certified shops in my area. The 10% AARP member discount would be a plus too. Next time I need a repair I am going to give them a try.

Boomers Take the AARP Driver Safety Class

Well I took the AARP Driver Safety Class yesterday at the Johns Creek Active Adult Center. It was a six hour class attended by a small group of six and professionally taught by a retired school teacher volunteer. I would say three boomers and three seniors.

AARP Driver Safety Class
AARP Driver Safety Class

Well I took the AARP Driver Safety Class yesterday at the Johns Creek Active Adult Center.   It was a six hour class attended by a small group of six and professionally taught by a retired school teacher volunteer. I would say three boomers and three seniors.

I had heard different things about this class, but I enjoyed it and would recommend it.  The obvious reasons for taking the class are to get a 10% premium discount on your auto insurance (if you don’t have any tickets in the last three years),  to get up to date on your driving skills and safety, and just because it is an enjoyable thing to do, which is reason enough in retirement.

Robin on Facebook asked me what I learned and I replied:  1. Keep three seconds between you and the car in front 2. adjust your side mirrors so that you can’t see the side of your car 3. Position your grip on the stirring wheel at the 4 and 8 position. I had always had my hands on near the top of the wheel.

Those are just the highlights; there was so much material they give you a nice AARM Driver Safety Program participant workbook with the information spelled out very nicely.

They pointed out that much has changed since we started driving.  Back then we didn’t have seat belts and cars didn’t even have a side mirror.  Do you remember that?  The headlights were very poor and beamed only straight ahead with a narrow focus.  Cars were loud, smelly and overheated radiators and flat tires were a part of many road trips.  Oh, the good ole days!  But people did take their time and we courteous.

A few items I noted during the class to check out are:
1. Amber tinted sun glasses, as they are good in sunlight.
2. Full rear view mirrors and those small rounds mirrors for the side mirrors
3. Try the Driver’s Test for Reaction Time and other Senior Driving Games  Try the sheep games, it’s fun and interesting and see how you did.
4. Failure to yield the right of way is the number one problem of senior drivers.

In summary,  I enjoyed the class and I think everyone should take it.  The course is for anyone over age 50, which includes just about all of us baby boomers.  When you quit being a road warriors doing to work everyday, things change in you outlook about driving. You are not as aggressive and in such a hurry to get someplace.  Your driving skills may be refreshing.