Baby Boomer Generation Retirement

Baby boomers are not all the same and we do not all fit in one box. We have different needs and wants.

We are each different individuals.  This is true of Baby Boomers, Generation X and every human being on earth.  I have never been one to fit in another person’s box.  Lately in the news, I have read articles encouraging Baby boomers to continue working.  I have read articles telling us that we may live to be one hundred.  The economy is uncertain.  There are many opinions about social security and the health care system.  The housing market is up and down.  Jobs are not plentiful.  Budgets are being cut.   Then someone writes about why we should work until we are eighty years old.  There seems to be a lot of loose ends.  We are not all the same.

Those before us had worries too.  We are just experiencing life as it is today.  Therefore each of us can take what we want and leave the rest.  Some have good suggestions but we must evaluate our own situation when making a retirement decision.  No one knows the exact moment that one is going to die.  There is no guarantee about tomorrow and there never was.

I am one that has to keep it simple and fit in my own box.  Therefore my choices may differ from yours.  The one thing that is true is, each of us has but one life to live and that living moment is Now.  This is my box today which contains needs and wants.  Some things I have control over and others I can strive to obtain.  I have thrown away the crystal ball because it serves no purpose.  The main ingredients for this list is hope, perseverance, wisdom and the will to accept life on life’s terms knowing that my needs are far most the most important.  If you can use any of these things then please do.  If not then make your own box because in the end it is your life and it is up to you live it.

  • Work!  Yes, I want to work as long as possible but not full time but it might be necessary for me to do that.  As a single boomer, that is where I am.  My dream would be to have a home of my own near the ocean or in a peaceful place near nature.  I have seen these places in many states as I viewed houses for sale in 55 plus communities.  They offer a life style that I would love to experience such as activities for boomers and seniors.  As we all know, it is important to engage in these activities as we age.  It is a way to meet new friends and enjoy life.  This is not in my box due to my financial situation so I am looking at other alternatives such as apartment living for seniors 62 and older.  Hopefully this need will come true.  I am doing my part to fit it into my box.  If you can do it though then maybe you should.  Why not?  You earned it.
  • Reality today is that I must have health care.  It is a few years before I am eligible for Medicare.  In the mean time, I am living as frugal as possible to save for that day when I can retire.  It is always good to not be wasteful but if you have the money then use it to enjoy life.  You are the only one that knows what you would like to do.  Fit pleasure into your box.
  • It is possible to change jobs at age sixty-three.  Also having a job that one enjoys and is able to perform is important.  I have worked all my life.  I am one of those if given a choice, I would travel, experience places that I have never seen.  Then for once in my life, I would like to just prop my feet up, listen to the ocean waves on a sea shore and enjoy the sunshine as the wind blows across my body while reading a book.  One of my favorite escape dreams is watching a beautiful water fall, listening to the birds sing, watching wildlife as it scurries around in nature.  Also there is the dream of a fishing pole, a shade tree, and a lazy day on my own farm where I take in homeless dogs and raise them.  As it is now my box consists of finding a senior apartment near a senior center or adult learning center in an area that has great parks.  At the senior center, I can participate in activities with others my own age.  I can take a trip with some of the folks I meet to view sites and places in the area that I have not experienced before.  I can watch nature at the park.  Also if I choose just right, the area in which I reside, will have a small waterfall in that park.  On sunny days, I can go there for peace and tranquility.  I can listen to the birds sing.  Then there is the dog pound where I can visit.  There I can volunteer and maybe even adopt a loving pet to be my special pet friend.  After all, I have lots of love left to give and I can still enjoy receiving love too.
  • It would be wonderful to have my own personal trainer for good health but that does not fit in my box.  Is it a need?  Not really.  I can walk on a trail, join the other folks my age at the mall and do mall walking.  If you can do it with a trainer, I hope that you take fitness seriously and do it.
  • Most of my family has passed on to include parents, siblings and others.  Yes, I wish I had them back but that does not fit in my box.  Instead, I can reach out to others that I meet and share with them.  That is in my box!  Some of my computer friends and co workers I call brothers and sisters.  No, they are not real family but each one is dear to me.
  • I want to be healthy.  Yes, that is a want and also a need.  I have control over changing to healthy life style changes as far as exercise, eating and removing bad habits.   As of today, I still have the ability to get up and move.  I like my new reclining chair but it will be for relaxing only not a full time place to sit and waste precious moments of my life.

As a member of the baby boomer generation, I want to leave this world knowing that I lived and did not just survive.  It is up to each of us to look at our box and fill it with what we can.  There are many baby boomers needs and wants.  But after all, life is reality and it is ours to live it the best way that we can.  Be good to yourself and others while enjoying the journey.  IT IS ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE!

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Boomer Music

This will tell you where to obtain the best boomer music.

Boomer music
Neil Young

Where can I find good baby boomer music online?

Let me guess, you’ve just heard that great Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song in a TV show or car commercial and would like take a trip down memory lane just once, but can’t seem to find the record anywhere? Well, today is your lucky day, because I’m going to show a place where you can reliably and safely hear any song you want in seconds. So let’s get started, shall we?

My favorite place to find oldies is definitely Amazon Prime’s Alexa device.  They have thousands and thousands of hits available. You can play all of the groups and artists you’re interested.  Also play music by genre or even decades. I used the Prime free service and it is all I need.  I download walking music to my phone as well.  They have their paid music service, but really the Prime free version is all you need.

Next get yourself a pair of bluetooth earbuds.  You can pay a lot or a little. My pair only cost $20 and they sound great.  They are also great to use while walking too.  Next I got myself Sleep Headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless 3D Eye Mask which I can listen to Audible with while in my Barca Lounger or listen to medition and sleep music in bed. They are cheap,  like $20.

Finding great baby boomer music online is pretty easy if you know where to look… The web is full of great deals on baby boomer music, no more need to order the Time Life series you see advertised on TV. How old school!

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The Hats That People Wear During The Holiday Season

Working Boomer shows gratitude and appreciation to those who service our lives everyday.

The holidays bring back many memories of yesterday and today.  For me it is a time of reflection.  That is the way that I live, laugh and learn.  People from around the world wear many hats.  Each person plays an important part in how they give to the world.  Today I was thinking about those people that serve during the holiday season.  Sometimes we may not notice them, as we go about our daily routine. We hustle and bustle, preparing for special occasions in our own lives.  In keeping with the holiday spirit, I would like to thank those that wear the special hats.  There are many.  I could not possibly list them all but I will attempt to mention a few that I have noticed.

First on my list are health care people.  Some work in assisted living facilities.  They give care to aging seniors. That senior may not even have a visitor during the holiday season.  Even though health care people have their own families and friends to think about, they put on a happy face while going about their duties at work.  The same goes for those that work in hospital and other health care settings.  Some may work long or extra  shifts on the holiday. They give up their own time to meet the needs of their patients.   They wear a very special hat which never covers what is in their heart.  If you see one of these folks, please smile and tell them thank you.  Let them know how special that they are.  It always feels good to know how much one is appreciated.

Then there are the police, firefighters, and security people that help keep the communities safe for our enjoyment.  They work hard.  They are ready in a split second to put on their duty hat and respond when that call for help comes in.  Their families too are home missing them and hoping that they will return home safely.  If you see one of them, show your gratitude.  It is easy to miss them until a need arises.

Most of us have visited malls during the last few week.  The lights and decoration are beautiful.  Sometimes you find the floors of those malls shining with a fresh glaze of wax.  The service people do a great job of cleaning and decorating for our pleasure.  If you see one of them just say thank you.  It might be the only thank you that they get this holiday season.  You might be the very person that makes their day!

It was really cold out last week as I passed the lady outside a store ringing the Salvation Bell.  She had a big smile on her face.  She spoke to each person as they entered the store.  Most people just rushed on by but she continued to ring the bell with a smile.  Next time you are out, maybe just take a moment to let them know how important they are for donating their time.  Maybe place a dime or so in the can if you so choose.

Have you noticed all the different hats of service people that are getting those parties ready for groups during the holiday season?  They rush around and cater to our every need with a smile on their face.  I am sure their feet are hurting from the long hours that they have to stand.  So when your tummy is full of those great holiday drinks, foods, and desserts that they serve, maybe just shake their hand.  Wish them a great time when they get home to their families.  You have the ability to make their night or day as you wear your party hat.

Have you ever noticed what type of hat that your postal person wears as he or she carries that extra mail during the holiday season?  Maybe it depends on the weather in your area to describe their hat.  Just a little thank you note pinned to your mailbox might just make their day and lighten a burden for them that they carry.  Sometimes folks just need to know that you care.

I know that most schools are out during the holiday week.  I have noticed many teachers coming in on the week ends. Some stay late after the work day has ended.  The class rooms are decorated so the kids can enjoy this special time of the year.  Some teachers have been seen wearing Santa Claus hats.  If you see a teacher as you rush to pick up your child after class, maybe thank them for their efforts.  I am sure they will appreciate it.

There are  many volunteers from churches, and other organizations that  pass out candy, fruit baskets, food and toys during the holiday season.  I am sure the needy families are more than grateful.  If you see one of them maybe offer them a nice cup of coffee.  Let them know how special they are too.  They might even take their hat off for a minute and share an inspiring story with you.

Yes, there are many hats that are worn during the holiday season.  Some we notice and some we do not.  Most folks notice Santa’s hat so I hope this has helped you to think about all the people that wear other special hats.  My hat then goes off to you.

Since it is impossible for me to mention all the hats, I would like to hear about some of the hats that you noticed this year.  What was the best hat that touched your heart in a special way?    Wear your hat proudly as you share your love and sunshine with others during this special time of the year.  May peace and joy be with you as you wear your special hat this year.

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Boomers And Our Pet Friends: Who Has The Better Life?

Working Boomer and her dog Sweetie are the comparison of the benefits of pet ownership for boomers, although at times it appears the pet has a better life!

By now most of you know that I love my elderly Westie dog named Sweetie.  It is early and she is still resting in my bed.  It will not be long until she will want to go outside. Of course I will be there to attend to her.  As I drink my morning coffee, I am thinking about how many things that we have in common.  If you have a pet, I am sure you will be able to relate with me.  Excuse me, Sweetie is up and scratching at the door for potty time so I will be back in a bit to finish this blog.  Duty calls!  That was cute!  She sat up on her hind legs and begged for outside potty time.  I am really glad I do not have to do that to use the bathroom.  There is a positive side to every situation.  Now on with my writing.

  1. I go to work on the night shift while Sweetie hangs out at home and sleeps.  Then she sleeps some more in the day time while I sleep.  Sweetie gets lots of rest and I get very little.
  2. When I sit down at my meals, Sweetie eats her dog food.  Also she has it prepared for her during other times of the day.  If I get a cool drink, I give her fresh water.  She is always grateful but thus far she has not fixed me any meals or a drink.
  3. Once a month I take the rent check to the property owners.  Sweetie waits patiently until I return and wags her tail.  It would be nice to have my rent paid by her but since she doesn’t have to work that won’t be happening.
  4. More often than not, she goes to the groomers for her pretty hair do.  I pay the bill.  If at all possible, I go to the beauty shop a few times a year. I pay my own bill.  I always tell Sweetie how pretty she looks when I pick her up from the groomers.  She wags her tail when I come home from the beauty salon.  Whether it is the beauty salon or the groomers, I still end up broke.
  5. Last week, I noticed Sweetie scratching a lot.  She has allergies.  If a little bug bites her then she gets to go to the vet for medicine.  If necessary, she has to wear one of those neck collars so that she does not scratch and infect the area where she was bitten.  I have allergies too.  My doctor prescribed some ointment for a rash that I contacted on my leg.  I will let you guess which one of us had the higher medical bill.  At least, I did not have to wear a collar around my neck.
  6. Sweetie and I both have arthritis.  Daily, I give her a nice massage.  Daily I dream about a nice massage for me.  Go figure!  I take an aspirin.  It’s cheaper.  Of course thought, Sweetie is my walking partner.  Exercise is good for both of us as we age.
  7. This week was carpet cleaning week.  Sweetie received a nice new pillow to lay on from the pet store.  I paid for the pillow plus the carpet cleaning.  I also purchased a nice new rug for feet wiping and placed it at the door.  You guessed it.  It rained.  Sweetie has not learned to wipe her fours doggy paws yet but I helped her out with a towel.  While doing that my wet shoes landed on the nice clean carpet.  I guess I will have to be more careful next time.

Sweetie likes to sleep in my bed.  Now that she is older, she spreads out, snores and sometimes even kicks me during her sleep.  I heard a Grrrr one night when I moved her.  Elderly dogs get cranky at times when disturbed.  She loves to listen to my night time meditation music.  It puts her right to sleep.  She gets totally relaxed without a care in the world.  Now I wonder, “Who has the better life.”

It really does not matter who has the better life.  Sweetie is my best friend.  She loves me unconditionally and senses when I need a little extra attention.  She teaches me to play and helps me to smile.  If there is a sad time, Sweetie is right there beside me to hold and love on.  She jumps for joy when I get home from a tiring night and greets me at the door with lots of doggy kisses.  She accepts me just like I am even when my mood might be a little cranky.  There are times that a single boomer feels loneliness.  Sweetie is excellent therapy during those times.  She helps lift my spirits.  She never gossips about me and is a loyal caring friend.  I love her and the joy that she brings into my life.  It does not matter who has a better life.  It all evens out in the end.  I take good care of Sweetie and she provides the entertainment, company and love in our home when I need it.  She makes a good companion.  She  is never jealous of my human friends.  No, Sweetie can not replace the love that two humans have together during their boomer years, but she does her best.  Therefore if you have a partner or a pet appreciate the love they give.  You have a good friend.  Just enjoy the good times.  It does not matter who has the better life.  Life is a mixture of joys and pleasures so smile, give and nurture it while you can.

Please leave me a comment about your pet friend and the life you have with them.

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Look At Each Day As A New Experience

In order to eliminate worry, fear and negative thinking it is essential for me to look at each day as a new experience. I will site a few examples that I have experienced in just the last few days.

As we age, we sometimes allow our thinking to become mundane, routine and unproductive.  Then there are others that are quite the opposite in their thinking.  In order to eliminate worry, fear and negative thinking it is essential for me to look at each day as a new experience.  I will site a few examples that I have experienced in just the last few days.

Since I work the night shift and all week ends my days off are Tuesday and Wednesday.  This is the time, as a single person, that I have to do those routine chores like grocery shopping, cleaning, and etc.  When a holiday falls with my two days off that gives me an extra day to indulge in something inspiring, relaxing ,or fun.   Each of us has a different interpretation of what that might be.  It is imperative that I change my chore day around a bit at times to keep from becoming negative.  This week I did my grocery shopping the day prior to Thanksgiving.  I will say no more on that subject because I could write a book of negative experiences at the grocery store on that busy day.  That day is GONE!  Yes, it was an experience and a good learning one too.  I learned a lot about self control!

Then came Thanksgiving day.  This is the day that families and friends get together to enjoy each other, give thanks and express gratitude.  Some that are without family volunteer to help others.  Thanksgiving day can bring back old memories.  It also can be the the beginning of new memories too.  The day is what you make it by living out your day as a new experience.  For me , it meant letting go of the day before and giving thanks for a new day ahead.

I woke up to a beautiful day.  The sun was shining bright.  The air smelled fresh.  There was a pleasant breeze blowing.  It felt like a spring day.  Even some of the grass was still green.  I threw open the windows and allowed the smell of my turkey baking in the oven to flow outside as an inviting aroma for the neighbors.  My pies were ready for the oven.  The phone rang.  I heard the sound of my sweet daughter’s voice asking how I was.  She lives over a thousand miles from me.  I enjoyed listening to the excitement in her voice as she talked about my new grandchild that she will be having in March.  She asked,” Mom, what do you do with the string that comes with the turkey?”  I smiled.  Then as a non- Betty Crocker Boomer Mom, I answered.  “I put it under my turkey before reading the directions.  It is to lift it out of the pan.  So make sure you read the directions first because, I didn’t do it exactly right!”  Now she accepted this answer because she accepts me just as I am; non -Betty Crocker.  Anyway, I enjoyed the experience of the day of hearing her voice and sharing my experience.  You know, I bet you that both our turkeys tasted good, regardless of where we put the string.

Yes, Thanksgiving was a success.  Sweetie, my dog, and I took a nice walk.  The turkey was delicious.  I broke my diet rules and stuffed my tummy full.  Yes, full I say; and I do not feel guilty because it was NOT  heart healthy for one meal. Later I was able to have a great telephone conversation with my one and only older sister.  We had a few laughs and shared some stories past and present.  It is wonderful to have a nice sister that one can relate with later in life or anytime of life if you choose to have a good experience.  The rest of my day was spent with meditation music, hanging a new picture and enjoying some much needed R&R(Rest and Relaxation).  I may have been alone but not lonely.  The day was a new experience.

Now here it is Black Friday and my Monday which is most folks real Friday.  Again folks, we have to watch that thinking and look at the day as a new experience.  Now I did not say that comes easy.  At least it does not for me.  I have to work on it daily, as I have had to do today.  The last two days are GONE.

I avoid the news.  That’s too negative.  I turned on social media though.  There I read about someone that pepper sprayed a group of people to keep them away from her bargains.  Now I do not like crowds and did not want a repeat of the day before Thanksgiving.  I needed a hair cut though so I had to be brave and look a the day as a new experience.  Very slowly I dressed.  I ventured to my car.  I started the motor .  I drove to the nearest intersection.  May I mention, I live by a SHOPPING MALL! There was no traffic.  I made it. The beauty shop in located by the grocery store.  The lot was not crowded. I proceeded into the shop.  It was NOT crowded.  I got a nice hair cut.  I had a few laughs with the cosmetologist that cut my hair.  I even received twenty-five per cent off on a sale product.  Good deal!

Now here I am back at home writing a blog.  Just look at each day as a new experience.  Stay in the moment.  Don’t worry!  Look fear in the face and refuse to give in to it.  After all, it is your day  It can be, as I have described, A NEW EXPERIENCE!

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Aging “With Purpose”

With Purpose begins with the author’s eight page Introduction letting the reader know about his long history and lifetime study of aging, beginning in his early twenties at a time when not much attention was paid to the older folks. With the demographic Age Wave finally here, the author’s insights are indeed interesting and exciting I found. Some of the interesting items in the book deal with:

I have been reading With Purpose (Going from Success to Significance in Work and Play) a book by Ken Dychtwald, PH.D.   This author specializes in the study of aging, maturity and retirement.   A few months ago I read his book The Power Years and thought is was one of the better shall we say, Baby Boomer books that I have read.   I kept that book for future reference and here is my digest of the book. Continue reading “Aging “With Purpose””

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