Boomers: Figuring the Upsides to Life’s New Plan B

It is amazing the amount of knowledge that we Boomers have acquired through out our life times. Knowledge is gained in so many ways. Some of us are well educated with many degrees. Others are filled with a wealth of knowledge through life experiences alone. We sit at our computers and do searches to gain more information and insight. We read books and ask many questions regarding different topics. Then one day something happens. Only then do we realize that we did not take the time to learn some of the things that we really needed to know or maybe we did not really want to know or it was just not the right time to know. This happened to me recently. Just as I thought my eggs were going into my planned retirement basket then bang, it happened. I am going to write about this with hope that some of you will know a little more should it happen to you. You may already know and maybe you will share with the rest of us.

It is amazing the amount of knowledge that we Boomers have acquired through out our life times. Knowledge is gained in so many ways.  Some of us are well educated with many degrees.  Others are filled with a wealth of knowledge through life experiences alone.  We sit at our computers and do searches to gain more information and insight.  We read books and ask many questions regarding different topics.  Then one day something happens.  Only then do we realize that we did not take the time to learn some of the things that we really needed to know or maybe we did not really want to know or it was just not the right time to know.  This happened to me recently.  Just as I thought my eggs were going into my planned retirement basket then bang, it happened.  I am going to write about this with hope that some of you will know a little more should it happen to you.   You may already know and maybe you will share with the rest of us.

As a divorced working female boomer it is not easy.  It is on the news but I prefer to be grateful.  I am grateful that both my children were able to get educations, find good jobs, and have nice homes.  For me, I had those things and some left for various reasons, just like it may have happened to you.   Last year it appeared some things were making a turn for the better.  I started dreaming of  retirement. I finally was working on a plan.  I became familiar and involved with Retirement Social Media.  I have had the privilege of learning so much about boomers, seniors, retirement, living, health, socialization and much more on the sites.  I set goals to become debt free.  Then I became interested in living in a senior apartment.  I signed up for a few senior apartment waiting lists.  I visited my area senior center and was eager to get started with them on a healthy exercise program, socialization and fun activities.  I looked into early social security benefits. I sent in an early job transfer form for a lesser paying job that I heard would be coming available where I worked.  I would have been working 9 months a year, off in the summer time, and off all week ends.  This would have been wonderful and a dream come true.  As May approached my debts, were paid and the plans were coming together when IT  happened along with the problems of the economy.

If you have been reading my previous blogs you may know some of the ITS but not all.  It is time to share.  The week that May 12Th of 2011 fell in, I found there would be no 9 month position.  In addition, I had a heart attack and quad bi pass surgery.  I had to  miss my only granddaughter’s senior graduation due to the heart surgery.  My youngest daughter ended a marriage.  I lived on a credit card for three months, so needless to say there is no more debt free. Most of my family have passed, and friends too, so I have learned to really feel what lonliness is all about during my recovery period.  Enough of the negative, this is just what happened.

Now onward to some positive.  My daughter has found new love.  I hear I will be blessed in March with a new grandchild.  I still have a great employer and work with some wonderful people.  My health insurance is excellent.  I have had the opportunity to mend a relationship with my one and only older sister,  My unhealthy smoking habit has been replaced with eating healthy foods.  Yes, I have been smoke FREE  for almost four months after having that habit for almost thirty-five years. Being a person that enjoys  meditation, I visited a place yesterday to get involved in yoga and meditation classes.  I have researched prescription options and insurance costs.  My relationship with my medical doctor has taken on a new meaning.  It is filled with respect and gratitude for his honestly.  His staff, as I have always known them, are wonderful caring people.  I even love his dog Cody who acts as his therapy assistant animal during his office hours.  Cody brings joy and a smile to face.  My doctor understands that I am one that needs TO KNOW in order to make decisions so he has been honest and very frank with me.

My doctor took the time to explain each detail of my surgery, expectations, and all the facts on my last visit.  He showed his compassion and caring.  It renewed my faith in the medical profession, knowing there are still physicians like him still out there.  I was able to trust enough to allow my physician to be the one to help me get through some of my grief stages, for you see, ALL of this was new and unexpected to me.  My world felt as though it had fell apart.  From there I was able to begin sharing feelings with a couple of co-workers.  Then this past Saturday night, I saw a trusted friend at a 7 eleven store and was able to share with this person.  More important, I was able to listen to the words the person said to me and believe them.  He said, “Ann, you know you still have a purpose, you are strong and  I just want you to know how much you mean to me.”  It was a brief interaction but an interaction that I needed.  Yes, I NEEDED TO KNOW.

Today it was 103 degrees in St. Louis.  There are some complications with swelling which could cause a blood clog.  There is still a lot of pain in the chest from a broken breast bone.  It may be time to consider early retirement with no healthcare benefits for my health.  Maybe I need to know.  It may be time to socialize with the seniors at the center and meet some new friends.  I want to know.  It may be time to face up to fears and walk through to get to a more fulfilled life on the other side.  What will happen?  I do not need to know because I am human not that powerful. I am in a new place of learning to trust and love myself enough to say, ” I really do not know but what I know is just this, “It will be just as IT  is suppose to Be.  I still have a Purpose.”

Remember that sometimes you will only know when you need to know but the important thing is, You CAN START TAKING ACTION NOW because it is never too late to learn if you do not already know.  You too have a purpose which someday you will know if you do not already know!

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The Baby Boomer Name Game

Baby boomers have many faces, life styles, dreams, stories, and experiences.  Each of us is on a journey.  We all have a name.  Some of us have changed names throughout our life time.  Many married and changed their last names.  Others found that people labeled them with nick names which fit their personalities.  Then computers came along and we found that it might be a good thing to come up with a catchy name, other than using our real name, for the world to see.

For this blog, I chose to call myself, Working Boomer.  My grandchildren have called me Grannie Annie.  Close friends nick named me Annie.  There was a day that some called me Red because of the color that I tinted my hair.  Then of course, like many of you, I am sure some may have called me names that I don’t want to write in a blog. 🙂

Today, I want to change my name again to represent what I feel or what I want in life as a sixty-three year old single, night shift working baby boomer.  Friends, like some of you,  I am TIRED!  Working Boomer is a cute name but it no longer fits.  There are articles that I have read encouraging us to work or go to school until we are eighty.   I began this thing called WORK  when I was five years old.

No, I did not win the lottery nor do I have a huge savings account.  The truth is just this: I AM TIRED!  I eat the healthy foods and exercise.  My cabinet is full of the wonderful over 50 vitamins.  My hair is not red but I have a nice brown tint that I use now, so no longer am I called Red.  My new Grandchild is over a thousand miles away and I have not seen her yet.  I haven’t heard from my other Grandchildren in a while so there went Grannie Annie.  At night my friends are asleep while I am awake and vise verso when I am home.  There went Annie.  As far as those that call me other names, who cares!  That is one advantage of getting older.  Things like that don’t bother me any more.  Now it is time.  Time I say!  WORKINGBOOMER needs a name game change!

Here is the scoop, Loop!  I DO NOT want the word WORK  associated with my name unless it is in volunteer work.  Did you hear me?  I want baby boomer restful, relaxing, fun loving, dream catching, playtime, vacation time, no alarm clock, scoot and boot LIVE IT UP TO THE END  boomer LIVING.

It is time to play the name game.  At least I can make a list and dream when I do get a chance while I wait on an age restricted senior apartment.  Here are a few names that I have picked out.  Please feel free to help me by sharing some names that you would like to be called for your retirement years.

  • Florida Living Grannie
  • Cruising Mama Boomer
  • Senior Center Rockette
  • Small Town Girl With A Big City Smile
  • Over 60 And Still The, “Rock and Roll Queen”
  • Road Trip pin Scoot and Boot
  • Sunshine
  • Annie Love
  • Joy Seeker
  • The Dog Whisperette
  • Smiley
  • The Old Wise One
  • Hope
  • Dreamer
  • Starlight ( as one her gazes at stars ONLY when not WORKING)
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Peaches 🙂  (No, not as in Fruitcake)

It was fun playing the name game but reality is: No matter what anyone calls me I am still Ann.  It is important to not loose sight of our dreams, be grateful for the memories, and always be proud of the name that we have earned during our baby boomer years.

If you remember nothing else from this blog, remember how much fun it was to play the name game song when we were younger.  Have fun!  Try not to ever play the Blame game because the Name game is much more fun!  Live, Laugh and Enjoy the Journey!

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Boomers Not Buying Sports Cars

There is a Bloomberg article that says Baby Boomers are getting too old for Sports Cars.

My first reaction is to disagree. I live in a Del Webb Active Adult Community and see plenty of sports cars coming down my street; my neighbor a few doors down has a shiny new blue corvette. It sure seems like a joy to drive and I love the sound it makes as he turns the corner in front of my house and accelerates.

However, the author makes a point that as age 70 comes into view, “folding up like an accordion to get into the front seat of a speedy roadster is hardly the prescription for an aching back”.

I agree that getting into and out of a low seat and sitting in seats that don’t support your back, is a problem. It’s not that sports cars suddenly loose their appeal to boomers. Maybe they need to design chair lifts for sport cars. 🙂

The sports cars expected to loose demand are the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette and the Porsche Panamera.

Instead, Baby Boomers are opting for Mercedes GLE Coupe, Land Rover Discovery Sport and Porsche Macan.  With luxury brands like Porsche and Mercedes selling sporty SUVs, the baby boomers can make a more practical purchase and still have some fun behind the wheel.

Mercedes GLE Coupe









This article was about new cars of course, but I know that many baby boomers still love the classics cars from the 1970s, the golden age of muscle cars.  Restoring old cars and just owning old classic cars brings back memories for many boomers.  I would love to have my 1968 Camera Z28 back.  But in reality it is probably not very practical to have and operate. Maybe I will just go to a car show instead.

1968 Camero

I just went to the Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta this month and there were plenty of baby boomers there.  Boomers still like sporty cars, that’s for sure.

I also went to the Classic Motorsports Mitty car show and races and really was amazing at how many baby boomers collected and even raced these historic automobiles. There are definitely some major dollars invested in cars, tailors, RVs and car shows.

Classic cars

Bloomberg Article about Boomers and Sports Cars






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As Boomers Let Go We Live

There are many meanings to the term, letting go. In one sense it means to let go of a thought, resentment, or feeling that is creating a negative feeling within us which is detrimental to our emotional well being. Sometimes, we as boomers, have had to let go of people, places and things in order to become mentally, emotionally and spiritually more healthy.

There are many meanings to the term, letting go.  In one sense it means to let go of a thought, resentment, or feeling that is creating a negative feeling within us which is detrimental to our emotional well being.  Sometimes, we as boomers, have had to let go of people, places and things in order to become mentally, emotionally and spiritually more healthy.

As time goes by we learn to let go of our children as they leave the nest.  Some of us have let go of jobs, family ties, friends, houses, and many other things.  Ours lives are on a continual path of letting go change.  With every letting go there is a new journey to explore and a new path to take.  It is a process that each individual learns and works out in his or her own time.  Sometimes it comes easy and at other times it is not.  It is a part of life.

Letting go can be exciting and other times painful.  It can be an ending which can lead to a new beginning.  It can be an adventure to settle with the past. Letting go can free us into the present.  It is a step toward the future.  It can be the beginning of growth and strength.  Letting go allows us to be free to experience new ways of thinking. We then can challenge what is here in the now.  Letting go can make room in our minds for new ideas, creativity and new possibilities.  It opens our hearts to others.

I remember earlier on in my life saying, “I am tired of letting go.”  Letting go to me at that time meant loss therefore I had to change my thinking as I  learned that letting go can also mean a new beginning.  It can lead to peace, joy, harmony, maturity, and a sense of ease that can only be explained by the individual that is experiencing it.  It can have positive results not only for us but for those around us as we grow in acceptance of what is.  We then have the opportunity to open our hearts to another chapter of life.  As boomers we may be learning to become grandparents after the roll of being parents.  We let go of old ways that we use to do things and allow our grown children to now be in charge.  Then there other boomers that still may be in the process of allowing those grown children to become the adults that they are while the children face their own responsibilities.

We may have had to relocate to new areas.  Some of us have let go of houses and down sized to apartment living.  Other boomers may have moved into their children’s homes and  let go of ownership.  Then others have had to learn to let go of old ways of thinking about retirement, health, travel and many other things.

Life if full of letting go but the important thing is to remember that it can be seen as a new beginning.  It is part of boomer living. As one chapter ends another begins.  Nothing is forever.   Everything is for a reason.  We as boomers continue to learn about letting go. We can free ourselves to be in the present moment.  We let go of fear and replace it with faith.  We learn and continue to learn so that we can enjoy peace within.

Try it today.  Just let go and be free!  Challenge your mind to a new and positive way of thinking.  Let go of a negative feeling.  Be alive and Live!  Sing a song! Take a walk! Dance in the rain!   Play music!  Paint a picture! Go inside your heart to that quiet place and truly, “LET GO!”

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Look At Each Day As A New Experience

In order to eliminate worry, fear and negative thinking it is essential for me to look at each day as a new experience. I will site a few examples that I have experienced in just the last few days.

As we age, we sometimes allow our thinking to become mundane, routine and unproductive.  Then there are others that are quite the opposite in their thinking.  In order to eliminate worry, fear and negative thinking it is essential for me to look at each day as a new experience.  I will site a few examples that I have experienced in just the last few days.

Since I work the night shift and all week ends my days off are Tuesday and Wednesday.  This is the time, as a single person, that I have to do those routine chores like grocery shopping, cleaning, and etc.  When a holiday falls with my two days off that gives me an extra day to indulge in something inspiring, relaxing ,or fun.   Each of us has a different interpretation of what that might be.  It is imperative that I change my chore day around a bit at times to keep from becoming negative.  This week I did my grocery shopping the day prior to Thanksgiving.  I will say no more on that subject because I could write a book of negative experiences at the grocery store on that busy day.  That day is GONE!  Yes, it was an experience and a good learning one too.  I learned a lot about self control!

Then came Thanksgiving day.  This is the day that families and friends get together to enjoy each other, give thanks and express gratitude.  Some that are without family volunteer to help others.  Thanksgiving day can bring back old memories.  It also can be the the beginning of new memories too.  The day is what you make it by living out your day as a new experience.  For me , it meant letting go of the day before and giving thanks for a new day ahead.

I woke up to a beautiful day.  The sun was shining bright.  The air smelled fresh.  There was a pleasant breeze blowing.  It felt like a spring day.  Even some of the grass was still green.  I threw open the windows and allowed the smell of my turkey baking in the oven to flow outside as an inviting aroma for the neighbors.  My pies were ready for the oven.  The phone rang.  I heard the sound of my sweet daughter’s voice asking how I was.  She lives over a thousand miles from me.  I enjoyed listening to the excitement in her voice as she talked about my new grandchild that she will be having in March.  She asked,” Mom, what do you do with the string that comes with the turkey?”  I smiled.  Then as a non- Betty Crocker Boomer Mom, I answered.  “I put it under my turkey before reading the directions.  It is to lift it out of the pan.  So make sure you read the directions first because, I didn’t do it exactly right!”  Now she accepted this answer because she accepts me just as I am; non -Betty Crocker.  Anyway, I enjoyed the experience of the day of hearing her voice and sharing my experience.  You know, I bet you that both our turkeys tasted good, regardless of where we put the string.

Yes, Thanksgiving was a success.  Sweetie, my dog, and I took a nice walk.  The turkey was delicious.  I broke my diet rules and stuffed my tummy full.  Yes, full I say; and I do not feel guilty because it was NOT  heart healthy for one meal. Later I was able to have a great telephone conversation with my one and only older sister.  We had a few laughs and shared some stories past and present.  It is wonderful to have a nice sister that one can relate with later in life or anytime of life if you choose to have a good experience.  The rest of my day was spent with meditation music, hanging a new picture and enjoying some much needed R&R(Rest and Relaxation).  I may have been alone but not lonely.  The day was a new experience.

Now here it is Black Friday and my Monday which is most folks real Friday.  Again folks, we have to watch that thinking and look at the day as a new experience.  Now I did not say that comes easy.  At least it does not for me.  I have to work on it daily, as I have had to do today.  The last two days are GONE.

I avoid the news.  That’s too negative.  I turned on social media though.  There I read about someone that pepper sprayed a group of people to keep them away from her bargains.  Now I do not like crowds and did not want a repeat of the day before Thanksgiving.  I needed a hair cut though so I had to be brave and look a the day as a new experience.  Very slowly I dressed.  I ventured to my car.  I started the motor .  I drove to the nearest intersection.  May I mention, I live by a SHOPPING MALL! There was no traffic.  I made it. The beauty shop in located by the grocery store.  The lot was not crowded. I proceeded into the shop.  It was NOT crowded.  I got a nice hair cut.  I had a few laughs with the cosmetologist that cut my hair.  I even received twenty-five per cent off on a sale product.  Good deal!

Now here I am back at home writing a blog.  Just look at each day as a new experience.  Stay in the moment.  Don’t worry!  Look fear in the face and refuse to give in to it.  After all, it is your day  It can be, as I have described, A NEW EXPERIENCE!

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Boomers Road Of Life

Roads carry us to many places.. We travel them daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. They get us to where we are going. Some have many curves, hills, mountains, peaks, valleys, and detours. Others may be narrow, wide, whining, smooth, or rocky. If we stay on a road sooner or later we get where we are going. Depending on conditions as we travel, we may have to vary or change our course. We may have to stop many times and review our maps. There are even times when obstacles may arise and we may have to choose a different direction to reach our destination. At times we may speed quickly while other times our travel goes very slow depending on many conditions at the time.

Just like the roads that we travel daily, Boomers travel the road of life. We have experienced rocky places,curves, peaks, valleys and detours. We have seen war times in our younger years and now. Some Boomers have climbed to the peaks in their careers while others fell to the valley during the recession. Boomers have experienced loss in divorces or by death of a spouse. We have seen children grow and leave us with an empty nest. Other boomers may have acclaimed fame and prosperity. In our early years we were there when President John F.Kennedy and Nobel Peace Price winner, Martin Luther King, were assassinated. We were there when the first man landed on the moon. We continued our life journey as computers first came into our offices to replace the old type writers. Some of our favorite music has changed. Some our television favorite comedians,movie stars, song writers and singers are no longer with us.

In today’s world we are now looking at our maps again as we go into our retirement years. Retirement may mean that we continue working or make a job change. Some will be heading to small towns to start a small business.. Others may be leaving the small town to join their grown children in city living. Those that are single may be considering dating again or finding new social activities at senior centers, churches and in over 55 communities. Couples may be preparing to travel the world and experience things that they have never experienced before. Many boomers are contacting colleges to take courses of interest or finish a degree. There are boomers that are having to pick themselves up, brush themselves off and start all over again. Boomers are making choices to age in places or make geographical changes to live out their retirement age years.

Yes it is true. Most roads are not clear and all smooth as we would want them to be. Regardless of that fact, boomers will continue on their journey. We will do what we need to do. We will use our maps, our life experiences and persist in these changing times. We will meet health challenges just like those before us did. We will face our day to day living with pride and dignity. We will continue to make a difference in the world that we live.  We will continue on the Boomer Road of Life!

With that said, I would like to end with a poem written by Robert Frost. The poem has been analyzed in many ways and was one of his best but tricky.  See if you can figure it out!

The Road Not Taken
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay,

In leaves no step had trodden black.

OH, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence”

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference


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