Boomers Turn Age 70

We baby boomers are turning age 70!! Can you believe it?

Boomers have never been this old. How do you act when you are 70?  I submit, just like we did in our 60’s.  No, not the 1960’s, even though I think that would be fun. Nothing has really changed by turning 70, right?

Well yes, a few things are changing. Not over night, but there are signs.

If you have delayed taking your social security, now finally you get to take your full social security check that has been growing.  We thought this day would never come.  Wow, that is going to be nice and well needed for many of us.

Also at age 70 1/2 we must take our RMD, required minimum distributions from our IRA’s.

So we start drawing our social security benefit and we must start taking annual distributions from our IRAs almost at the same time.  Well I think most of us at age 70 are ready for both and have no disagreements with those requirements.

Many boomers vowed never to retire or they couldn’t retire. Guess what, many were forced into retirement because of health reasons or maybe a job layoff.

If you retired in your 60s, then most likely you are now comfortable with your retirement. You have a comfortable routine and do the things you would like to do with your time. Many boomers that are retired, love spending time with their grand children. Some even move across the country to be closer to them.

Around this time (age 70) we or our spouses are dealing with some critical illnesses of some sort, be it diabetes, a stroke, heart attack, mobility problems etc. and we are most likely making room on our schedules for doctor visits.

Most likely a few of our friends have dementia problems starting or maybe advanced. We have two close friends in that boat.

A friend or two most likely has already lost their long time spouse to death.

More than a few of our high school or college school mates have died.

We spend some time on our medicare insurance don’t we.  Donut holes and open enrollments we know well.

Having been involved in recent years with a senior center and now living in a Del Webb Active Adult Community, I have a lot of friends that are in their 70s, thus are older than us older boomers.  Encouragingly lots of them are active, like to travel, have sharp minds and love to socialize.

We will be travelling through out our 70’s and dare I say 80’s. If we have the means, we don’t mind spending it on travel.


Some take up senior games and become senior athletes.

I have noticed now we don’t even mind being called a senior, even though we still don’t refer to ourselves with that title. We don’t mind the senior discounts, do we.

So another chapter in our lives is unfolding and for the most part we seem to be adjusting quite well.

So we have a lot to look forward to. Some of us are moving to active adult communities, or small towns or even to the city for retirement.

The future is not bleak as long as you have a positive attitude, your health and get out and participate in some activities with folks you like.

Even when you have some health problems, a can do positive attitude sure can go a long ways overcoming those obstacles.

They say at age 70 we only have 15 more years to live, on average. Let’s make the most of it.

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A Boomer’s Life Perspective

It is Easter Sunday. I awakened in the middle of the day after working the night shift.  There is much to be grateful for and I give thanks.  It is raining.  Sweetie, my dog needs to go outside to do her thing.  We walk out for a short stroll.  My eyes look up at the clouds in the sky. The apartments around me appear quiet.  It is not a hard rain , just a mist.  I look over to a huge tree in the backyard of a house within eyes glance.  The tree stands sturdy and strong.  I remember that yard from forty- one years ago.  At that time there was no tree. There was no grass.  The house that sits there now, had just been built in a new subdivision in St. Charles County, Missouri.  There was farm land all around.  The rumor was that someday the area would be a beautiful city.   The earth was hard clay dirt.  Who would have thought that a tree could have grown that beautiful in the red clay.  Who would have thought that this small town would develop into such a rich and prosperous city.  The rumor became reality.  As Sweetie and I walked back into my apartment, I remembered how proud my first husband and I were when we had that house built back in the 60’s.

The passed few days of events in St. Louis have brought about many thoughts.  Some are of the past and some in the present. A tornado hit St. Louis Friday night.  It passed over my neighborhood as Sweetie and I took cover in the bathroom of my one bedroom apartment.  It hit the St. Louis airport where I use to work.  The storms hit the surrounding areas of Maryland Heights, St. Ann, Bridgeton and Berkley.  Even though there was huge damage done, no lives were lost.  That was a miracle!  The storm was also in Granite City, Illinois. In my life time I have lived or owned a house in each of these areas.  I looked at the pictures today of the homes that have been destroyed and damaged in in my old neighborhoods.  My heart goes out to the folks this Easter week end as they pull their lives back together.  I remember the tornado of 1967.  I lived in the same area.  It missed the house that I lived in and took down others on my street.

As I write this story, I wonder how it will be for my grandchildren forty years from now as they remember this city in St. Charles.  What stories will they have to share with their children on an Easter Sunday?  Will they tell my great grandchildren about my retirement years and my life?  What will be sitting in the back yard of their first home?

At this moment, no matter where you, a story is taking place on this day to be remembered and shared.  I hope that each of you are finding peace from within as the journey of life goes on.  Neighborhoods will be rebuilt.  There is no price tag on what is in the heart or a life!  Boomers are like the sturdy oak tree.  We stand strong!  May the sun shine in each heart as we tell our stories.

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The ABC’S For Living The Baby Boomer Years

The ABC’S For Living The Baby Boomer Years lays out the full deck and everything you need to know is covered.

As a member of the Baby Boomer Generation, I find that I must keep things as simple as possible.  Most of us have a lot on our plate.  Folks make resolutions at New Years.  This year I decided to just make a simple ABC list that I can refer to through out the years to come.  So many times resolutions are broken.  At times they can even be stressful if we think about them too much.  Hopefully this list can be helpful to you as you continue your journey into your retirement years.

A.  Avoid anxiety as much as possible.  It causes stress and takes joy out of living.  Beware of anger. It zaps healthy energy that you need to use on more important things.  Feel it if you must, then let anger go.

B. Be thoughtful.  You have the wisdom, so show it.  Believe in yourself.  You can do it.  Show your inner beauty because that is what counts.

C. Have courage. It takes courage to live a good life today.  Baby boomers have gone through many years of change. Create and keep your mind active.  There are many activities at adult learning centers and Senior Citizens Centers that may interest you.

D. Remove doubt from your mind.  Dream and work toward making your dream come true.  Hang on to hope.  If you are dreaming about small town retirement, start now to check out different towns. Most important, just make your dreams pleasant. Make believe that you are floating  on a cloud or vacationing in a special place.  De Stress!

E. Encourage others.  Many folks need encouragement that are in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and even some may live next door to you.  When you encourage others, joy will come into your own life.  Exercise to stay fit.  Exercise also helps one deal with depression, arthritis and many other things that are baby boomer health issues.

F. Have fun. There are many baby boomer entertainment and games that can be found on line. Enjoy a sun rise.  Having fun can be done alone or in groups.  It is up to you to find our what you truly enjoy.

G. Give! Baby boomers are giving to their grandchildren, children, and other relatives.  Make sure that you take time to give to yourself.  You have earned it.  You deserve it.  Treat yourself to something good when you need it.  Keep your cup full as the old saying goes.  Always be gentle and gracious.

H. Ask for help if you need it.  Take care of your health.  The healthier you are the happier you will be.  Remember health is in four parts, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Keep a healthy balance.  Balance can be achieved by striving to keep a positive attitude.

I. Act as If. There may be days when you feel like giving up.  Those are days that you can act as if, so negative thinking does not take over your life.  Remember that you are NOT inferior.

J. Jump for joy if you feel like it.  Act silly. Let your enter child play. Join a group Jog if you can.  Just enjoy the journey. Reframe from jealousy.  Be joyous!

K. Keep trying.  Don’t quit.  Practice kindness. Remember to be kind to yourself too.

L. Live, love, laugh and learn. These four L’s are free.  Take advantage of them in your Baby Boomer retirement years.  Even if you are still working, it is still possible to practice the four L’s. Practice to improve your listening skills.  People enjoy being around a good listener.

M. For some boomers it might be a time to look for a mate. There are many single senior dating sites.  Just get out and about when you can.  Who knows when that special someone might enter your life.  If you have a mate work on finding new ways to enjoy each other.  March with a band if that is your desire.

N. Be nice.  You are responsible for you, not others.  It doesn’t take any more effort to be nice than it takes to have a nasty attitude.  Let others be as they want to be.  You deserve a good night of sleep.  It is much easier to lay your head on your pillow at night after being nice. Find a new niche in life.

O. Keep and open mind.  Narrow minded thinking gets a person no place.. Open your mind in order to grow in acceptance.  Be open to new ideas.  Share them!   Openness leads to better communication with your family and friends.

P. Practice being Positive! You will be much happier and those around you will be happier too.  Pace.  Pacing is much healthier for your heart that rushing all the time.

Q.Learn to enjoy quietness. Quiet time can be a time for reflection and peace.  Be so quiet that you can actually enjoy the sounds of nature.  We baby boomers have been busy so it is time to enjoy our quiet time.

R. Relax! Enjoy your retirement age years.  Listen to music, take a walk,sing a song, run naked in your house if you choose. Read a good book.  Rest. The Baby Boomer generation has earned R & R.  Now find the time to treat yourself and do it!  Face reality. The time is now!

S. Be responsible with your money.  Save when you can.   It is okay to be a frugal Boomer.  If does not mean that you are cheap, just smart. After all we boomers earned our wisdom, so let’s use it.  Maybe you would like to do service work.  There are many opportunities and places to volunteer.  Practice safety.

T. Trust but know how far to go with it.  If it does not feel comfortable, step back a bit. then try again.  Learn to trust your own judgement.  It is your life.  Lead by example.  It is a great way to teach others if they choose to notice.

U. Use common sense.  Over thinking every issue or trying to control other’s is a waste of your valuable time.   Be useful and understanding.  Never under estimate the good things that you can bring to life.

V. Venture out into the unknown.  Experience life.  Think outside of the box.  Do something that you have always wanted to do.  It is time.  Go for it!  Visit that friend that you have not seen in years.

W. Write because it is healthy, fun, and a way to release many things from your mind.  Writing is a way of sharing with others too.

X.  OK, so this is a difficult letter.  Challenge yourself.  Look up Generation X and see what they are all about.

Y. Say yes to love and happiness every time that you get the chance.  Your life is yours. Do not waste a single minute of it.

Z. Keep your zest for living!  Keep it simple!  Make the best of your Baby Boomer years!

There you have it.  The ABC’s for living the baby boomer years.  I bet that you can add many other things to each letter.  Please share a letter and an idea with us.  What do you have to contribute to the ABC’s for living the baby boomer years?

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Don’t Take Life for Granted. Live It!

“Live this day as if it will be your last. Remember that you will only find ”tomorrow” on the calendars of fools. Forget yesterday’s defeats and ignore the problems of tomorrow. This is it. Doomsday. All you have. Make it the best day of your year. The saddest words you can ever utter are, ”If I had my life to live over again. ”Take the baton, now. Run with it! This is your day! Beginning today, treat everyone you meet, friend or foe, loved one or stranger, as if they were going to be dead at midnight. Extend to each person, no matter how trivial the contact, all the care and kindness and understanding and love that you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.”

Og Mandino quotes

So quickly we humans can forget how important it is to care, use kindness, understanding and love.  How quickly we can wish for a reward only for ourselves.  How quickly we can forget in a moment of anger, despair, or chaos just how important life is.  Take the time to LOVE. Take the time to SHARE. Take the time to give THANKS.   Take the time to use KINDNESS.  Take the time to show Understanding. Take the time to allow yourself to be HUMAN.  Take the time to allow others their right to be human.  Take the time To hold anther’s  HAND.  Take the time to speak the word LOVE.  Take the time to show someone you  CARE!  Give a HUG.  We have but one life.  Life is a Gift.  Lift your face to the the sky and let your Heart sing!

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Boomers – Real Life Tips for Online Dating

Recently I read an article about tips for Senior online dating. Some of it I agreed with and some I had my own opinions. It took me to a place and time where I met a few people online. Then the day came for the face to face interaction which is an all different ball game no matter how much you learn from the Internet affair. Some of my experiences were rather humorous so I have a few tips to offer for the real deal.

Recently I read an article about tips for Senior online dating.  Some of it I agreed with and some I had my own opinions.  It took me to a place and time where I met a few people online.  Then the day came for the face to face interaction which is an all different ball game no matter how much you learn from the Internet affair.  Some of my experiences  were rather humorous so I have a few tips to offer for the real deal.

  1. Be prepared for the eye shock.  Pictures from the Internet can be very deceiving.
  2. Don’t get offended if he says, “Wow, you are a lot fatter than I expected.”
  3. Keep your composure should he change his mind at the last minute, not show up, and disappear completely from the Internet site.  He probably did not die of a heart attack and has gotten cold feet before.  Better yet, he likes playing games with peoples feelings.
  4. Run like hec if he comes dressed in a large over coat and it appears like he is carrying a weapon in his coat pocket.  Don’t be so noisy that you have to ask him about it.
  5. Don’t let your mouth drop open in shock when he takes his hat off to reveal his bald head.  I know you thought he had a full head of hair in that cowboy hat pic that you saw on the computer.  Now this is the real HIM.
  6. Try not to make too big of a scene at your local restaurant if he should say at the end of the meal, “Do you mind paying, I forgot my billfold.”  After all you might want to go back to that same place someday WITHOUT HIM.
  7. If he should start talking about all his Ex’s put a time limit on listening.  Oh, and by the way, all ex’s don’t just come from Texas.  I have met up with guys that have them scattered around the world.
  8. If you met for dinner and he is a health food nut then accept that.  Never but never though resort to eating carrot sticks for your meal instead of a nice juicy steak if you are hungry.  If he tries to change you at the first meal then imagine the rest of your life eating with him.
  9. If you see something protruding from his hair that looks like a Bobbie pin, it probably is.  Leave it alone and don’t ask.  Maybe later if there is a second date you can discuss the hair piece that you did not know that he wore.
  10. Just take it in stride if after the meal he excuses himself to the men’s room to clean his teeth.  Be glad that he did not take them out at the dining table.  Again remember in person is much different than on line dating.
  11. Then of course there is the nose blower.  The one that has excessive sinus issues and has to do a lot of blowing while you two are eating your dinner.  Have a heart and appear understanding.  Who knows next time you may have to blow.
  12. If you hear a rattle in his pants when he walks, NEVER BUT NEVER ask him if he wears Depends.  There will be another time and place for that discussion if there is a next time.
  13. Get concerned if he takes out a pill bottle and takes a pill right after a discussion of sex and the first date.  It might be Viagra and he might start rushing you to finished your meal quickly.  You do not want to take the chance of choking.  Chew slowly, take your time.  Don’t be worried about him paying ten dollars a pop for those pills because that is his problem, not yours.
  14. If you are a man give her a chance.  Maybe she forgot her glasses when she ordered the most expensive meal on the menu after your on line dating discussion of being frugal.
  15. If her hair looks purple, it probably is.  I know she said it was white but some of those white white hair rinses turn a ladies hair purple.  Just keep quiet about it.  It will wash out or discuss it at another time.
  16. If one of her eye lashes falls off keep cool.  Older ladies have to do what they have to do to look beautiful for you and sometimes those darn things just get loose.
  17. Oh yes and men just remember that women too wear hair pieces, wigs, lift up bras, girdles, and all their ex’s did not come from Texas either.

Be nice if she invited her girlfriend along because she was a bit scared of meeting you in person and had her sit at the next table. When she keeps giving the high sign to her just ignore it.  She probably will not want you to know so just do not mention it.  If she starts texting though, instead of listening to you, there might be a problem.  After all you are in control if there is a NEXT  time date.

Now after reading this do not let this influence you as for getting ready for that first meet up after the on line dating experience.  I am all for being a free spirit and putting spice in your life.  You might just luck out and none of the above will happen.  Then of course do not forget that there are senior centers, adult groups, cruises for singles, churches, and many other events where you can meet people your age for the first time.  It is OK.  Try getting out there.  That special one might just be right where you did not expect him or her to be.  Feel free!  Venture out into the unknown.  It is your life.  Live it.

Live, Love, Learn and Laugh!

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Boomer Discount Trips

I then put the city that is close to where I normally stop and I see where the cheapest gas prices are located and what they are. I do this several days before the trip. They may not be the lowest gas prices on the particular day I go but they will be competitive. If where I am traveling to has cheaper gas prices than where I am departing from, then I don’t fill up until I get to the cheaper station.

As a boomer, I have the time and I want to save the money so I plan my trips. The first thing I do is check the gas prices at various points away from my home. I do this by typing the name of the state gas For instance “”

I then put the city that is close to where I normally stop and I see where the cheapest gas prices are located and what they are. I do this several days before the trip. They may not be the lowest gas prices on the particular day I go but they will be competitive. If where I am traveling to has cheaper gas prices than where I am departing from, then I don’t fill up until I get to the cheaper station. If where I am departing from has cheaper gas prices than where I am traveling to, then I fill up the car. In the winter, I take 1 bottle of water for each passenger, each way. In the summer I double that. If we get thirsty, we can drink the 13 cent bottle of water I purchased from Costco. If someone wants a cola soft drink, most fast food places will sell you a senior drink for less than normal and the prices are all over the board.

Something else I use is Priceline for hotels and the feature where you bid for a hotel. To use Priceline and bid for a hotel, you must understand how to use it or you may get burned. Let me repeat that; To use Priceline and bid for a hotel, you must understand how to use it or you may get burned. It is kind of like fire. It is very beneficial to use it but you have to be careful with it. is a great website to learn how to use Priceline. For me, a 3-1/2* hotel is what I prefer but I have stayed at a 3* hotel satisfactorily. I am going to talk about my greatly discounted hotel stay via Priceline in a later blog. More Boomer Discounts

For more tips on getting the best prices and good deals visit Discount Deal Guide

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