Baby Boomer Generation Book by Rick Bava

Rick Bava’s new book “In Search of The Baby Boomer Generation” is the definitive book about the Baby Boomer Generation. Rick nails what it was like to grow up as a baby boomer, what it is like today and what we will be facing in the near future.

Rick traveled the US for two years having in-depth conversation with fellow baby boomers about all aspects of their lives. He shares the observations about baby boomer lives intermingled with sharing his own personal experience growing up and living as a baby boomer and the end result is a very enlightening and enjoyable read.

I related to everything in Rick’s book and he reminds us of many things we experienced that had a lasting effect in shaping our lives from our eagerness to leave home to start our own lives which was so very different than our parents to later thinking our parents were not so out of touch after all.

We were very much in touch with other boomers to experience life with our own mindset. He touches on the music we cherished, movies we watched, growing up with friends, college, then getting married and morphing into the corporate culture.

I particularly enjoy stories about remembering our childhood days, our college days, how we met our spouses and family relations. When Rick was sharing his story about listening to the World Series on a transistor radio, I was thinking hey, that was me!

We have shared a lot but we all have some Once in a Lifetime Experiences as well. That’s what makes our generation special. When we started this blog Ann and I did our fair share of telling our baby boomer stories as we called them. I loved to tell as well as hear other boomers stories from their lives.

Now many of us, especially the older boomers, are retiring. We are finding new passions, starting businesses, mentoring or discovering an encore career. Some are searching for new places to live. Along the way we are trying to make new friends while staying in touch with long time friends and relatives. Baby boomers need friends. Some boomers are even dating again.  A lot of this was discussed in the chapter on Social Relationships, which I particularly enjoyed.

Rick shared many personal stories of our fellow baby boomers that represent what is happening in our baby boomer lives right now. Many people were hurt by the Great Recession and have a heavy load to deal with as we face the future we are transitioning into pretty fast. But Rick also gives examples of boomers who did most things right, getting an education, working hard, staying married, respecting family, saving and investing and now have the resources to live an interesting retirement.

Rick then addresses issues in our immediate future that we are or will be dealing with soon.

On top of our list now are retirement plans, travel, grandchildren, making new friends and connecting with old friends. Finding new passions, experiences and things to do.

Taking care of parents is a responsibility many are faced with or will be soon.

We are now ready to finally get our social security benefits (it is not an entitlement, we worked for it!) and sign up for Medicare.

Many of us have helped settle our parents’ estates and gained valuable knowledge in doing so which we are now using to better organize our own estates.  We now know how important this is to do.

Rick has a positive outlook of what our baby boomer generation has accomplished and our challenging future. We have been through quite a bit and lived to tell about it!

I am very impressed by the excellent job Rick Bava has done taking the reader on this journey through our past, present and future. Get the book for an enjoyable read.

Rick Bava writes  the column “The Baby Boomer Corner” for Today’s Senior Magazine.

By Robert Fowler, President
Retirement Media Inc.

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A Night Out With A Working Boomer

It’s 9 p.m. the alarm clock sounds.  It is time for the Working Boomer to suit up and show up for night shift duty in security.  At 10:30 p.m. the work night begins. It’s dark.  The 5 senses; sight, sound,touch,smell, and taste are on high alert.

I walk. The weather is cold.  My face burns from the wind.  The school building from the outside looks secure.  I check the doors. One is unlocked.  I go into the school.  I proceed with caution.  Everything appears secure.  I listen for unusual sounds. The building is clean.  I smell wax.  The floors have a new shine.  I open a door to a closet.  In it are mops and cleaning supplies.  The hallways are decorated with student projects.  I read.  One sign says, “Check your ATTITUDE.”  Another sign lists ways to SUCCEED.  There is a picture of Mother Teresa smiling.  I smile.  I continue my check.  All is clear.

I drive down a long road to my next school. My headlights are on high beam.  I slow down.  A deer crosses the road in front of me.  A raccoon ducks back in to the grass at the side of the road.  A possum lays on the road.It has been hit by a vehicle.  I arrive at the next school.  Morris the cat is hanging out at the dumpster.  Mr. Rabbit sits in his hole. I smell the smoke from fire places in the near by neighborhood houses.  The lights in the houses are turned off.  People are asleep.  I continue my walk.  That building has been checked.

I return to my patrol car.  I hear a helicopter overhead.  It must be taking someone to a near by trauma emergency room.  I drive down the road.  There sits a police officer watching everything closely.  Bright lights come on behind me.  A siren sounds.  I pull over to let the fire truck pass.  I wonder where the fire is.  I start to get a little sleepy.  I stop at the nearest 7 eleven store.  I smell the aroma of fresh brewed coffee.  I pour a cup and take a sip.  It’s hot but I become more alert.  I pay and leave.

I drive to the next school.  It’s 1:00 a.m.  A vehicle is parked in a dark area at the back of the school.  I shine my spot light.  I see 2 people inside.  I contact another security officer by nextel telephone. I let him know that I  will be getting out of my car to investigate.  I approach the car on foot cautiously.  I grip my flash light. The car windows are steamed over.  I feel the heat from the car engine.  I look inside.  Two people are in the vehicle straightening their clothing.  I ask for ID.s.  They are over 17 years on age.  I ask more questions.  I explain the rules of tress passing on the property.   I look around. I see nothing damaged in the area.  I ask them to leave.  They cooperate peacefully and drive away.

It is getting later. The night dark air is much colder. I turn up the heat in my vehicle.  Dave Ramsey is on station 97.1 talk radio station.  He is explaining how to become debt free and be a millionaire.  I listen.  My mind wanders.  I think about my birthday coming up this month when I will be 62 years old which is early retirement age.  I think about the thousand dollars I could drawn from social security which is not enough to live on. I think about the good health care benefits that I have on my job knowing if I retired at 62 there would be no health care for me.  I change the radio station to the oldies station to listen to some good music from my early years of living.

I drive to the next building.  The paper man pulls in.  He sets the papers at the school door and leaves.  He is another working boomer out in the night.  Then the milk man and bread trucks pull onto the school grows.  Their delivery is made.  A semi truck pulls in.  It’s dark.  He turns his truck around.  He missed his turn to the warehouse down the road where he was to pick up a load to take to a grocery store.  I wonder if he is alert.  I think about his family.  How long has it been since he has been home.  How long has it been since he has had a home cooked meal. I look across the road at the County Police Dept. and jail.  I hear noises.  A person is becoming verbal with the officer as he is being taken in to the jail.

I drive to the school bus lot.  It is all secure.  It is 4 a.m. and drivers are starting to show up for their day of work. A few minutes later I look again.  The school buses are now running.  The buses are being pre tripped.  The bus lights are on.  The lights shine brightly in the dark.

I drive to the high school and park.  I roll my car window down.  I hear water rushing in the sewer drain by my vehicle.  I think to myself, “Why is there water running in the drain.  It has not rained for weeks.  I get out of my car to check.  The water is clear.  A pipe must be broken.  I do a check.  I leave a message for a day maintenance person regarding my observation.  My telephone rings.  The alarm company is on the other end.  They tell me there is an alarm going off at one of my other schools.  I respond to that school.  I investigate.  There is no intruder.  A motion sensor just detected something that fell off the wall.  I am not afraid.  I can not allow fear to over take me.  This is my job!

I report back to the main high school.  The stars are twinkling but I see that the sun is about to creep out.  My night shift duty is about over.  I wipe my face with a cold cloth.  I need to look alert.  I put eye drops into my eyes to cover the red.  The custodians arrive.  The school building comes alive with lights turned on.  It is 5:30 p.m.  Cars are pulling up to the entrance of the school.  Parents are dropping off their children prior to going to their day job.  I watch as the teen ages enter the building.  I smile.  They are our future.

It is 6:30 a.m. and my shift is over.  I put on my sun glasses to drive home.  The light hurts my eyes.  The road now is full of traffic.  The day people are up and rushing off to their jobs.  Everyone is in a hurry.  My night time peace is no longer on the roads.  I arrive home.   I enter my apartment.  I take off my heavy work boots and massage my feet.    I prepare for my bedtime rest.  I have seen the world through rose colored glasses.  I have seen the world with real glasses.   I think of a quote by Winston Churchill.  “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”  I SMILE. My night was a success.  I maintained courage.  I say a prayer.  I thank God for the opportunity and strength that He has given me.  I ask Him to give that same strength to others as they begin their work day.

Is is now time for WorkingBoomer to rest but not RETIRE.  I smile again.  Life is just as it is suppose to be just for day.  My night was a SUCCESS.  Now it is time to rest..

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Boomer Lesson Learned: Work Smart Not Dumb

As you know I work the night shift. My job allows me a lot of time to think. Sometimes I think too much.

I got off work this morning prepared to jump on the computer and do a little research on blogging and shopping tips. Since it was cold outside last night my fingers were a bit numb. I proceeded to sign into Face book but made the mistake of typing in my password incorrectly several times. For you that don’t know, this can be quite an ordeal.

Face book does have TOP SECURITY therefore I had to prove it was me.

I came to a screen stating that I must change all my passwords in the computer to prove that I was ME. A few more clicks and typo mistakes brought on a series of customer service interactions which became a hair pulling experience.

First I tried to change the password of my Internet provider email service. I was unable to locate where to do this. I hit the help sign and had an on line customer service rep. They tried to help me but nothing made any sense. I was getting no where. I then asked for a phone # to call them.

I placed the call to get a recorded message stating all the options which none worked. I then asked for a REAL person to speak with concerning my problem. Unfortunately, for both of us this person had an accent and I could not understand her. Then she had a problem understanding what I needed. After several attempts at communication efforts the rep.was able to fix my password problem.

By this time it was getting late. I was determined to get into Face book. Again I had more things to do to break into Face book to get the password changed. Finally Cyberspace was convinced that I was really me and I arrived at Face book.

It was two hours from the beginning of this ordeal. with my heart beating fast, my eyeballs red, my hands shaking, I MADE IT! What a relief!

Next I found a great site on how to blog. Here it explained that the most important thing in a blog is content with good information for the readers.

Now you must remember at that point I was not even sure who I was or where I was in Cyberspace so I made one short comment about being cold and took my tired self to bed.

Now this is the content of this blog and I hope that it helps you.
First have all your passwords written down in a safe place. Second make sure you are well rested before signing on to your computer. Third learn everything you need to know about blogging before you blog. Fourth learn to work smart which saves time and you will not have to go through all the time consuming trial and error methods that I did to get the JOB DONE. Most important though, DON’T QUIT, KEEP LEARNING, USE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR!

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More Older and Happier Ideas

I have been reading a good book titled “Older And Happier!” by Dag Sebastian Ahlander.  He has 109 handy ideas for living life to the fullest. It’s about living the good retirement life from his perspective as a happy old man.

In my previous post, Baby Boomers Get Older and Happier, I covered some of these from the book that I really related to, so I will now share a few more.

More Older and Happier Ideas

1. Resolve Your Feelings of Guilt and Bitterness

Mend your relationships or forget and move on is the idea. Many times there is nothing that can be done. Let it go.

2. Now is the Time to Do All The Things You Have Always Wanted To Do.

As this sign I saw in a window last week says: this is not your practice life. Focus on the possibilities not the challenges. Travel, write a book, start a business, learn something new, the possibilities are endless. Only you can stop you.  Stay engaged and have some fun!

3. Tell Your Life Stories

Write a book, tell your friends, start a blog are all ways to get your Boomer Stories out there. It will be rewarding and fun for you and others also enjoy hearing them. I will always remember Ann and I telling our boomer stories right here on Boomer Places. My walking buddies and I share stories from our lives.

4. Grow Your Garden

There is something very therapeutic and rewarding about growing a garden. When I retired I started two simple 4X4 feet square gardens and grew tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and lettuce. Gives you something to look forward everyday and gets you outside plus rewards you with the bounty!

5. Stops Acting Too Rationally

Not everything needs to be planned out. Be spontaneous once in a while. Do stuff you can do now, before it’s too late. No regrets.

If you are retired like me you probably can relate to each of these. It’s nice to see a few more ideas for positive changes as we age.

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Look At Each Day As A New Experience

In order to eliminate worry, fear and negative thinking it is essential for me to look at each day as a new experience. I will site a few examples that I have experienced in just the last few days.

As we age, we sometimes allow our thinking to become mundane, routine and unproductive.  Then there are others that are quite the opposite in their thinking.  In order to eliminate worry, fear and negative thinking it is essential for me to look at each day as a new experience.  I will site a few examples that I have experienced in just the last few days.

Since I work the night shift and all week ends my days off are Tuesday and Wednesday.  This is the time, as a single person, that I have to do those routine chores like grocery shopping, cleaning, and etc.  When a holiday falls with my two days off that gives me an extra day to indulge in something inspiring, relaxing ,or fun.   Each of us has a different interpretation of what that might be.  It is imperative that I change my chore day around a bit at times to keep from becoming negative.  This week I did my grocery shopping the day prior to Thanksgiving.  I will say no more on that subject because I could write a book of negative experiences at the grocery store on that busy day.  That day is GONE!  Yes, it was an experience and a good learning one too.  I learned a lot about self control!

Then came Thanksgiving day.  This is the day that families and friends get together to enjoy each other, give thanks and express gratitude.  Some that are without family volunteer to help others.  Thanksgiving day can bring back old memories.  It also can be the the beginning of new memories too.  The day is what you make it by living out your day as a new experience.  For me , it meant letting go of the day before and giving thanks for a new day ahead.

I woke up to a beautiful day.  The sun was shining bright.  The air smelled fresh.  There was a pleasant breeze blowing.  It felt like a spring day.  Even some of the grass was still green.  I threw open the windows and allowed the smell of my turkey baking in the oven to flow outside as an inviting aroma for the neighbors.  My pies were ready for the oven.  The phone rang.  I heard the sound of my sweet daughter’s voice asking how I was.  She lives over a thousand miles from me.  I enjoyed listening to the excitement in her voice as she talked about my new grandchild that she will be having in March.  She asked,” Mom, what do you do with the string that comes with the turkey?”  I smiled.  Then as a non- Betty Crocker Boomer Mom, I answered.  “I put it under my turkey before reading the directions.  It is to lift it out of the pan.  So make sure you read the directions first because, I didn’t do it exactly right!”  Now she accepted this answer because she accepts me just as I am; non -Betty Crocker.  Anyway, I enjoyed the experience of the day of hearing her voice and sharing my experience.  You know, I bet you that both our turkeys tasted good, regardless of where we put the string.

Yes, Thanksgiving was a success.  Sweetie, my dog, and I took a nice walk.  The turkey was delicious.  I broke my diet rules and stuffed my tummy full.  Yes, full I say; and I do not feel guilty because it was NOT  heart healthy for one meal. Later I was able to have a great telephone conversation with my one and only older sister.  We had a few laughs and shared some stories past and present.  It is wonderful to have a nice sister that one can relate with later in life or anytime of life if you choose to have a good experience.  The rest of my day was spent with meditation music, hanging a new picture and enjoying some much needed R&R(Rest and Relaxation).  I may have been alone but not lonely.  The day was a new experience.

Now here it is Black Friday and my Monday which is most folks real Friday.  Again folks, we have to watch that thinking and look at the day as a new experience.  Now I did not say that comes easy.  At least it does not for me.  I have to work on it daily, as I have had to do today.  The last two days are GONE.

I avoid the news.  That’s too negative.  I turned on social media though.  There I read about someone that pepper sprayed a group of people to keep them away from her bargains.  Now I do not like crowds and did not want a repeat of the day before Thanksgiving.  I needed a hair cut though so I had to be brave and look a the day as a new experience.  Very slowly I dressed.  I ventured to my car.  I started the motor .  I drove to the nearest intersection.  May I mention, I live by a SHOPPING MALL! There was no traffic.  I made it. The beauty shop in located by the grocery store.  The lot was not crowded. I proceeded into the shop.  It was NOT crowded.  I got a nice hair cut.  I had a few laughs with the cosmetologist that cut my hair.  I even received twenty-five per cent off on a sale product.  Good deal!

Now here I am back at home writing a blog.  Just look at each day as a new experience.  Stay in the moment.  Don’t worry!  Look fear in the face and refuse to give in to it.  After all, it is your day  It can be, as I have described, A NEW EXPERIENCE!

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The Hats That People Wear During The Holiday Season

Working Boomer shows gratitude and appreciation to those who service our lives everyday.

The holidays bring back many memories of yesterday and today.  For me it is a time of reflection.  That is the way that I live, laugh and learn.  People from around the world wear many hats.  Each person plays an important part in how they give to the world.  Today I was thinking about those people that serve during the holiday season.  Sometimes we may not notice them, as we go about our daily routine. We hustle and bustle, preparing for special occasions in our own lives.  In keeping with the holiday spirit, I would like to thank those that wear the special hats.  There are many.  I could not possibly list them all but I will attempt to mention a few that I have noticed.

First on my list are health care people.  Some work in assisted living facilities.  They give care to aging seniors. That senior may not even have a visitor during the holiday season.  Even though health care people have their own families and friends to think about, they put on a happy face while going about their duties at work.  The same goes for those that work in hospital and other health care settings.  Some may work long or extra  shifts on the holiday. They give up their own time to meet the needs of their patients.   They wear a very special hat which never covers what is in their heart.  If you see one of these folks, please smile and tell them thank you.  Let them know how special that they are.  It always feels good to know how much one is appreciated.

Then there are the police, firefighters, and security people that help keep the communities safe for our enjoyment.  They work hard.  They are ready in a split second to put on their duty hat and respond when that call for help comes in.  Their families too are home missing them and hoping that they will return home safely.  If you see one of them, show your gratitude.  It is easy to miss them until a need arises.

Most of us have visited malls during the last few week.  The lights and decoration are beautiful.  Sometimes you find the floors of those malls shining with a fresh glaze of wax.  The service people do a great job of cleaning and decorating for our pleasure.  If you see one of them just say thank you.  It might be the only thank you that they get this holiday season.  You might be the very person that makes their day!

It was really cold out last week as I passed the lady outside a store ringing the Salvation Bell.  She had a big smile on her face.  She spoke to each person as they entered the store.  Most people just rushed on by but she continued to ring the bell with a smile.  Next time you are out, maybe just take a moment to let them know how important they are for donating their time.  Maybe place a dime or so in the can if you so choose.

Have you noticed all the different hats of service people that are getting those parties ready for groups during the holiday season?  They rush around and cater to our every need with a smile on their face.  I am sure their feet are hurting from the long hours that they have to stand.  So when your tummy is full of those great holiday drinks, foods, and desserts that they serve, maybe just shake their hand.  Wish them a great time when they get home to their families.  You have the ability to make their night or day as you wear your party hat.

Have you ever noticed what type of hat that your postal person wears as he or she carries that extra mail during the holiday season?  Maybe it depends on the weather in your area to describe their hat.  Just a little thank you note pinned to your mailbox might just make their day and lighten a burden for them that they carry.  Sometimes folks just need to know that you care.

I know that most schools are out during the holiday week.  I have noticed many teachers coming in on the week ends. Some stay late after the work day has ended.  The class rooms are decorated so the kids can enjoy this special time of the year.  Some teachers have been seen wearing Santa Claus hats.  If you see a teacher as you rush to pick up your child after class, maybe thank them for their efforts.  I am sure they will appreciate it.

There are  many volunteers from churches, and other organizations that  pass out candy, fruit baskets, food and toys during the holiday season.  I am sure the needy families are more than grateful.  If you see one of them maybe offer them a nice cup of coffee.  Let them know how special they are too.  They might even take their hat off for a minute and share an inspiring story with you.

Yes, there are many hats that are worn during the holiday season.  Some we notice and some we do not.  Most folks notice Santa’s hat so I hope this has helped you to think about all the people that wear other special hats.  My hat then goes off to you.

Since it is impossible for me to mention all the hats, I would like to hear about some of the hats that you noticed this year.  What was the best hat that touched your heart in a special way?    Wear your hat proudly as you share your love and sunshine with others during this special time of the year.  May peace and joy be with you as you wear your special hat this year.

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