Boomer Lesson Learned: Work Smart Not Dumb

As you know I work the night shift. My job allows me a lot of time to think. Sometimes I think too much.

I got off work this morning prepared to jump on the computer and do a little research on blogging and shopping tips. Since it was cold outside last night my fingers were a bit numb. I proceeded to sign into Face book but made the mistake of typing in my password incorrectly several times. For you that don’t know, this can be quite an ordeal.

Face book does have TOP SECURITY therefore I had to prove it was me.

I came to a screen stating that I must change all my passwords in the computer to prove that I was ME. A few more clicks and typo mistakes brought on a series of customer service interactions which became a hair pulling experience.

First I tried to change the password of my Internet provider email service. I was unable to locate where to do this. I hit the help sign and had an on line customer service rep. They tried to help me but nothing made any sense. I was getting no where. I then asked for a phone # to call them.

I placed the call to get a recorded message stating all the options which none worked. I then asked for a REAL person to speak with concerning my problem. Unfortunately, for both of us this person had an accent and I could not understand her. Then she had a problem understanding what I needed. After several attempts at communication efforts the rep.was able to fix my password problem.

By this time it was getting late. I was determined to get into Face book. Again I had more things to do to break into Face book to get the password changed. Finally Cyberspace was convinced that I was really me and I arrived at Face book.

It was two hours from the beginning of this ordeal. with my heart beating fast, my eyeballs red, my hands shaking, I MADE IT! What a relief!

Next I found a great site on how to blog. Here it explained that the most important thing in a blog is content with good information for the readers.

Now you must remember at that point I was not even sure who I was or where I was in Cyberspace so I made one short comment about being cold and took my tired self to bed.

Now this is the content of this blog and I hope that it helps you.
First have all your passwords written down in a safe place. Second make sure you are well rested before signing on to your computer. Third learn everything you need to know about blogging before you blog. Fourth learn to work smart which saves time and you will not have to go through all the time consuming trial and error methods that I did to get the JOB DONE. Most important though, DON’T QUIT, KEEP LEARNING, USE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR!


In my last blog I mentioned the three L’s for living which are Live, Love and Laugh but I would like to add one more L.  that L would be Learning.  No matter how old we are life is a process of learning experiences.  Let us never forget what we have learned and the wisdom that we gain from our experiences!  For this we can be Grateful.

According to Wikipedia, Lifelong learning is the continuous building of skills and knowledge throughout the life of an individual. It occurs through experiences encountered in the course of a lifetime. These experiences could be formal (training, counseling, tutoring, mentorship, apprenticeship, higher education, etc.) or informal (experiences, situations, etc.

Learning in the 60+ age group

Learning in old age (over 60 years old) elderly people can learn a great deal from activities suitable to their age e.g. art, music, sports for the elderly, handicrafts and social work. They are highly respected in Thai society; capable of searching for knowledge and provide intellectual support to local communities. They can also carry out voluntary work in community organizations, clubs and associations. Such work makes their lives meaningful as well as bringing benefits to society.

Lifelong learning opens your mind and creates a curiosity that is natural when you are young, but can fade as you age. It increases your wisdom and helps you adapt to changing situations, which comes in handy as you age.  Lifelong learning can help you make new friends, enrich your life, and help make the world a better place.