Rick Bava Interview – Baby Boomers

I just listened to my friend Rick Bava’s interview with Hollis Chapman on Blog Talk Radio. I encourage you to take a listen. Rick wrote the book In Search of The Baby Boomer Generation.

Here is my email to Rick about the interview: Rick, I got up early this morning and just enjoyed  listening to your interview with Hollis Chapman. I will start sharing on our social media so others can enjoy it also.  May do a blog post about it.

It was relevant and introspective which made it interesting.  You are a great speaker as well as writer. 

I like that it was comprehensive yet the best part for me was that you addressed  the current challenges of baby boomers and commented on our way forward,  because I believe that is  what we are mindful of currently and really what people want to hear more about.

Both you and Hollis made  good  points about boomers transitioning  to something they want to do to make  a little money and on their terms hopefully while giving back a little. This gives  their life a sense of purpose.  The importance of social security really hits home when you are in your 60’s as you pointed out and yes we started the working from home trend some  time ago.   I became self employed working from home  way back in 1992 and loved it after  working for the big corporations in office complexes.

I especially liked your emphasis on boomers family connections.  Many of us older boomers no longer have  living parents but we are,  as  you say, reconnecting with siblings  with family outings and holidays and either on  social media, texting and old fashioned phone calls. Many siblings  are  having some health problems and  that rallies the remaining  family  together. Past disputes  don’t seem to matter so much anymore.  Let bygones be bygones.

Finally the future of baby boomers section of the interview had me jotting down notes because it was spot on relevant.  Everything  you mentioned could be a topic of  it’s own. Preparing ourselves for  the future as you pointed out includes return to family  and taking care of living parents, spending time with grandchildren,  reconnecting with siblings as pointed out.  You mentioned connecting with college friends.  My college roommate from back  in 1969-70 called me out of the blue last week  and we had a great time sharing memories.

Also included in that category of preparing ourselves for the future would be getting our affairs  in order.  Updating or doing a  last will and living will is something I  see happening. Downsizing and getting rid of stuff you no longer need and getting your housing age friendly are something I  see us boomers have  been doing.

Thanks for much for doing this interview and sharing.  I am  also glad to learn of Hollis podcast  and will take a listen to some of his other shows.

We will be in touch.
Robert Fowler
Retirement Media Inc.

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Boomers are Seniors. Really?

Boomers Becoming Seniors

Back when I started retiring at age 58 I bristled at being called a senior.  I didn’t mind taking a senior discount but please don’t call me a senior, especially a senior citizen. I even called the major’s office and suggest they named the new center “Active Adult Center” rather than just a “Senior Center” and they agreed and did that.  I protested on facebook that boomers would never be seniors, we are just different, and need a new name or simply call us Boomers.

Fast forward 6 years to today and I have changed my mind about that.  Getting ready to turn 65 in a few months, I now accept that being called a senior is not too bad.  I still don’t think the “senior citizen” applies too well to the baby boomer generation.   I love to ask for the “senior discount” every chance I get.  If senior means being over the age of 55 or 60, then so be it.  So a baby boomer forever but now a new title, that of “Senior”.  They even renamed the center to “Senior Adult Center” and that’s OK with me.

I had written an article Senior Communities Here Come the Boomers about how it’s starting to change to accommodate incoming baby boomers and someone commented: Boomers are Seniors. I agree, even though Boomer Seniors are not the same as the Senior Citizens of the older generations.  So I think the article was correct, that there will be some changes in retirement communities to accommodate our baby boomer needs and wants as we become Seniors. On another post I made the same type point that Boomers are Replacing Seniors on Cruises and cruises are becoming less formal and more to the boomers taste.

Senior Citizen Age

According to Wikipedia, the age for the status of “Senior Citizen” is the age which one qualifies for government social security benefits, that traditionally being age 65.  They also say “Senior Citizen” is a polite term for an “elderly person”.   Also if you are retired, you might be a “senior citizen”.  In my book, let’s just take it one step at a time and stay with “senior” for a while before getting into “senior citizen” or “elderly person”.  Not ready for those quite yet.

Boomers Are Seniors

In marketing you see a real mixture of the terms boomers and seniors.  Interestingly AARP’s web site title includes the term “Baby Boomers” but nothing at all about “Seniors”.  AARP membership is open to age 50.  Some other marketing materials including web sites use terms like “older persons”, “the retired”, and “mature”  but commonly use both “boomers and seniors” just to have the bases covered and not to target just one age demographic.  In truth, there is not one solid senior generation anymore, but several groups including us older so-called leading edge boomers, seniors from the silent generation who grew up in the 40’s and 50’s and the boomers’ parents, the so-called Greatest Generation.


At the end of the day this labeling seems to be the domain of the marketing types as they try to reach us boomers becoming seniors and supply what we are looking for.  The way a product is labelled does matter and can help us determine if it’s what we are looking for.   But there is no longer a big enough difference between the terms boomers and seniors to make a difference but that is not the point.  The point is that this whole process will be changing and will be disruptive and who knows what the final outcome will be. There will be changes made to accommodate the boomers becoming seniors. When will boomers retire, where will they retire to and in what type of retirement housing will we live in?  No one knows for certain yet, but it will not the same for the boomers now becoming seniors as it has been for other older groups.  Nor should it be.  The boomer generation has changed everything else along the way, now it our time to define senior living.

Update: Now at age 67 it makes even less difference. The name boomers has held up pretty good but some of the establishment still calls us seniors. Whatever. 🙂

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Energy Drinks and Caffeine For Baby Boomers

Seniors have always had some magic tonic to boost energy levels.  I know of one senior lady a couple of decades ago who just loved her “jogging in a jug” she called it.

From the times of the traveling medicine shows until today there has been something to boost energy and spirits.

For many to get going and keep going it’s a few cups of coffee during the day. Cans of Coke or sipping iced tea to keeps others going.  Then there are native herbal remedies and Chinese tonics.

These days, there are options in how baby boomers get their caffeine so take a look at these. Continue reading “Energy Drinks and Caffeine For Baby Boomers”

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Who ARE The Baby Boomers Today?

The name baby boomer was given to a group of people born in a certain era of time. They impacted today’s society. I would like to break that group down. I hope to be able to express likes and differences as individuals.

Baby Boomers

The name baby boomer was given to a group of people born in a certain era of time.  They impacted today’s society.  I would like to break that group down. I hope to be able to express likes and differences as individuals.  Each boomer is different in his or her own way.  It would be impossible to touch on each one.  That would be better left to the individual to do during quiet time.  That special time of meditation when the person puts away ego and accomplishments would better be told by ones self.  The media portrays a picture of doers and happenings in boomer articles.  Some are negative. Others are positive. Then there are those that are just hanging out in the unknown.  This is a list of a few.  Maybe you will see yourself in this mesh of scenarios or maybe in the stillness while you read, you will allow yourself to just be.

  • You awakened this morning in the new retirement home that you and hubby just found in the small town of Ocala, Florida.  David, your husband, had the coffee brewing.  The television was on the news channel.  You listened.  The news reporter told of possible cuts in Medicare and Social Security.  Gas prices were up.  The national debt was out of control.  The phone rang.  It was the pharmacy on your answering machine.  Your heart medicines could not be filled because your insurance once again had denied them.  You must call your physician.  Felix, the cat stretched lazily over in the corner.  You looked out the window.  The shade tree seemed greener than yesterday.  David looked at you as you stretched.  He smiled.  The smile on his face was like a glow.  You felt the warm fuzzy in your stomach as you focused on the love in your heart for David.  You knew the comfort of being safe because you chose to stay just in the moment.  The moment consisted of the love that was there with David, the beauty of nature outside your window and the joy of just being alive one more day!
  • You looked out the window of your city apartment from the tenth floor.  There was no time to read the paper.  You were running late for that early morning job interview.  You must not be late.  After all, at age sixty, the last thing that you wanted was to miss an opportunity to seal the deal on a new career.  The rent was paid through next month.  You could not allow your mind to go any further.  You were one of those boomers having to start all over again.  It would not be the first time.  You had started over after the divorce from Mary Lou.   Your friend John had told you it would take awhile but you had made new friends.  You smile.  You walk out the door and lock the lock behind you.  On the elevator, you think to yourself, ” All will be as it is suppose to be, I am staying in the moment.”
  • Age sixty-four and you are sitting in your small cubical in what you call the cube factory.  You look at the computer.  You remember the beautiful office that you once had.  Oh how you loved that mahogany desk and the view from the office bay window.  The noise around you is getting louder.  This is NOT where you want to be.  Will that long awaited vacation time ever come?  Then your mind switches thoughts.  Next month you will be sixty-five.  You finally found that perfect age restricted apartment.  Finally you could do the laundry at home.  There would be no more trips to the laundromat because you had secured a villa.  Your heart begins to sing.  Your focus is back in the moment.  Life is life and it will be as it should be!

Who is the Baby boomer today?  It is you in all your uniqueness.  It is that special one that you are, not necessarily where you are, what you do or what you have.  You are a human being, not less than or more than, just THAT SPECIAL YOU!  Think about it.  Who is the Baby boomer today?  Is it you or what is outside of you?  Are we boomers really so different?


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Baby Boomer Triad: Age 65, 40th Anniversary, Retirement

Boomer triad – A special occurrence where a boomer is celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, turning age 65 and becoming fully retired all in the same year.

All of a sudden while planning a cruise to celebrate our 40th anniversary it occurred to me.  This year besides the big anniversary, I am turning age 65 and am fully retired (except for my retirement job which I am not counting).  Wow, that is just special, a sort of boomer triad, hitting the 40th anniversary in the same year you turn 65 and also retire.

Then I noticed something else.  Three other couples I have met this year also have a 40th anniversary this year.   One couple from the senior center, one from an upcoming cruise and one from our dance club.  What are the chances of that.  Apparently pretty good.  Since I am near the leading edge of older boomers having been born in 1948 there are a lot of us.  We know that.  Also I got married at age 25 and that was the average age to get married back in 1973.  So it makes sense there are a lot of couples celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2013.  Some of us may even make it another 10 years and celebrate our 75th birthday and 50th anniversary in 2023.  That would be something.  I remember my grandparents celebrating their 75th anniversary but they got married very early.  We would have to live to 100 to celebrate our 75th anniversary.

Turning age 65 means you can officially retire and it is expected.  No more early retirement, just retirement. The full retirement date for our age group for social security benefits is age 66, but you can start receiving the SS benefits as early as age 62. However the big thing is at age 65 you can get on Medicare.  That is big because if you retire before age 65, then you will have trouble getting or paying for private health insurance.  At 65 it comes together so you can get both Medicare and Social Security allowing many more people to actually retire.

Speaking of retirement, it is happening regardless of the financial press stories saying people can’t retire. Yes we boomers can retire.  I have observed that retirement is a transition that takes most people 3 to 5 years to really feel retired.  Yes, there is consulting and part time jobs that linger longer than we expect sometimes.  There is learning how to retire and what retirement means for us.  You will find your way and be happily retired.

Any way those celebrating the baby boomer triad this year, take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments and futures and then let’s party like it 2013!   Take a cruise, a special vacation, a weekend away or something to mark this special time.  With all the negative vibes in the world today, let’s forget them for awhile and focus on our special accomplishment.

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A Passion For An Active Life

We only moved into the Del Webb Community north of Atlanta not long ago but I already have noticed something interesting. People are really passionate about their activities.

For example, I attended a meeting of each of these clubs where the passion was on display with the members. They really get into it, going into details beyond what I thought. The degree of passion and zest they have for these activities was surprising. The club members could be professionals in these activities but in most cases they are doing it not for money but because they love doing it. They give their attention, time and resources to these activities to be the best they can be.

Here are the clubs I attended during the first two weeks.

1. Photographers – Ralph the instructor is a professional photographer and resident. Before the meeting,  the members were gathering around Ralph who was showing them the coffee table book he had just published of his photos of this trip to Iceland. The professional quality book was great and had wonderful photos. Wow!

There were 12 members present and they had an assignment the week before to photograph a subject (old log cabin nearby) and then to edit the image using the editing software they had been learning. Ralph used a slide projector to show the images and it was explained how they were edited. Suggestions were made for other edits and improvements. The members were really into it!

2. Coin Collecting – Next up I attended the Coin Collectors meeting. A resident who was a former stock broker showed us a list of coins he just had Hertiage Coins auction off. The list totaled $90,000 in value. These were his duplicates. Several interesting tips were discussed included how to get an appraisal to donate your collection to a charity rather than selling and then donating the money, an update on the coin market including demographic changes affecting it, avoid cleaning coins and more. One member had some inherited gold coins and suggestions were given as to how to value them.

At the end of the meeting I was chatting with some members about other things we collect.  I told them about my collection of Nineteenth Century Exposition Medals.

A fellow told us about his collection of antique movie posters which was on display in a show in Wisconsin.  These members really get into it!

3. Dancing – Mary Ann and I started the beginner line dancing class which follows the intermediate class and the advanced class. Getting to class early we watched the intermediate class finish up and they were good! The members then took off their dancing shoes and put of their street shoes. They were laughing and excited even after an hour of dancing. Later I spoke with a neighbor who is a member of this ballroom dancing club. When I told him we were learning the Waltz line dance he wanted to know the song we danced to and when I was not forthcoming with the answer he suggested three waltz songs, actually singing two of them to help me remember. These members really get into it!

4. Writers Group – This may be the most interesting group I attended. Three days ago I attended the writers group and at the coffee pot before the meeting, I met fellow resident William Cassill who recently released his first book, which tells the true story of a remarkable friendship between a mallard duck and a snow goose. “Free To Fly” is about his experiences while running a Vermont country inn with his wife. I had just read about this book. Wow.

The meeting included about 9 residents and all were writers, authors of books or writing a book. One resident owns a books store and showed us several books she had published or help publish including information on the publishing companies and cost. A member passed out three of her short stories to be reviewed. The group is looking to start a web site to display their writings and books and I shared some ideas with them. I have been spending some time thinking about web site ideas to share in our next meeting.

A member suggested the group take the on-line course “Start Writing  Fiction” and the members including me agreed to start this course and share our first short story with the class next meeting. The Writers Group meets every Thursday from 9:30am until 11am. I was surprised they meet every week, but I see that this is a very active group. These members really get into it!

These are only 4 clubs out of nearly 100 clubs at The Village at Deaton Creek. I can see right now that you cannot possibility do it all. But it is exciting to know choosing the clubs that really interest me will give the opportunity to get involved like these folks do with something I am passionate about.

This is going to be fun! That is why we moved here.
Robert and Mary Ann Fowler

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