Boomers: How to Find a Cheap Vacation

Get a Reduced Rate on Your Vacation Accommodations & Have a Cheap Vacation. What have you found shopping for a Great Rate on Vacation Lodging? This works to save you money on vacations.

Boomers: Need a Cheap Vacation?

Want to go somewhere warm and with a beach? You bet! We all do. Here are a few ideas to save money while taking a nice vacation & no coupons required, offers or daily deals! The first question you have to ask yourself is do I want to vacation in the US or outside of the US. If you vacation in the USA then I recommend That is Vacation Rentals By Owner. I have rented from them about 7 times and I have been very satisfied most of the time. I re-rented with one of the owners about 4 times. I believe we both got a good deal. I paid 100% in advance and did not damage the property. I tried to take care of it as if it were my own. The owner took some risk on me the 1st time but the additional times, there was no risk and they knew what they were getting and they liked what they got. Here is how I selected my housing. I searched VRBO’s website for a housing that met my requirements.

You can select Pet Friendly, Smoking Permitted, etc. I narrow it down to 5 properties and if possible, I try to find listing with an owner in the state I reside. I think as a local, the owner might not worry as much as he see’s that I live locally too. If the owner is nervous, they may hedge on giving you a good price. I read each of the 5 ads and call with a question or two. If an owner does not respond then I am done with them. If I speak to an owner and they sound difficult then I am done with them. If I can not get a net price from an owner, then guess what? I am done with them. I want a price that includes all charges tax, cleaning fee, etc. I compare prices and I have seen differences of up to $300. for the same # bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

I think some of the owners bought a bad deal or are strapped for money and this is what they “feel” they have to charge. That is why what they are charging is so out of touch. They would be better to price aggressively as it is better to get some rent than no rent. Some indicate by phone that they will negotiate, some indicate their price is firm. I don’t want a low price and a tough owner but then I will not accept a high price and an easy owner. Have you every bought a used car from an individual? Did the individual think that their vehicle was worth more than the market? That is a frequent complaint. Sometimes the owners fit this criteria. My repeat owner has done me special favors liked cleaned up the condo early from the last people so I could leave my stuff and attend a wedding. I always send my $ to the owner earlier than they require and I think they like that. To my repeat owner, I pay in full even when not required because I want to make them feel good about the rental.

I like to vacation where I have been and enjoy. We eat where we like and enjoy. We typically eat where the “locals” eat. To do that I try to meet and talk with some one before I ask about a place to eat. Sometimes people are disappointed when they do this but I think it is because they ask just anyone for a good place to eat instead of talking at length with some one who you think after talking with them would maybe recommend a good place. If you hear about a place more than once, that is a good sign. One of the best sources would be a concierge at a hotel. You have to be candid with them to get a place that meets your requirements. If you are looking for a fast food restaurant, then ask someone who eats or works in a fast food restaurant but you might want not to ask someone who works in a fast food restaurant about a fine dining place.

If I have a good waiter in a restaurant, I will ask them about another restaurant for food that does not compete with them. If I am in a store and either the clerk or the owner seem like people who I feel might have some good suggestions, I will ask them. Sometimes I eat at chains that are good and not near where I live but are easily available when I am on vacation. See a previous post for how I get the best deal on gas & hotels. I have stopped at the state welcome center for their coupon booklets but I have them now in my favorites and I can view some of them on line instead of stopping at the welcome center

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Don’t Be a Baby Boomer Know It All

After age 50 Boomers can feel like you have done it all – and you probably have. It’s the “been there done that” feeling and attitude. But don’t become a boomer know it all. Here’s how.

After age 50 you can feel like you have done it all – and you probably have.  It’s the “been there done that” feeling and attitude.  A lifetime of experiences remain with us boomers and we recall them to help us deal with life today and sometimes to share with others to guide them with our lessons learned.

At this stage of life you can feel confident in what you are doing and feel you can handle anything thrown at you. But if you think you always have the right comprehension of every situation, you may be a know it all.

If you have an opinion on everything regardless if you actually know anything about the subject, you may be a “know it all”.

Know it alls like to bombard their ideas and perils of wisdom to impress and show their perceived superior knowledge of a subject to elevate themselves above others. (Sounds like most of the talking heads on TV doesn’t it!)

Know it alls have a way of putting others down by implication since obviously they know it all and you know nothing except what is learned from them.

Sometimes we Boomers use our experience to give “what you should do..” advice to those younger than us.  Too much of this can be tiring to those on the receiving end and will qualify you for the “know it all” moniker.

So what can you do to overcome being viewed as  a “know it all”?

Be a lifelong learner curious to learn new things and asking questions to gain more knowledge.   Being a student rather than a teacher.  A know it all attitude will make it harder to learn.

Realize you can’t impart your knowledge just by giving a discourse of what you know.  You can spark an interest in learning in others and let them learn from their own experiences.

Don’t do all the talking or be overbearing when talking with a less experienced younger person.  This will result in the other party not contributing to the discussion because you already know it all.

At this age do you really need to impress others with an impression you know everything.

It seems the older you get the more we reflect back and recall some boomer stories of our life experiences from our past.  But in conversations with younger people when listening to one of their current experiences don’t try to top it by telling your story about doing the same thing (only bigger or better).

Be humble and respect other people’s views and experiences.  You may actually learn something.   If you don’t know something, say so.

Realize your comprehension of truth is yours but others may have a different comprehension from their experience. Respect differences.

These are some things that I will try to keep in mind myself so I don’t appear as a know it all. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Someone said “I retired from being a know it all, it was too hard to keep up!”

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Encore Careers for Baby Boomers

Encore Careers for Baby Boomers

Today, thanks to healthier lifestyles and innovations in pharmaceuticals and medical technologies, people are living longer, more active lives well past the age of retirement. As the baby boomer generation moves into their senior years, this often creates a need to continue working – to combat boredom, earn income so they don’t outlive their retirement accounts, or simply because they want to add another interesting stage to their lives.

If you have earned the right to retire, but are not looking to put up your feet poolside, wander the highways in your RV, or live out the rest of your days relaxing on your front porch, you may want to take this opportunity to begin an “encore career.” You can branch out to do something completely different from what you’ve dedicated the majority of your working career to. Recent studies have shown that there are already 9 million baby boomers ages 59 to 70 working in such encore careers – focusing less on gathering a nest-egg, and more on attaining personal fulfilment in a cause greater than mere financial gain.

Encore careers often revolve around helping others or making the world a better place. Baby boomers are finding personal fulfillment, stimulation, and new learning as educators, social workers, mentors, or even missionaries. Although the economy is still struggling and many people are out of work, with a lifetime of experience in your portfolio, it is easier than you may believe to launch a second career in your 60s, 70s, or even 80s.

If you’re considering such a career change after retirement, you do not have to leave behind the skills you have already learned. You can put your hard-won expertise to work to find a rewarding position. If you worked as an executive or manager, many non-profit organizations would be happy to take advantage of your leadership abilities. If you worked in customer service, a help-line may be just the social-service job for you.

To find an encore career that offers personal fulfillment, do a search of non-profit organizations that speak to your personal passion, and give them a call to see what positions might be up your alley. For active baby boomers, retirement can be a time of rediscovery of your passions and an exciting new phase of your life.

Find Boomer Jobs

Encore Careers for Baby Boomers

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Boomer Discount Trips

I then put the city that is close to where I normally stop and I see where the cheapest gas prices are located and what they are. I do this several days before the trip. They may not be the lowest gas prices on the particular day I go but they will be competitive. If where I am traveling to has cheaper gas prices than where I am departing from, then I don’t fill up until I get to the cheaper station.

As a boomer, I have the time and I want to save the money so I plan my trips. The first thing I do is check the gas prices at various points away from my home. I do this by typing the name of the state gas For instance “”

I then put the city that is close to where I normally stop and I see where the cheapest gas prices are located and what they are. I do this several days before the trip. They may not be the lowest gas prices on the particular day I go but they will be competitive. If where I am traveling to has cheaper gas prices than where I am departing from, then I don’t fill up until I get to the cheaper station. If where I am departing from has cheaper gas prices than where I am traveling to, then I fill up the car. In the winter, I take 1 bottle of water for each passenger, each way. In the summer I double that. If we get thirsty, we can drink the 13 cent bottle of water I purchased from Costco. If someone wants a cola soft drink, most fast food places will sell you a senior drink for less than normal and the prices are all over the board.

Something else I use is Priceline for hotels and the feature where you bid for a hotel. To use Priceline and bid for a hotel, you must understand how to use it or you may get burned. Let me repeat that; To use Priceline and bid for a hotel, you must understand how to use it or you may get burned. It is kind of like fire. It is very beneficial to use it but you have to be careful with it. is a great website to learn how to use Priceline. For me, a 3-1/2* hotel is what I prefer but I have stayed at a 3* hotel satisfactorily. I am going to talk about my greatly discounted hotel stay via Priceline in a later blog. More Boomer Discounts

For more tips on getting the best prices and good deals visit Discount Deal Guide

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Smartphone Apps for Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are the first generation of seniors who can truly take advantage of new technology and electronic gadgets to make life easier. When we were children, cell phones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, flat-screen televisions, Skype, and wireless technology were unheard of. If someone had told my 11-year-old self that I would one day turn on a device with my fingerprint, carry a computer in my pocket, or talk with someone on the other side of the world while out hiking, I would have said they were crazy!

Today, we can do all of those “crazy” things, and more. If you own a smartphone, you have at your fingertips a seemingly endless list of apps available – many of them free – that run the gamut from silly games to life-saving medical information. Although many apps are designed for our tech-crazy grandchildren, an increasing number of them are created specifically for our generation.

But how do you find the apps that will be helpful to you, or know they will actually do what they say? Never fear: Here we have compiled a list of some of the best smartphone apps for seniors.

Smartphone Apps for Boomers & Seniors

    • v.SOS: This is one of the best emergency apps available on the market today. v.SOS can actually store your medical profile – in both voice and text format – for instant access in the case of a medical emergency. It also allows you to identify up to five emergency contacts with the click of one red “button” on the screen. When that “SOS” button is pressed, each of your designated contacts receive an emergency message along with GPS coordinates so assistance can be sent to you immediately.
  • Cognifit: Memory loss and reduced cognition is an unfortunate reality for many as we age, but the brain is like a muscle: the more we use it, the stronger and more agile it will become. Cognifit is designed to engage the mind in a range of exercises targeting specific brain functions. You can test and strengthen concentration, memory, mental agility, and other cognitive abilities with this app, available on Apple devices.
  • Silver Surf: How many times have you tried to browse the internet via your phone, and been frustrated by the tiny text and hard-to-hit navigation buttons? Silver Surf is a free web browser designed for seniors. With large navigation buttons, a dynamic “text zoom,” and high contrast viewing, it makes web browsing a breeze. White-on-black graphics make for easy viewing in any light (including high glare). The zoom slider is easier for our less dexterous fingers than the more common “pinch to zoom” touch screen feature. With one quick “slide,” you can enlarge text up to 200% for easier reading.
  • EyeReader: Tired of getting out your glasses to see the small print on a menu, or struggling to read instructions in low light? EyeReader on iPhone is just for these situations. You simply hold your iPhone over what you want to read, turn the LED light on with a quick shake, and then use the touch-screen zoom feature to magnify. You can also take a screenshot by tapping the screen twice and pressing the “save picture” button that pops up. This feature is great for remembering what prescriptions you have a nd what the dosage instructions are.
  • AARP the Magazine App: The definitive 50+ lifestyle publication has gone mobile. You can read the latest issue of AARP The Magazine right on your smartphone or tablet. But it’s not just for reading. With this app, you can clip, save, and share your favorite stories, search for articles and specific content by headline or subject, and even access AARP’s web features and special offers by clicking on links in th e articles. AARP offers a number of other applications for seniors as well.

This list is a tiny portion of convenient smartphone applications that can make life easier for the baby boomer generation. There are also apps for travel, word games, senior news, health and fitness, scheduling and personal organization, entertainment, nutrition and dining, and connecting with family and friends. There is even an app that lets you use another device to find your smartphone when you misplace it! Happy app-shopping!

Smartphone Features for Baby Boomers

Eye-Related Downloads and Apps – All About Vision – These printable downloads include brochures and guides on eye health, vision benefit plans, eye safety and more; the page also has links to iPhone and iPad apps related to the eyes.

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Boomers Wake Up And Smell The Roses

As a boomer there has been loss in my life just as there has been in yours. There has been good times and some that I would choose not to repeat. The important thing is though, we baby boomers must continue to wake up and smell the roses.

This morning, very early, I took my dog, Sweetie, for a short walk.  Unexpectedly she got loose from her leash.  My heart started to pound.  I called her name.  She ran further away from me.  I thought to myself, “Oh no, what if she gets out on the busy road and gets hit by a car.”  She appeared to be happy being free.  I lowered my voice and praised her as I approached her again.  She stopped.  I attached her collar back around her neck. I gave a sign of relief.  She was safe back with me.  We walked back to my apartment.  I gave her a treat and praised her for coming back.  My precious Sweetie gives me unconditional love and joy.  This set off a series of thoughts in my head.

As a boomer there has been loss in my life just as there has been in yours.  There has been good times and some that I would choose not to repeat.  The important thing is though, we must continue to wake up and smell the roses.  A pet, a grandchild or anything that we love is here today for us to appreciate and enjoy.  Often we forget that until that person, place or thing has or is slipping away.  As I attached the collar around Sweetie’s neck, I awakened and smelled a rose.

Daily smelling roses is important to our well being as boomers.  Nothing can take that pleasure away.  It is a choice and an attitude.  How easy it is to forget that as we go about our daily lives in a fast paced world of uncertainty.  Boomers it may seem simple but at times we complicate what is so valuable.  This is a list of roses that I hope one of you can enjoy smelling today.

  1. The smell of a fresh brewed pot of coffee
  2. The sunshine on your face
  3. The gentle wind flowing across your body as you take a leisurely stroll
  4. The color of the fall leaves that are on that tree in your back yard
  5. The sound of a train in the small town where you live
  6. The smile on your partner’s face as you enjoy visiting a senior citizen next door
  7. The sound of your own heart beating as you begin to live in peace
  8. The sight of another city fall festival beginning to take place
  9. The feel of comfort as you settle down into your bed for a good night of rest
  10. The taste of a home cooked meal that your neighbor invited you to join
  11. The gratitude for a friend that made a special phone call just to say hello and tell you that they care
  12. The memory of laughter that you shared with your parents as a child
  13. The warmth of a loving home
  14. The smell of  cookies baking in the oven

The list can go on as you and I wake up, slow down, look, see, smell, hear, taste and feel the roses.  Look around today.  They are everywhere if you choose to see.  Don’t wait until it is too late and has slipped away.  Add your own roses to the list and enjoy life.  Boomers wake up today and smell the roses.

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