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I scan the headlines for interesting baby boomer news stories. I like the ones with news about baby boomer generation’s current lives and of course what is directly ahead for us.  I say for us because I am age 65 and one of the older boomers myself.

50 Years Since JFK Assination
Well that is a milestone.  Everyone in our generation probably still remembers what they were doing when they heard the news. I was in the 9th grade and heard it from the announcement over the school’s PA system.  It was certainly a shock. Everyone was depressed by this event, adults and children.  They claim it was the “loss of innocence” and maybe it was. Source: Various.

Despite Projection, Restaurant Visits By Baby Boomer Has Grown
Well yes. Did they think we would be eating dog food by now? So visits by boomers has grown but visits by younger generations have declined. My take would be that the boomers have the money to eat out while families with children and getting started in life would have less discretionary income. To me this is not a shock. Source: Story.

 5 Ways Baby Boomers Can Bring Joy Back Into Exercise Through Child’s Play
This was actually an interesting blog post.  The first item list is Dance and having taken two kinds of dance classes last week, I agree, maybe.  I took Shag lessons and they are great fun but almost no exercise.  On the other hand I took a Swing dance lesson with SilverSneakers and got great exercise. So it depends.  Swimming. Safe and low impact and most certainly popular with baby boomers.  I will pass on the remaining three: Roller Skating, Jump Rope and Holla Hooping.  Really?  But you don’t need all of these, just one will do fine. Source: Story

Top Technologies for Baby Boomer Drivers
This was by the MIT Age Lab for whom I am a fan. Blind spot warning systems warns drivers of objects in blind spots, especially while changing lanes and parking. Lord knows we need this. Smart headlights to reduce glare and improve night vision is also a winner. Assistive parking systems makes parking easier by indicating distance to objects and certainly that one is need also. Read about the others in the Story.

The CDC Says You Baby Boomers Should Get Tested For Hepatitis C
Why is it important to get tested for Hepatitis C?
• Millions of Americans have Hepatitis C, but most don’t know it.
• About 8 in 10 people who get infected with Hepatitis C develop a chronic, or lifelong, infection.
• People with Hepatitis C often have no symptoms. Many people can live with an infection for decades without feeling sick.
• Hepatitis C is a leading cause of liver cancer and the leading cause of liver transplants.
• New treatments are available for Hepatitis C that can get rid of the virus. Story.

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Headlines I saw that are not news to me

  • Aging Baby Boomers to Delay Retirement Plans (Been hearing this at least for 5 years)
  • Baby Boomers Generally Oppose Changing the Rules for Social Security (Oh I wonder why)
  • Most Boomers Want to Age at Home (Well, yes.)


Boomers Get Freebies at the AARP #Lifeat50 Event

Freebies From AARP #Lifeat50 Event

When you attend an AARP Life@50+ event you will get a badge that you conveniently wear around your neck that allows you access to the huge exhibition floor.   I counted approximately 240 exhibitors on this floor and all were giving away something.

There were nice freebies and then some you may have no interest in.  AARP gives each attendee a big red bag which you can deposit your freebies in.  Right off the bat you start getting other, sometimes nicer bags, so you may switch to use those rather than the red AARP supplied bag.  The Hilton Honors people were giving out a set of a nice large bad and a small insulated bag which would be nice to carry your lunch in or for something cold or hot.  Many more bags will be forthcoming as you make your way around the AARP exhibition hall.

One of the nicer things I got was a stylus pen from AARP.  Many booths were giving out the soft cloths to clean your smartphones or eye glasses.  There were FM radios, bottle openers, chap sticks, lotions, garden gloves and such.  Travel items were popular, things like travel pillows, eye pads like the ones pictured above and all kinds of souvenir pins of all sorts.

Then there are the contents to enter to win everything from a free vacation, a cruise, a new car, a free weekend at one of the Del Webb communities and more.   All part of a AARP Lifeat50 event.

Age 55 Perks   |  Boomers Discounts

Boomers Exercise at #Lifeat50 in Atlanta

In the exhibit hall at #Lifeat50 in Atlanta, there was an exercise class going on just about all the time.  The time I stopped by to snap this photo, these baby boomers were really getting into the exercise program.  I hope no one hurt themselves.   Some of the exercise classes were led by celebrities like Martina Navratilova, AARP’s Fitness Ambassador.   I am not sure who this instructor is but she had the class really going.


Big Week For Baby Boomers at Life@50+ in Atlanta

This week I am heading to the Life@50+ event in Atlanta, an event produced by AARP. This is expected to bring together 5,000 baby boomers for the three day event beginning Oct 3th.

This week I am heading to the Life@50+ event in Atlanta, an event produced by AARP.  This is expected to bring together 5,000 baby boomers for the three day event beginning Oct 3th.

This is my first time attending a Life@50+ event.  I was invited as one of the bloggers so one thing I am excited about is meeting with other bloggers, many of whom are the top 8 travel bloggers .  Diana Nyad, the lady who swam from Cuba to Florida is going to be in Atlanta at this event too and I look forward to seeing and hearing from her.

Looking at the event schedule, on Thursday is there is a community day of service lead by James “JB” Brown, Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D. and Dan Marino.  The bloggers will be meeting with AARP discounts to see what is available.

Friday is a big day, with tons of speakers starting off with Whoopi Golberg ad Tyler Perry, then many sessions with different folks lasting from 30 minutes to an hour.

Then at 7:30pm Friday starts the Dance Party (ticketed event – added cost)   The Happy Together Tour featuring The Turtles featuring Flo and Eddie, Chuck Negron formerly of Three Dog Night, Gary Puckett and The Union Gap, Gary U.S. Bonds and Gary Lewis and the Playboys.  Mary Ann and I are excited about going to the dance party.  Maybe we can try out our new dance steps.

Saturday looks like more great speakers all day long.  Samantha Brown of the travel TV fame has a session “My Life on the Road” that I would like to see and Ed Begley, Jr. will have a session  Movies for Grownups Film Festival in the afternoon.

The Saturday evening entertainment will be Gloria Estefan.  Her husband is giving a talk on Sat. I think.

Many funs things to see and do with the sponsor and exhibitors too. I hear they give away a lot of stuff and even give you a bag to tote it off.

I better get some sleep and rest before this starts!

Debt Killing Ideas for Baby Boomer’s Retirement Planning

How baby boomers can relieve their outstanding debt burden.

These days, retirement of baby boomers is the hottest topic around the country. This year, the reports issued by American Bankruptcy Institute and wikipedia revealed some astonishing facts. Between 1946 and 1964, more than 76 million American children were born and this historic Boomer generation are reaching their retirement age of 65 this year in 2011. In fact by 2030, it was expected that all boomers will reach 65 and will make an estimated 20 percent of the population. However, the recent economic depression raises questions regarding the level of comfort baby boomers can expect in their retirement years. Its being noticed they are constantly struggling to relieve their outstanding debt burden and it seems they severely lack capital to fund their retirement.

Nowadays, statistics displays a raise in bankruptcy case filings for individuals between the ages of 45 and 64 and shows an increasing number of workers tapping their 401(k) accounts for emergency withdrawal. Withdrawing money from retirement plan can be dangerous because of the risks and costs associated with it, whereas increasing cases of bankruptcy is equally dangerous as it indicates the current financial impediments that Baby Boomers are encountering now. Everyday they are struggling with thousands of financial issues like the dwindling value of their homes, the stalled returns on their stock market investments, the absence of interest rate returns and the employment scarcity after 50. All these problems are leading them into a huge debt crisis, which  remains unresolved even after their retirement. However, strategic thinking, the right knowledge, and few affirmative can make life a whole lot easier for them and can secure his post retirement days. Read ahead, to know a few significant ideas, which can help a baby boomers retiring to deal with their outstanding debt.

Live within your means

Let’s face it, spending is fun and the use of plastic and delay in paying bills, have made it much easier to overspend. If you tend to overspend, put a stop to impulse purchasing and start tracking your expenses. Think before you buy and understand the difference between the things you ”want” and things you ”need”,before buying. If required, embrace frugal living, cook at home, shop in bulk and avoid luxuries like expensive dining out.

Increase your income

After calculating your incomes and expenses, if you find out your monthly income falls short to cover your expenses, supplement your incomes through different ways. Go for a over time or part time job or start up a new business.  If you have any skills or “stuffs” that others are willing to pay for, start utilizing them. You can work as a freelance online writer or photographer or bookseller on eBay and Find baby boomers jobs. You can arrange for a yard sale and can sell off your excess and unused items. For God’s sake, don’t use this extra income to buy a new dress or an expensive dinner, apply it to pay off your debts. Be creative and explore different innovative ways to earn more money.

Set priority

Baby-boomers often face financial difficulty, while putting their kids through school. In fact some go to the extent of sacrificing their own retirement plans to help their adult children. You must realize the fact there’s no point in putting your financial future at stake and securing your retirement days should always be your first priority. No matter what your financial obligations are, make sure you save at least 10 percent of your monthly income for emergency or retirement fund.

Financial planning

Last but not the least, remember, the sooner the better. If you are feeling financially tight, because of outstanding debts, you should address the problems immediately. Don’t work in haste; take baby steps towards paying down your outstanding debts. Set small realistic goals for yourself and put forth sincere efforts to achieve them. You can seek the help and guidance of a credit counselor in this regard as well as part of your retirement planning. It’s worth bearing in mind that paying down your debts will be the best investments you will ever make to ensure your future financial freedom after retirement.

Affordable Retirement Communities

How To Deal With Crowds During The Holidays

WorkingBoomer compiles a Hilarious list of ways to deal with crowds during the shopping season.

It is my day off and Working Boomer needs to do some shopping.  During the holiday season most places are crowded, even the streets.  Since I don’t deal well with crowds, I thought it might be good to make a list of ways to deal before I start out.  Maybe you can use some of these ideas.

  1. Wear a cheap smelling perfume or after shave lotion.  Even better, maybe re frame from bathing until you return home.  People just might stay further away if you do this.
  2. Borrow you neighbors barking Pit Bull.  Take him with you.  Of course you may want to check your city ordinance regarding pit bull rules.  Some places do not allow pit bulls.  After all, avoiding a crowd by being put in jail is not a good idea.
  3. Find you scary mask from Halloween.  Wear it.  Who knows, it might work.
  4. Yell fire at the top of your lungs while shopping.  Again, be careful. This might be very dangerous.  You do not want anyone injured in a stampede toward the door.  Just forget that idea.  Let’s go to something else.
  5. Carry your battery operated radio.  Turn it on very LOUD.   Tune it into some nice knee stomping music. Dance your way down the isles.  People may look at you from a distance but probably will not get too close.
  6. Get in one of those motorized carts that the stores have on hand.  Turn it on HIGH SPEED.  Plow your way down each isle.  It might help to slap your side and holler, “Yew Haw!”
  7. Carry a nice big tin cup.  Write these words on it, ” I am RICH but I only want to spend YOUR money, PLEASE DONATE to my cause.
  8. Put a sign on your back that says, “My doctor diagnosed me with leprosy yesterday.  Keep your distance.”
  9. Wear boxing gloves.  Look tough!
  10. Carry a rattle snake in your hand bag or pocket.  Make sure the snake head can be seen by others.  Make sure if you try this that the snake knows not to bite you.

Now that we have had a little fun, I will suggest that we get serious about these crowds.  Be courteous.  Deep breathe.  Try to smile.  Use common sense.  Pace yourself.  Try not to stress.  Go to the bathroom before leaving your house.  Do not text while driving.  Above all show respect!

I hope this has helped you loosen up a bit by using a little humor, if not maybe just stay home until the places are less crowded.  There are some stores open after midnight.  Since I work the night shift, it appears that the streets are much clearer of traffic at that time.  Don’t worry!  I am sure your boss with understand your tiredness at work the next morning.  After all he or she is having to deal with crowds too.

Have a fun!  Be Brave!  Live, Laugh and Learn!  Just relax and enjoy the moment!