How To Deal With Crowds During The Holidays

WorkingBoomer compiles a Hilarious list of ways to deal with crowds during the shopping season.

It is my day off and Working Boomer needs to do some shopping.  During the holiday season most places are crowded, even the streets.  Since I don’t deal well with crowds, I thought it might be good to make a list of ways to deal before I start out.  Maybe you can use some of these ideas.

  1. Wear a cheap smelling perfume or after shave lotion.  Even better, maybe re frame from bathing until you return home.  People just might stay further away if you do this.
  2. Borrow you neighbors barking Pit Bull.  Take him with you.  Of course you may want to check your city ordinance regarding pit bull rules.  Some places do not allow pit bulls.  After all, avoiding a crowd by being put in jail is not a good idea.
  3. Find you scary mask from Halloween.  Wear it.  Who knows, it might work.
  4. Yell fire at the top of your lungs while shopping.  Again, be careful. This might be very dangerous.  You do not want anyone injured in a stampede toward the door.  Just forget that idea.  Let’s go to something else.
  5. Carry your battery operated radio.  Turn it on very LOUD.   Tune it into some nice knee stomping music. Dance your way down the isles.  People may look at you from a distance but probably will not get too close.
  6. Get in one of those motorized carts that the stores have on hand.  Turn it on HIGH SPEED.  Plow your way down each isle.  It might help to slap your side and holler, “Yew Haw!”
  7. Carry a nice big tin cup.  Write these words on it, ” I am RICH but I only want to spend YOUR money, PLEASE DONATE to my cause.
  8. Put a sign on your back that says, “My doctor diagnosed me with leprosy yesterday.  Keep your distance.”
  9. Wear boxing gloves.  Look tough!
  10. Carry a rattle snake in your hand bag or pocket.  Make sure the snake head can be seen by others.  Make sure if you try this that the snake knows not to bite you.

Now that we have had a little fun, I will suggest that we get serious about these crowds.  Be courteous.  Deep breathe.  Try to smile.  Use common sense.  Pace yourself.  Try not to stress.  Go to the bathroom before leaving your house.  Do not text while driving.  Above all show respect!

I hope this has helped you loosen up a bit by using a little humor, if not maybe just stay home until the places are less crowded.  There are some stores open after midnight.  Since I work the night shift, it appears that the streets are much clearer of traffic at that time.  Don’t worry!  I am sure your boss with understand your tiredness at work the next morning.  After all he or she is having to deal with crowds too.

Have a fun!  Be Brave!  Live, Laugh and Learn!  Just relax and enjoy the moment!

Smartphone Features for Baby Boomers

Smartphone apps help empower Boomers to better manage health situations. There are thousands of apps that empower Boomers to take control of their health. As Boomers use smartphones for life-management tools sales are expected to soar.

I found my smartphone easy to use and now understand it’s features and how it will help me in my daily life. I think Boomers will continue to discover the benefits of smartphones and find them useful like I did. As we get older using technology will make life easier and more manageable.

I had gotten used to my plain cell phone with the big buttons and no extras, not even a camera.  I thought that phone served my needs in retirement perfectly.   That was before about a month  ago at the Verizon kiosk at Costco when I picked up the latest Android phone, the “Charge” by Samsung with 4G.   I now see the advantages of having a smartphone.   So do a lot of other boomers who are buying smartphones in large numbers.

With only a month of experience of using my Droid, here are some of the applications (Apps) I like the best.  There are many more to be discovered and many will be developed.

1. GPS – Believe it or not I did not have a GPS device before.  This is my favorite feature.  I was thinking GPS was only useful for trips, but I use it all the time.  I used it to locate a restaurant, a friend’s office, a utility company office,  a house in a far off neighborhood and more.

2. Car Locator –  A GPS related App helps you find your way back to your car.   Can be used to find your way back on a hike, to the cruise ship and many more uses.

3. Gas Buddy – Again I thought this was for trips, but it is useful even in your own neighborhood, showing you the price at your local stations.   On the road, it is even more helpful.

4. Internet Access –  Now I don’t need to purchase the local Internet access when staying at that condo at the beach.  I will have Internet access when visiting the mother in law for long visits, waiting around for appointments,  getting there early when meeting someone.

My smartphone helps me stay connected to my business.

5. Travel Apps.  I think the travel apps will have the helpful and enjoyable app features for me.  Some Apps I have discovered are: Tripadvisor , Google Maps, Places, ShipMate will track your cruise day by day

6. Bar code scanner with Google Market let’s you check prices on anything with a bar code anywhere.  Easy to use.

7. Slacker Radio and Pandora are great music apps.  No more paying for this stuff.  Available and easy.

More useful apps I have heard of are: Eye Reader to magnify and illumine small print,  Instant Heart Rate and Epocrates app is a resource for drug information.  Smartphone apps help empower Boomers to better manage health situations.   There are thousands of apps that empower Boomers to take control of their health. As Boomers use smartphones for life-management tools sales are expected to soar.

I found my smartphone easy to use and now understand it’s features and how it will help me in my daily life.  I think Boomers will continue to discover the benefits of smartphones  and find them useful like I did.   As we get older using technology will make life easier and more manageable.

Boomers Mothers Day

Boomers Mother Day

Mothers Day is a time to remember that special Mom.  There will be folks taking their Mothers to dinner at the best of restaurants.  Florists will be busy as children head out to get Mom a plant or flowers.  Some younger mothers will receive home made items from their small children.  Then there will be Moms like me. I will never forget my mother and today I understand the meaning of the word Mom.  Now admit it boomer ladies, we were a challenge in our early years and then some of us became Moms.

Dr. Spock and his best selling book helped me along the path of motherhood. I was only nineteen when I had my first child.  I will list a few things just to see if you can relate.  Experiences and memories are priceless you know.

  1. Child birth equals agonizing pain that goes away as soon as you hold the baby in your arms.  It is replaced with a feeling of love that can not be described in words.
  2. Diaper changing can be quite the challenge, especially if it is a boy baby, or one has not experienced the sensation before.  After a few hundred changes, it becomes as easy as lacing your shoes.
  3. Then baby grows to fit in the high chair.  What fun it was to see my little girls REFUSING  to open their mouths unless, I played; Zoom, Zoom, here comes the airplane, with the baby spoon.  Actually though, a mom gets used to having baby carrot spit on her favorite blouse.
  4. Bosses usually expect young moms to call in late for work. I know that you know that is a joke, right?   Some of us got up three hours before work time to get a head start on getting the child ready to go to the baby sitters. It was another learning experience when my three year old decided that she was not going.  The battle was on to get her dressed.  I won!  Well, not really. She sat down in a mud puddle on the way so we had to go back home and relive the  scene again.
  5. Then came grade school.  I really enjoyed it when I received a call from the teacher.  The teacher let me know that my highly intelligent borderline gifted child missed turning in her home work.  My little girl told the teacher that a big wind came up and blew her papers down the sewer drain as she was catching the bus.  There was just one problem.  There was no big winds that morning and no sewer drain.

Middle school years brought another challenge.  Our neighborhood had yearly large item trash pick up day.  It was a eye opening experience to come home from work and look out my kitchen window.  The back yard was decorated with chairs, couches, tables and lamps from all over the neighborhood.  Now, who says that children do not have lifting power in their younger years?  At least they paid attention in gym class.

Then came high school. We experienced the first pimple, the first date, learning how to drive, the first automobile, the shaving experience, wild music, tattoos, jeans with holes, how to over do make up, but mom so in so’s mom lets them attitude, MTV, and the first teenage party. Then there was the swinging door thing on the refrigerator and messy teen age bedrooms.  Oh, and how about those looks when you said no?  Wow, what experiences!

I love my children and every memory that I have of them. They made me laugh, they made me cry, and they gave me a reason to live.  I am proud of the learning experiences that they gave me.  They both like to live, love, laugh and learn.  They are both unique in their own ways.  Even though they are grown, they will always be my little girls.  So if you have a mother this week, let her know that you care.  If you have a child let them know how special they are to you!  Let us just spread the love around and enjoy the moment!  Mothers are special!  Children are special!  All in all they help our hearts to sing.

Boomer Story: New Toys for Who?

Today I turned 62 so I decided to go outside to Best Buy to check out the prices on computers.  Now it has been a few years since I was in that store and it is just up the street from me.  My oh my how things change.  I saw the sign that said computers so I headed out that way.

Nothing looked familiar to me.  The big fat computer screens are now skinny and come in all sizes.  Some have towers and are small. Others don’t even have towers at all.  Now for the mouse.  Well some didn’t even have a mouse and some computers had lids on them.  So I started reading.  Each part appeared to be sold separately with a lot of different prices and names.  Then some of the computers looked like small hand bags and I was not sure what that was all about.  Anyway I knew right then that I needed a sales representative.  She was very nice and answered all my questions.  The only thing though, I am not sure if we were talking the same language because it seems there has been a lot of new terminology put in to the new computer world.  She did her best though and I thanked her but decided I had better wait on buying until another day.

Then I moved on to cameras.  I wanted just a little small type to hook on this old computer so I could take a recent picture of me to put on Face Book.  I am here to tell you, I have never seen so many different cameras in all my life.   Now right away I saw this was not going to be an easy task either and could wait until another day.

I looked around.  All the young folks seemed right at home in the store.  They knew just what they were looking for and a lot more.  I felt like an old moth ball that fell out of a storage bag and could see that I had a lot of more learning to do before purchasing.

Since the store was starting to get a bit crowded I figured I should just move on and come visit these folks on another day.  Anyway I headed for something that I recognized, a can of computer spray cleaner that cost $9.99.  I was proud of my selection and headed to the cashier.  Now I was in for another experience.  First I had to stop and stand by a man until he let me know what cash register that I could go to in order to check out.  Finally, I was at the proper place to pay for my can of spray.  The cashier was very nice but he was out of small bags.  Anyway I just figured that people buy the big stuff in a store such as this and that was not a problem for me.

So the next time I go out to check out computers and cameras I am asking my grandson to go with me.  That way I figure I will have a good guide to direct me in the right direction.  In the mean time, I have used my can of computer spray cleaner but had to even read the directions on that.  What a world it is out there folks.  Things are really changing.  Now I am sure if I keep an open mind and be willing to listen and learn, I’ll make it in the new world of electronic devises.  I hope things don’t change too much more before I get there the next time or I might even consider purchasing on line.

Working Boomer Starts To Blog

Working Boomer joins facebook and now starts to blog. Boomer Places is a Boomer Blog with Boomer stories and Boomer Topics.

It has been about a year since I started using Face book which is a social network. As a single person working the night shift and all week ends, there is not much time for a social life. My daughters are grown and have their own family activities. I began to realize that something was missing in my life at age 61 which needed to be fixed. Retirement was not an option. I like my job; I have good benefits and a good employer so I asked myself, “What can I do? What can I change?

I sat down at the computer and signed into Face Book. This was a new adventure for me going into a social network/cyberspace. There I sat friendless. Then I added on my two daughters and a few of their friends. I did a search and found a couple of people that I use to know. Wow, did I have a lot to learn so the learning process began. At that time I had the Internet on a land line phone which did not give me much of that wonderful tool the Google bar. Each day in my spare time, I would go into Face Book and say hello to my daughters. This was fun. Then one day I saw a nice comment on my daughters post by one of her friends. Immediately, I ask that person to be my friend in a comment. Whoops, this did not go over to big with my daughter at the time and she responded with a comment saying, “Mom, get your own friends.” Now this started another learning process.

So daily I would go into Face Book and make a nice comment. Usually no one replied back because I had no friends. Some times I would write something funny and other times I would write some thing inspiring. My daughter called and asked, “Mom what are you doing?” I responded, “I am trying to make friends on Face book and if someone does happen to read something positive that I have written or laughs at something I post then I have helped someone. I think she thought I was a little nuts but she knew her Mom is a free spirit and would continue with this silly routine.

Then one day a comment came onto one of my post by Retirement Media. Immediately I asked, ‘Who are you?’ It was explained to me that there was this site that I might be interested in so I decided to check it out. It contained so many good things. I searched some of the places that it offered for retirement. I looked at nursing facilities, read about health, wellness, motivation and found it had everything I needed to read and dream about as a Working Boomer. If something really interested me, I left a comment.

Then came the day I was able to get real cable internet with a much improved Google bar which opened another exciting cyber space experience but I never forgot my friend Retirement Media.

I even remember the first question that I commented on in Face book Retirement Media. The question was; if you could have any dream job of your choice what would that be? Now I like to dream so I replied, “A comedian on a cruise ship.” I definitely enjoyed my relationship with Retirement Media. I stopped listening to the news on television . Now I read the Retirement Media Newspaper instead.

One day this nice gentleman named Robert Fowler friended me. Now it turns out this guy owns this Retirement Media. He has a nice wife and she friended me too. Now this was a beginning to a Big Adventure! Mr. Fowler asked if I wanted to be co-administrator on Retirement Media Face book. Of course I said yes because I enjoy learning, dreaming, playing and reading all the helpful articles that are there. Someday, I plan on getting one of those over 55 apartments that Mr. Fowler has displayed and make my dream come true.

In the mean time though, I am still working my full time job, Face booking, Twitter tweeting, and blogging. for Retirement Media. Thank you Mr. Robert Fowler the person that made this pretty blog page possible. Now I am having so much fun that I may NEVER retire. Thank you Robert and by the way, I nick name those I like so when I talk about you to my friends in St. Louis, I call you Mr. Google Man. It is so much fun to Live, Laugh and Love!