Cruising Observations for Boomers

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Mary Ann and I just got back from a 11 day Western Caribbean cruise on the Celebrity Equinox, which is about our 24th cruise. Here are some observations from our trip.

We observed and have heard from 3 other frequent cruisers that the cruise lines are now targeting younger people in the 45 to mid 50s age range.  Well after cruising some time with the older people, now we are right in the mainstream being an older boomer of age 67. So the cruise lines want to pass over my age group to target younger people? Doesn’t make sense.  As an example, Equinox presented their Modern Luxury theme with a new stage production which has men wearing only girdles and all cast members looking androgynous. Yuk!Equinox show

Cruise ships do change. Equinox used to be our favorite ship. That is why this was our third cruise on the Equinox. But things have changed. No activity staff at the upper lawn areas or throughout the ship like previous cruises. Cruise staff changes, entertainment changes, ports change, so don’t expect just because you liked the cruise last time you will like the same ship next time.

Equinox3On many cruises, the best part is meeting the people. We met many people we related to on this cruise and it was nice talking with them. Unless the cruise is really port intensive, you will have time to socialize and meeting people is super easy.

Too much of a good thing is bad.  When you first get on a cruise ship, you will love to eat and maybe drink too much. By about day 4, things start to catch up with you and you will have to pace yourself or else a good time turns bad.

Celebrity Equinox
Celebrity Equinox

Taking too many cruises back to back will burn you out on cruises. I think that is where I am now. Taking a 14 day cruise in Sept, then this 11 day cruise in December, I just decided to cancel my California Coast cruise in March because that is just too much cruising.  I will wait until the urge comes back, which won’t be long.

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5 thoughts on “Cruising Observations for Boomers”

  1. Really interesting perspective on cruising. I’ve only done it once (in the Caribbean) and I didn’t even think that the cruise line I took might not appeal to me years later. By the way, when I saw you had taken 24 cruises, I felt a sense of relief! You have enjoyed cruising as much as I have enjoyed travelling to France (24 times!)

  2. I have yet to take my first ‘big ship’ cruise, and to be honest, am still not convinced. Nothing worse than traveling somewhere you don’t really want to be, so I’m glad you’ve decided to take a break from this venue until you really feel the urge again.

  3. We have done 2, the first a short 3-day intro and our last a 14-day too much! And we have not gone to one again. We did not see Observation #1 but we got sick. When some virus gets introduced to the ship, then the good times turn really bad! And we felt we did not get to see enough of the destinations. To each his own!

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