Age 55 Perks and Benefits

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age 55 perks - travelMost Baby Boomers who have already reached the benchmark of 55 years of age are not yet aware of the myriad of age 55 perks they can take advantage of. Asking for your “senior” discount doesn’t mean you are on your last legs. It means that you have experienced a rite of passage that allows you to meet your daily needs and enjoy many cultural and recreational activities at great lower prices!

Even if you are not yet retired and on a fixed income, let’s face it, senior discounts can be very beneficial in today’s economy. You need to find out about age 55 perks of all types.

At age 55 perks are may places such as discounts on movie tickets, senior specials at restaurants, informative free programs at public libraries, lower auto insurance rates, and free continuing education classes are yours to enjoy. Here is a list of a few great discounts for baby boomers:

  • Dining discounts: Many restaurants offer low-priced senior brunches or buffets, and/or dining discount cards that offer a free meal for every 10 your purchase. Some offer senior discount days, with 10% off your meals. Others may have a separate seniors’ menu with smaller portions, healthier choices, and discounted prices.
  • Entertainment: You can count on senior prices at most museums, movie theatres, bowling alleys, golf courses, other sources of entertainment. You can ask at each site, check online for deals, or call your local chamber of commerce or senior resource center for a list of local businesses that offer these senior rates. Casinos also offer great deals like inexpensive buffets and show tickets for 55+ guests. Age 55+ discounts are available for cruises  and well as movie theaters.
  • Grocery and retail discounts: Many major grocery stores and outlets have scheduled senior discount days. For example, Albertsons offers 10% off for seniors every first Wednesday of the month, Kohls offers seniors 55+ a 15% discount every Wednesday, and Ross stores offer 10% senior discounts each Tuesday. Also, Premium Outlet Malls offer their “Prime Timer Tuesdays”: Shoppers age 50 and up receive an additional 10% discount of already discounted prices at all outlet mall stores.
  • Airline perks: You can sometimes get “golden-agers” discounts on major airlines, but you have to be proactive by calling the airline and asking about the deals they offer (senior discounts are never mentioned on airline web sites). On top of discounted airfare, for people age 55 perks abound at the airport. You can request assistance with heavy bags or a ride to distant gates on a motorized cart, you are boarded with the first seating, and flight attendants will help you stow your carryon bags with a smile.
  • AARP membership: Although its full name used to be the American Association of Retired persons, you do not need to be retired to belong to the AARP. You can become a member on your 50th birthday, no matter what your employment status or income level. Discussing the benefits that can be yours with a low cost membership in the AARP could make for an entire article in itself. Membership makes you eligible for perks in almost every area of an active adult’s life, including discounts for travel, entertainment, personal finances, dining, shopping, health, and cultural and leisure activities. As an AARP member, you can even get a free 30 minute consultation with a lawyer in your area to answer your questions regarding a legal problem.
  • Continuing Education: Many colleges offer free no-credit continuing education courses to seniors. If there are educational programs that are not free, you can take advantage of a fantastic senior citizen deduction for higher education on your federal taxes – up to a lifetime maximum of $10,000. There is also a national non-profit organization – active in  24 major U.S. cities – called OASIS, that offers programs in arts and humanities, wellness, technology, and volunteering, at low or no cost to adults over 55. Some states like Georgia even have free tuition for age 62+ students.

These are only some of the free offers and great deals you can get by flashing an ID showing that you have reached the age of 55. Some age 55 perks are not advertised, so you should get in the habit of asking all places you go. Most stores and restaurants that offer full-time discounts for seniors give between 10 and 15 percent off. This may not seem like an amazing deal, but all those little bits of extra cash in your pocket add up over time.

Not all age 55 perks are discounts.  For example if you like you can now move in to a 55+ community.  Being 55 you are that much closer to retirement.  Wisdom is increased at this age and you may started living your life to a different drummer. Time to do things you didn’t have to time to do during your busy working life may be the greatest 55+ benefit.

Remember, if you have reached age 55, perks are yours for the asking. Be proud of having over five decades of life experience, and take advantage of all of the senior discounts you can get your hands on. The benefits are well deserved.

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