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Ways for Baby Boomers to Save Money Buying

Daily Deals and Group Buying- 2 Excellent Ways for Baby Boomers to Save Money

In the last few years, “daily deals” and “group buying” sites such as Groupon and Living Social have become all the rage so much so that Groupon recently turned down an offer to be purchased by Google for approximately $6 Billion! That’s Billion with a B! The basic idea behind theses sites is that they offer a deal such as some Karate classes that retail for $50 and sell them for $25. Some other common deals include deals on massages, food, entertainment, hair salons, and the like. If enough people purchase the coupon (or Groupon in the case of then it becomes valid and drives a surge of business to the retailer while offering the customer a stellar deal (minimum of 50% off). This encourages people to share the the deal with their friends which is why these sites have taken the internet and shopping world by storm.

What makes these sites so popular and fun is that it’s a mystery what the next daily deal will be. It’s also free to sign up to receive the daily deals so the sites grow pretty quickly. Buying the daily deal once you receive the email is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. Sometimes the daily deals are for online stores where you use the coupon as a code in the shopping cart.

These sites have sort of changed the “Sunday Coupon” section as a way to buy. With more and more people on their smart phones accessing the internet, the popularity of finding businesses based on people buying coupons will only grow in the years to come.

1. Recently, someone purchased a little two day getaway on Living Social for half the price. What was awesome about this deal was that it included a lot of upgrades for the room, free breakfast, and a $50 room credit which paid for dinner at the resort’s fine dining establishment. Living Social has a weekly travel deal called “Living Social Escapes” which showcases regional vacation destinations based on where you’ve signed up for. This is a great way to find a killer deal on a last minute vacation and usually the deal will allow you to book the reservation after purchasing the coupon at a future date that’s convenient for you.

I’ve signed up for several of the group buying sites, although Groupon is the one I buy the most from. Here’s a run down on them:

2. Eversave – sign up and you’ll receive a $5 credit. Also offers a related coupon website for checking out coupons and printing them. Eversave has multiple offers per day and allows you to purchase the “daily deal” after the day it’s offered.

Eversave usually has more deals than Groupon offers.

3. Groupon – Groupon started the “group buying” craze back in 2008 when it launched. Currently in over 91 cites and 23 countries, it’s growing rapidly and has attracted plenty of venture capital money and potential takeover offers. While most deals are for food, salons, and sports events, there are usually deals for nearby cities as well so the potential offerings are getting more varied. They’re also in the process of adding multi-day deals for some “Groupons” (as the daily deals are called).

4. Seize the Deal – Some of their recent daily group buys include massages, tickets to the Nutcracker ballet, restaurant deals and tickets to the Texas Motor Speedway. Some of their deals are up for several days before closing. I haven’t purchased anything from this one yet but I like seeing what they offer every day.

Living Social is the main competitor to Groupon in the group buying space. In 2010, they grew rapidly by hiring new staff members by the hundreds. These salespeople fan out over their respective cities and find local businesses and focus on fun and exciting deals. They don’t allow just any business so they have a much more selective process for choosing deals. They also have the “Living Social Escapes” which are weekly vacation deals. I’ve purchased one as stated earlier and they’re spectacular. The purchasing process is easy and the site is attractive.

The structure of these sites is pretty similar in that you receive an email then click to a page which details what exactly the coupon gives you, the cost, details, etc. Since you sign up for an account, you can store all your daily deal purchases in the site as well as choose when you’d like to use them. Printing them is a breeze with just a few clicks of your mouse. It’s also possible to purchase these daily deal coupons for friends and family as a gift.

Everyone is into saving money with the economy still in taters and unemployment being so high. Group buying sites are a great way to shop, explore new businesses, and find great deals on things you’d be buying anyway. Daily Deals are hot. This space will continue to evolve and has already changed online shopping forever.

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Boomers, Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

Some folks received flowers and candy today.  Others enjoyed a romantic dinner or a movie. For Valentine’s Day, I had a flash back to the past.  Yes, a flash back!  Now we are talking a long way back.

There was a hand made Valentine”s holder pinned to the wall.  It was stuffed with Valentines.  As a matter of fact, it had more in it than all the other holders on the wall.  Slowly, I removed the holder from the wall.  I laid it gently on the table.  Then I reached for the largest valentine in the folder.  The envelope was bright red.  The words, I love you were printed in bold on the front next to my name.  With my small hands shaking, I slowly took the card out of the envelope, as others watched in anticipation.

I opened the card.  It was signed, “Love, Johnnie.”  My heart beat fast as I read the words.  I looked up and it happened right there.  Yes it did!  Johnnie puckered up and laid the big one on my lips.  It was wet and messy.  The others started to giggle.  Yep, that was my first kiss.  The memory is as strong as if it just happened yesterday.  It was kinder garden class.  The giggles echoed from my friends.  Johnnie’s two front teeth were missing and there he was with a dumb GRIN  on his face.  What a visual!  I didn’t know whether to crawl under the class room table or cry.

Now I can look back and laugh about the silliness of being a child.  There has been a few years since that episode happened.  Many kisses have passed these baby boomer lips.  That kiss was special, even though it did not feel like it at the time,because it was the FIRST.  Now I am waiting for my last kiss.   If his teeth are missing so be it.  I say, “No matter what age you are pucker up and enjoy the moment!”  These baby boomer lips are not ready to retire.  🙂

In all sincerity, I hope each of you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Do you remember your first kiss?

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Eye Strain And Ways To Deal With It

Eye strain is uncomfortable but we must continue to look for ways to continue to learn, relax, work, and play without allowing eye stain to deter us from doing the things that we need to do. As wise boomers, we will find the ways to deal with eye stain and any other obstacles that we need to overcome!

Some people suffer from eye strain.  Eye strain is defined as anything that causes discomfort while viewing something.  Your eyes become fatigued due to over use of eye muscles.  One can develop eye strain from reading, using computers, and driving.  My job requires that I  drive during the night shift which is a defiant source of eye strain.  As one ages our eye sight appears to not be as good as it use to be, therefore it is important to use every resource possible to take care of our eyes.

We must go for our periodic eye exams which may require that we wear glasses or contact lens.    Eye glasses are available with glare proof coating and tint.  There are many types of lubricants and eyes drops on the market that will help to ease the discomfort.  An eye specialist can recommend what is best for each individual.  Also there are computer screen devices that can be used to decrease glare.  Sunglasses are very helpful during the daylight hours.

But what about those of us that have to drive and use computers to make a living?  At the end of a day or night our eyes are stained.  If we like to read, watch television, or use the computer we are setting ourselves up for even more eye strain.  I have found that driving while it is raining irritates my eyes due to the glare on the streets.  Watching television has become very difficult due to the glare.  Unfortunately eye strain can interfere with many of the activities that we like to do during our relaxation time.  As a boomer, reading, writing, watching television and using the computer are things that I enjoy doing.  As with many other things, I have had to search out alternative methods to continue to enjoy things that I use to do.  Here are a few ways that I deal with eye strain.

  1. Reading is very difficult with eye strain.  There are many audio books at the library. has a wide variety of audio books for purchase. While driving one can put the CD in the car Cd player and continue to learn.  I found this very helpful during a heavy rain storm recently.  It was very enlightening to listen to the audio book, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, while continuing my night driving during the storm.
  2. While using the computer, I find it helpful to take breaks away from the screen frequently to relax my eyes.  I can save my material then go back to it for completion.  It is a good time to use the eye drops and lubricants that are available.
  3. When I intend to watch a good movie on television, I find it helpful to wait until I have rested my eyes for a few hours.  Sometimes it helps to put a cold wash cloth across my eyes and just relax them for awhile.
  4. Getting the proper sleep also helps with eye strain.  When using an I pad it is good to increase the writing for easier viewing.
  5. Also there is the age old magnifying glass that is useful for reading fine print.

Eye strain is uncomfortable but we must continue to look for ways to continue to learn, relax, work, and play without allowing eye strain to deter us from doing the things that we need to do.  As wise boomers, we will find the ways to deal with eye strain and any other obstacles that we need to overcome!

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A Simple Way To Avoid The Monday Blues

Yes, we have the power to change our attitude and avoid the Monday blues. Also just a reminder as I was reminded; gifts of importance such as positive words do not cost, but are worth much to others. Encouragement and love have the power to heal. Words and simple actions can bring SMILES to faces. It is a simple way to give and help others to avoid the Monday Blues.

Monday comes every week as we all know.  As a week end worker, it is my Friday. I turned on my computer to Face book, Google+ and twitter.  There I read where a lot of boomers are tired just as I am on Monday. Some folks sounded a little blue.  Then I looked for positive and encouraging words that others had written on the social network sites.  By doing this, I know that I am not alone but share some of the same thoughts and feelings as other boomers.  I take what I want and leave the rest.  By sharing even small words which are written or said is a gift that we all can give another.  Just for today, I am going to write two things that I read on my face book that encouraged me.  Hopefully it will encourage you.  We are one.  We are human and we ALL  have the ability to express kindness and caring to help ourselves plus others.

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote this, “I am a human being, not a human doing.  Don’t equate your self-worth with how well you do things in life.  You aren’t what you do.  If you are what you do, then when you don’t…you aren’t.”   “Wow, what a simple concept,” I though to myself as I read the words.  Next, I opened an email from a face book friend.  It reminded me not to over do.  Also the person thanked me for a response.  That felt good.

Then I looked at a posting from another young person. This is what it said. “It is very difficult to take care of others unless you have first taken care of yourself. What do you need to do for yourself so that you can be available for others? What needs are going unmet? How can you be kind to yourself?”  My heart sang with a smile as I thought about how young this person was. But yet he took the time to write those words for all of his face book friends to read.  The words gave me hope.

I read another post from a Face book friend that reminded me about how gossip can hurt others.  I smiled.  How simple but how important this is to remember when we speak.  Even silence at times can be a gift.

Yes, we have the power to change our attitude and avoid the Monday blues.  Also just a reminder as I was reminded; gifts of importance such as positive words do not cost, but are worth much to others.  Encouragement and love have the power to heal.  Words and simple actions can bring SMILES to faces.  It is a simple way to give and help others to avoid the Monday Blues.

Remember, as each day passes we become older and wiser.  Each Monday will become more and more important. The last chapter of our life is being written.  So if you didn’t start today then set a goal for next week to keep it simple and avoid the Monday blues.

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Age Is Just A Number

There is a popular meme that says “Age is just a number”.  That means age doesn’t matter, it’s your outlook and attitude that matters. Is that true?

As we older baby boomers start turning age 71, age does seem to matter less. We have passed the milestones of age 55 for getting senior discounts, age 65 for getting medicare and age 70 for starting our required minimal distributions for withdrawing part of our IRAs.

Whereas in high school our friends were within one or two class grades of us, now we have friends of all different ages.  We can hang out with people a decade younger than us or a couple of decades older than us.

We are also reminded that age is just a number when we see the different conditions of people the same age. That is physical, mental, emotional, financial, you name it. We are all over the place on the spectrum. Age matters less than other things that effected our lives, doesn’t it.

On the other hand, time marches on. If you are turning 71 now, you will hopefully be turning 81 in 10 short years and 90 in 19 years.  Think back 10 years to 2007 and how long ago that was. Not very long, it was like yesterday!

Age does take it’s toll on us, no doubt. No one is immune from it’s effects. Aging gracefully with a positive attitude takes an effort, no doubt.

We are all in this together.  We are loosing spouses and classmates to death. My high school class has a Facebook page set up for death announcements and I got another notification this morning. Long time friends get dementia and it could happen to you or your spouse as well. There are no guarantees, but we know that by now.

Yes, there are a lot of things for us older baby boomers to worry about.

But there is also a lot of things to enjoy and look forward to. By this time a lot of you are enjoying your grand and great grand kids. I see people going to the gym, walking, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.  I just came back from the National Senior Games and am motivated by what I saw there. People are volunteering and supporting things they believe in.  Some people are enjoying their church families. Here at our 55+ Active Adult Communities, people really like to travel and see the world. People like to keep learning their whole lifetime and it’s nice to be able to learn something not work related, something that you have an interest in. Many people like to read, some just to meditate, some like to putter around, but  doing what you like to do is something to enjoy.  I could keep going.

Age is a number, but we can deal with it. Enjoy the day. No use in putting things off. The future is now. Do something you like to do. Travel while you can. Learn something new. Walk in the park. Help someone. Be active. Peace.

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Professional Caregiving, From a Boomer Perspective

A lot of Boomers are being forced to reinvent their life in order to finish well. I am one of those Second Act or Encore Boomers. I had thought it out, processed the many pieces of the puzzle and came to the conclusion that professional caregiving would be the perfect match for me at this time in my life.

 A lot of Boomers are being forced to reinvent their life in order to finish well. I am one of those Second Act or Encore Boomers.

Professional Caregiver My Perfect Match

Last year brought the dreaded pink slip. As a Boomer about to turn sixty, this event really threw me into an emotional funk. Shortly after the good bye notice I started my Boomer blog. I felt a lot of other Boomer’s were very probably facing the same situation. I wanted to have a blog that would give Boomer’s a place to sound off, encourage one another and help each other find a way off their floating iceberg. It actually ended up being very cathartic for me and as I was trying to help others, I helped myself. By December, I had thought it out, processed the many pieces of the puzzle and came to the conclusion that professional care giving would be the perfect match for me at this time in my life.

Now, two months into my new caregiver career, I am loving it!!. I work at a very nice assisted living facility as a caregiver/sitter. These are assisted living residents that need a little extra assistance with getting through their day for various reasons. There can be times of recuperation from a hospital stay or a need for someone to assist them with various prescribed therapies or even a dementia resident that needs some stimulation/companion. As a consumer, the good part about going through an assisted living facility or an agency that provide these services, is of course some security in knowing that the caregiver has to have a background check, take a tuberculosis test, have a CPR certificate, plus some training in caregiving.

As a Boomer caregiver, I find it very easy to empathize for and with the patient in their struggles with declining abilities. I have formed a bond with my one “regular” patient. Personally, I cannot see how one can care for another and not form some attachment. I would only advise this as a career choice for those who find it easy to give love, care and concern to others. My regular enjoys a hug every day. Human touch is important even at 101 and eighty-eight pounds soaking wet.

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I’m a “Baby Boomer” of 1951. I started writing online in 2004 for my business website. Since 2004 I have written several personal blogs and other business websites. In 2007 I was writing bid proposals, as partner in a software start up company. In 2008 I wrote a few eHow articles before the days of Demand Studio. I have over 20+ years of entrepreneurial and business experience. University of Georgia-Business, Psychology and Marketing, along with a folder full of certificates and seminars too long to list. I am a person who gets really excited learning and researching interesting places or a new project.

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“Since my mother has moved into an assisted living place she has started eating healthier thanks to the caregivers.  She is  interacting with others and caregiving has improved her life. She’s doing great.  Thanks.”

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