Grocery Store Senior Discounts

Groceries can be very expensive, in fact they are probably the largest percentage of every household’s budget. This is why it is so important to look for discounts in your area that can help you save money every time you grocery shop. With a little research you can find the best place to save money if you are a senior citizen. It is good to take advantage of the senior discounts when you can and you would be surprised how much you might actually save. A lot of times you have to dig a little because the stores will not post up the senior discounts where you can find them.

The best way to find out if a store offers a senior discount is to ask for one. If they don’t advertise they still may tell their cashiers to give one to anyone who asks. It never hurts to ask. Don’t be afraid to ask them if there are age restrictions, and if there are discounts on certain items only. They might even have some literature that you can look over to better understand how their policies work.  This will be helpful information to you the next time you are in the store.

Some stores offer a buy one get one free day for their seniors. You have earned the right to take advantage of any special discounts you can. You just have to be observant enough to take advantage of them. If you are a really savvy shopper you can couple coupons with a senior discount to really get some saving in. Shop around for the best deals and find the grocery store that can offer you the best savings in your town.

You can also look in some of the flyers and advertisements in the paper for the grocery stores to see if there is any mention of a senior discount. There are a few stores that will have you sign up for a membership to receive a senior discount, and this is a good idea only if you plan to use that store frequently. The last effective way to find senior discounts is to search online. There are lots of websites that will offer information about the local grocery stores and senior discounts. They will include information such as the age limit, and the specific restrictions the store might have. Simply go to your favorite search engine and type in your location to find the stores near you who will offer the best discounts, then get out there and save!

Grocery Store Discount List

Kroger – Update: Kroger no longer gives senior discounts.

Publix–   Publix discount for senior citizens includes a Wednesdays only 5% discount. You may want to check with your local Publix to see what the specifics are.  Publix also has weekly ads on their web site showing thousands of sale items and Buy-One-Get-One-Free deals this week at Publix.

The rest of the stores listed also vary by state so you will need to check with your local branch to make sure they honor these discounts. There is a chance that the store in your town doesn’t honor certain discounts, but like I said before, it never hurts to ask.

BI-LO Grocery Store– Save an extra 5% with the Senior Bonus card on Wednesdays
Harris Teeters Grocery Store– Every Thursday you will receive 5% off on groceries, If you live in certain states it might be a different day so make sure you ask.

Piggly Wiggly– Some locations may offer a senior discount of 5% one day a week. They offer for 55 and up while others only offer a discount for 60+ Each Piggly Wiggly is independently operated so it is up to the owner. Piggly Wiggly has some pretty good discounts anyway so the savings can be monumental.

Community Markets– 5% discount on groceries every Tuesday. With a few restrictions

Farm Fresh– 5% discount on Tuesdays and Thursdays for ages 55+

Grocery Outlet– 10% discount one or two days a month, usually the 2nd and last Wednesday or Thursday of every month.

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  1. my personal technique is i make myself buy the cheap groceries from the large markets, asian supermarkets seem to be the best for this, find some good recipes or some food tat you wouldnt consider great like sprouts brussels etc and you will save money and be healthier, other things like grapes and blueberries can be to expensive , a great one is pumpkins there cheap and can be used to thicken up soups and curries, even if you just mash it up

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