Baby Boomer Entertainment

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Entertainment for baby boomers
Entertainment for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomer Entertainment Ideas

Turning off the TV would be a good start. Pick up a book, a newspaper, or a magazine that doesn’t have yet another celebrity’s drinking problem on the cover. Go to a museum, a gallery, an exhibit, a film festival, a theatrical production, a classical concert, or a jazz concert. Take a dance class, a cooking class, or even an investment class. Do a crossword puzzle.Do a jigsaw puzzle. Learn a language, learn an instrument, or plan an exotic holiday just for fun. Phew! I’m sure you get the idea.

So below we have listed some ideas for baby boomers to just have some fun!  There is a great variety of things to do to have fun.

Boomer Games

Free on line games for boomers with classic arcade games.
Of course every computer has games with the system. Board games, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and chess. may have a group for games in your area.

How to play bridge – Play online chess, backgammon, checkers, Jamble (word game), Battleship, Othello, Connect.

The Internet Chess Club (ICC) is the longest running, most popular, and best place to play chess on the Internet.

Boomers Socialize

Boomers Meetup Groups

Meet with local Baby Boomers. Discuss issues facing today’s BabyBoomer, i.e. 83 Million plus retirement age in 2010. These groups can meet to help make a difference in communities worldwide. has lots more interesting groups than just the Baby Boomer groups. It’s kind of like signing up for activities in an active adult retirement community, but right in your own area.

Boomer Fun Things To Do
/ Retirement Hobbies

Geocaching – you were looking for something different, right? Try this.

Metal Detecting – Come on, you know you always wanted to do this. Find’s Treasure Forums

Exposition Medals – collection medals from America’s great expositions.

The hobby of collecting includes seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever items are  of interest to the individual collector. Collectors
, Antiques & Collecting, Antique Trader, or Antiques & Collectibles

Boomer Sports

Boomer Golf News – golf publication targeted at Baby

Bocce Ball is a great game for boomers.  Play at your senior center, park, even some restaruants have Bocce Ball courts these days.

Senior Games – compete with other seniors age 50 plus and have a great time while getting some exercise and meeting new friends.

Boomer Movies

Movies for Baby Boomers – current best movies. New movies added.

– Prefer your movies at home. Netflix is a great way to get your DVDs. Much info about movies. Now you can stream moves via wireless Internet.

Movies for Seniors – list news and movies. Interesting.

TV Land is the home of classic and original TV shows. View full episodes and free video clips online at of classic sitcoms, dramas and more.

Boomer Music

Listen to music over the Internet. Download to your IPOD or Sansa. This is a great site. Listen to the music you grew up with.

VH1 Classic – This is music of our generation. Audio and video of some great performances. Check out Stones, ZZ Top, more. Free!

Attend some of the great oldies concerts. Recently we saw Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Chicago, The Eagles to name a few.

Boomer Music – Where to get latest baby boomer music.

Boomer Cooking

FoodTV – great site, watch it on TV then go to this site.

Cooks Magazine is good. Take cooking classes.

Gardening for Boomers

Want to really relax and do something productive, inspiring and enjoyable all at the same time. Try Square Foot Gardening. This will get you outside and feeling good. Join the Home Depot Gardening Club.

Boomer Genealogy

Discover your family’s history. This is an interesting hobby when you have the time and has become very poplar. Many web resources and

Books and Reading

We all know about Barnes and Nobles, Borders and Amazon, but you have got to try out, an online book club to swap books. It works great and you will save money and clear up some space on your book shelves.

Learn to Relax

Take your time and stop and smell the roses, as they say. Go to matinee movie or play. Learn to meditate.

Visit local or national parks.

Therapeutic massage. Try a massage to get relaxed.

Swedish massage – Light pressure and relaxing; this soothing massage and gentle touch takes you to a new level of stress reduction.

Deep tissue massage flushes toxins from your body and enhances the immune system by increasing the production of t–cells. It also helps to decrease chronic muscle pain. It is a large part of injury rehabilitation
and reduces inflammation–related pain caused by arthritis and tendonitis. It is generally integrated with other massage techniques.

Hot stone massage – 15–30 smooth basalt stones are heated to 125 degrees and combined with Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage for maximum relaxation. As a result of incorporating hot stones with your massage, you will experience an enhanced release of toxins and a deeper sense
of relaxation.

Read the book, The Power by
Rhonda Byrne
to show you the way to an amazing positive life!

Boomer Vacation Getaways

Many of the large 55+ communities offer reasonably priced vacation Getaways to visit their communities for 2 or 3 days. Del Webb, Robson to name two that offer them.

By Robert Fowler

More Entertainment Ideas From AARP

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas. There are definitely a lot of things for us to do, the real problem is getting up from the comfortable couch. I think I will follow your advice and schedule a massage. Thanks for the read.

  2. Hello,
    I am a Baby Boomer Generation author that writes romantic comedies for The Wild Rose Press. My books focus on the transitional time for people in our age category, some a bit younger but certainly not the typical ingénue-type heroines of other romances. I would love to get word out via your website about my books. I do book group visits and talks about writing as well as workshops.

    Would love to hear from you,
    M. Kate Quinn

  3. Just wanted to say “Thank you” for providing this list of baby boomer blogs. I’ve added all these to my RSS feed-reader and am looking forward to following them. I believe that those of us who are 50+ can enjoy the most fulfilling, productive, and enjoyable time of our lives. I look forward to learning from this site and the ones listed. Thanks again!

  4. YOu had a great list of movies. Most of them I had watched. But interesting point is that many of my favorites movies you had listed. But then also from this list my favorite movies title goes to “Ides of March”. It’s a nice movie and nice actions done by surprise. I also love this because I had read Julius Caesar by shakespeare . so i had complete idea of it. But in the next list i think “Shutter island” movie goes to category of mystery movies.

  5. I’ve done some serious 50th birthday parties and must say that Boomers know how to party. Rocked some Classic Rock and Disco Dance hits. Boomers are kind hearted and fun people that really know how to party!

  6. I’ve done some serious 50th birthday parties and must say that Boomers know how to party. Rocked some Classic Rock and Disco Dance hits. Boomers are kind hearted and fun people that really know how to party!

  7. Baby Boomer Places covers it all: Medical, travel, health, shopping and things to do, just to name a few. Thanks for providing a list of blogs that matter to us “Boomers. “

  8. The way you entertain on boomer places is awesome. The best one through which I was entertained was senior games. Hope I will see your next senior games event that will be covered on Boomer Places 🙂 Feeling Enjoyed 🙂

  9. Great article ref the book swap, this will come in handy! and as for the metal detecting, i think you’ve built me the picture….total tranquility! thanks for sharing

  10. Happy New Year! Wanted to share that my book, The Grandma Boom Chronicles…More Alive at 65! is being offered at with a special discount for a week with the KINDLE version. Enjoy! It is endorsed by Doris Day and Danny Lockwood, music video producer for Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Bruce Springsteen. Reviews on Amazon are coming in and fantastic.

  11. Hi,

    I was not sure what a baby boomer was..believe it or not.. so here is what I found: a person born in the years following the Second World War, when there was a temporary marked increase in the birth rate from wikipedia.

    I often listen to radio 4 (I am in the UK) That radio station is aimed at the 55+ community which your blog related to. Even thought I am in my 30’s I like the station and I like the things they talk about.

    They were running an audio series (Yup I listen to them too!) which was a play on words I guess and It had my thinking all kinds of things..

    What was it like to have a baby during the second world war? The men being sent to the front line.. Women left holding the babies..It must have been really hard. I know women would have had to cope with the issues of growing children hoping their husband/partner came back safe.

    I often wonder what it would have been like living in that era, Very different to now I know, I find my mind wanders when I tune into the radio.. Am I getting old before my time?


  12. William the “baby boomers” were not around during the war. The baby boom started in 1946 after the war was over. I am sure some women were left with babies to care for as you pointed, but they were in the generation before the “baby boomers”. Thanks for commenting.

  13. I really enjoy the entertainment ideas particularly games, sports and movies. Keep them coming. Thanks for the compilation

  14. I love to take grandchildren on international trips. They learn so much and gain a larger perspective on life and the world. Thanks for providing so many ideas to consider.

  15. I got a jolt when you wrote about retirement activities! At 55 I don’t consider myself anywhere near retirement! Remember, we’re supposedly going to live until we’re 110. That’s a lot of retirement.

  16. Baby Boomer Places covers it all: Medical, travel, health, shopping and things to do, just to name a few. Thanks for providing a list of blogs that matter to us “Boomers. ”
    Ally B recently posted

  17. I’m a boomer who is self employed. Your blog provides in-depth information I always seek, and learned something new about Bill Clinton being the signor of the Silver Sneakers bill….great!

  18. My dad is turning 70 this year and we he moved in with my husband and I.

    We are trying to keep him busy with new stuff. He does help out in our little embroidery store and he’s great to have around.

    Some good ideas here for sure. He does like online games.

  19. Hello!

    Thank you so much for sharing all these useful information. I have certainly benefited from it!

    Please keep the passion alive and keep posting! I personally found the music link quite interesting 😀

  20. Certainly great info about keeping them busy. Turning off the TV and watching movies .. doesn’t it sound self contradictory? Well, I am not sure, but my nana loves to watch cartoon with my little kid. I keep her busy with the kid. 🙂

  21. Being a boomer I really enjoyed the articles on the site. I loved the gray and groovy article! It just goes to show you we can still do it , and do it well. Thanks!

  22. These are great ways to lift your life. Even if you are surrounded by medical conditions then there is still much that you can do to lead a fulfilling life.

  23. Lots of creative ideas for baby boomers.
    But I like the first one personally because of ease to play free online games and to be honest it mind challenging for them.
    Board games, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and chess.
    Awsome games

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  25. Baby Boomer blog is really cool. Besides Rhapsody and VH1 music, I’m into vinyl now. And of course, I love film photography and my six year boy is trying some half frame camera with Tri-X 400!

  26. Hi boomers, I’m Ina Britton. I’m really proud to be a baby boomer and happy for getting such a great platform for us. Always I love to read on baby boomers so that I took 2 love stories to here for our boomers community. Hope you will enjoy my books if you believe that love is possible at any age.

  27. Thanks for your post. Your suggestions are really useful. I think I will follow your advice. Turn off the TV then register a cooking class or a club and join the Home Depot Gardening Club to relax and do something productive. I will do it!

  28. Boomers are unique in that they still remember Ronald Reagan. Each time a boomer speaks you can sense a joy of what it was like during that time of prosperity. They are very proud of there heritage, many coming from European descendants who truly loved the US and fought in the war because of love for country. Parents of boomers truly wanted a better life for there children.

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