Haircut Deals for Baby Boomers


About every 6 weeks or so I get a hair cut. I have not been happy with where I have gotten my hair cut for some time and I have been paying $25. for my hair cut. I decided to shop around for a new place while doing some price shopping.

Here is how I did it and what I found. I googled the zip code I live in and the zip code beside me for locations (stylists, barber shops, hair cuts, salons). I used “hair and the zip code” Within my zip code and the one beside me I found men’s hair cut prices from $12 to $37. I called every convenient location to find out if they cut men’s hair and get a feel for the environment and their attitude. I told them I was shopping for a new provider and asked the prices for a man’s hair cut. Most reduced the price if I did not want a shampoo and most were very hungry for business. Some shops had a set price, no deviation and it applied to all stylists.

Interestingly I found other shops said the stylists set their own prices and the newer stylists tended to be the lower priced. I believe but was not told that these shops rent the stylist the chairs daily and the stylist can charge what they want. I noticed when I phoned and told the business that I was shopping for a new place to go regularly they were persuasive about trying to convince me regarding their quality and more aggressive on the prices than the places where I did not mention that I was changing. They thought this was a 1 shot deal.

The $12. hair cut location was indeed convenient and I thought the lady really wanted my business. She was a little too pushy, is the only stylist at her location and I did not want to get hooked up with a place I have to rely on a single person.

I want a good quality hair cut at a fair price but it has to be a good quality hair cut or I am not interested. I opted for the $20 hair cut based on the phone conversation. If I determine I am going back, I will share my expectations and find out from the stylist what she expects so we can have a good meeting of the minds. She is a Baby Boomer, I know that much. The 29 years she has cutting hair was very influential in my decision to choose her. I have gotten several opinions of those closest to me about my hair cut and every one agrees that it is a good one. No complaints.

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Originally posted 2011-12-23 14:09:25.

Author: Robert Fowler

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