In The Midst of A Storm There Can Be Peace

A boomer turns 62 and reflects on her life and how she found inner peace.

One week from today I will turn 62 yrs. old.  In those sixty two years I have experienced life.  Life makes stories.  Some are not so good and others are better but all in all they are stories that we can share in hopes of helping touch the lives of others.  Tonight I heard Pastor David Blunt say, ” God’s Purpose for My life must be my highest Priority to have Peace.”  He also said, “Peace comes from within, not on the outside of us.”  This has been a proven fact in my life.

For many years I searched for peace outside of myself just like a lot of other folks have done.  I looked for it in fine houses, jobs, men, money, designer clothes, exotic places,cars and in other people.  I stressed.  I struggled.  It was not to be found.  There were moment of happiness and pleasure which soon disappeared but then that empty hole was still there so I began my endless search again.

Then came the day that I searched deeper inside myself and took a look at my heart.  My heart needed a good house cleaning job done on it.  That is when I found a way to peace which left me without struggling.  For me God’s Word is my final authority.  With that and that only do I then know PEACE.  Today I choose Peace over chaos.  I choose Love over Hate.   I am no longer a man pleaser.  My heart is content and that is where I found inner Peace.

We come from many backgrounds, religions, faiths and walk the road of life as people here on earth.  Yes at times we all struggle, things happen, people displease us, and maybe our plans do not go as we would like for them to go.  How many times in the 62 years have I heard that simple statement made, “Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men.”  Why is it so easily said in December but so easily forgotten January through November?  Do most of us not want this for our world?  Do most of us not want this in our daily lives?  I am not perfect.  I am just one.  I am not that powerful but the power resides within my heart.

So this year in December let us all rise above.  Let us all stand strong.  Let us all fill our hearts with Love.  Let us all work toward starting 2011 with Peace within and Good Will Toward Men. We have, we can , and we will strive to maintain Peace.   My wish for the World is that we allow God to work in our lives to Bring about World Peace.

Originally posted 2010-12-16 04:47:20.

Author: Robert Fowler

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