Boomers Juicing For Weight Loss

Boomers Get Healthy By Juicing

My eyes were opened to the benefits of juicing about a year and a half ago when I tried it and lost weight about 30 pounds. What turned me on to this was three things occurring at once in my life:
-Read the book Younger Next Year
-Saw the documentary movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross
-A Whole Foods store with juice bar opened in my neighborhood.

I wrote about this in Sept 2012 with Baby Boomers Health: 12 Tips For Old Guys

wheatgrass juiceI started off with a shot of wheatgrass every day. Wheatgrass has the enzymes of grass that really helps your digestive system and provides nutriments. Then I supplemented that with the Green Machine, a mixture of apples, kale, celery, cucumbers, cilantro and lime.

By the way the picture below is wheatgrass that I grew from seed growing on my deck. It grows easily but it is a process to juice it so I just stop by a juice bar instead.

Many boomers are tired of getting big and fat as they age.  They are turning to juicing and nutriment drinks to supplement lighter eating and loosing weight in the process.

Then maintaining their weight loss by continuing this healthy lifestyle.  It is worth it.

How to Juice

1. Consult some books and web sites, then buy a juicer and get started. Tons of books like The Juicing Bible by Pat Crocker or web sites like Joe Cross has.  I got the Breville juicer like Joe Cross recommended and have been happy with it.

2. If you live close to a Whole Foods store with juice bar then by all means start there.  Mix it up with trying out several drinks like Green Lemonade, Green Machine and The Mommy Boost.

3. I wouldn’t recommend doing all juicing and no food.  I would start by having one green type drink everyday and let that supplement a light meal, say for lunch. Practicing portion control while juicing will do the trick!

4. Give juicing a try and stay the course until you get used to it.  After a while you will like it and love the results especially. It will become part of your better life.

5. A friend told me about the Nutribullet and we just got one. It  is smaller than a large juicer and it pretty well blends up all ingredients to their most nutritious state,  so there is no wasted pulp.  It has worked for my friend.  It’s cheaper too as the name brand one is about $100 but Costco and Walmart have cheaper models. We went with the name brand as we didn’t see the cheaper ones until later, but who knows?

6. Use fresh ingredients when possible or use frozen. The main thing is that ingredients are uncooked.

Weight loss and maintaining your weight loss is probably the most important thing you can do to improve your health as you age. Weight loss and staying active with exercise is a great duo that will improve your life. Maybe my next post will be about how to exercise.

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Author: Robert Fowler

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  2. In addition, burning off those additional a hundred calories necessitates up to thirty minutes
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  3. Yes, Natural food is always good for our digestive system. This is very nice information about boomers juice. By reading this article many people will practice natural vegetable for weight loss process. Thank you for sharing valuable information from us.

  4. I’ve been juicing for almost 3 years now. Been feeling great ever since. If I go on vacation or miss a day, my body feels it.

  5. You don’t have to juice wheatgrass brother. I don’t like that stuff either. I started juicing slowly, and never only greens because it would taste pretty horrid.

    Try this recipe:
    Green Energy Juice:

    3/4 to 1 head of kale
    3/4 to 1 head of lettuce
    4 long celery stalks
    1 1/2 to 2 apples
    2 lemons (juiced)
    1 Persian Cucumber

    It’s the first one I used when I started juicing. The apple and lemons mixed with the greens make it actually taste good.

  6. Hi Robert, thanks a lot for your helpful tips. I too think that it is necessary to use fresh fruits and vegetables for creating juices. We should use frozen food stuff only when there is no alternative left.

  7. I’ll have to check out the Nutribullet, our juicer right now just takes up too much space when we aren’t using it sat on the worktop. Thanks for the post.

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