The Little Things Are Sometimes The Most Important

In the past two months, I have had the opportunity to experience what some people might think are small things but to me they were very important. Each touched my heart and gave me the encouragement to get through a difficult time.

Sometimes I reflect back to people, places, and circumstances that have been in my life.  Then I allow my thoughts to float into the moment. It is almost like playing connect the dots.  One never knows how each dot will take each of us from the past to present.  Each dot has such significance as the plan is put together before us in the journey of life.  As the dots form, we have no idea how little things will turn into larger ones.  Maybe that is the way we mature in order to truly appreciate what is really important.  Maybe the dot process is a way of giving human life the time needed to comprehend, appreciate and cherish that which we might have not known as truth and love early on.  In the past two months, I have had the opportunity to experience what some people might think are small things but to me they were very important.  Each touched my heart and gave me the encouragement to get through a difficult time.

It is a good time to write these things down and say thank you.  By sharing them maybe you will have a better understanding of how important small things can be comforting to others. It is not the size but the act of giving and the caring that goes behind a thought or action.  It is a way of expressing love and letting another know that they are important.  By doing this you are one of the dots that are a part of another’s life.

For me these are things that I experienced after a heart attack. They can be applied to almost any situation.  That elderly person in the nursing facility has needs.  The neighbor down the road in the small town that you live in will be grateful.  Even Miss Merts in apartment 203 B in the city might enjoy a little dot at her door.  Oh, and don’t forget those friends and relatives that you need to connect as life goes by the way.

This is my list of dots.  I am sure there will be dots that I will not remember to write about but they are not forgotten.

  • You were there beside my bedside prior to surgery and again the next day and the next.  You smiled, touched my hand, and let me know how much you care.  I may have not seen you in three years but as we discussed, we will always care and respect each other.  You are the son that I NEVER HAD.
  • Father Scott, you are not a real father but will always be one in my eyes.  You are a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on and a sincere friend.  I trust and respect you.  I know you care.
  • The rest of you on the team are more to me than co workers you are like family.  You are really some great guys. You make me smile when I am down and are uniquely special.
  • Fb friends, you keep me going.  You inquire, give encouragement and laugh at my silliest.  Sometimes you are even closer than my own family.  You know who you are.  You are special.
  • The both of you might live in Georgia.  I have never met you but you let me know how you cared.  Such kindness does not go unnoticed.  It helped restore my trust in humanity.
  • You flew in from Florida as I asked.  You were there to lift me out of the bed when I was stuck and could not get up.  You may have complained a little about your sleeping arrangements but you did NOT LEAVE MY SIDE until you had to go home!
  • The groceries lasted almost a month that you put into the refrigerator and pantry that were empty.  Sis says you stayed with me while I was out with tubes running from my mouth and body for a day and a night.
  • The Princess was tired but concerned and I know my friend that you were.  You show your love as you always do and fill my heart with joy.
  • Then there is you.  You can not be with me but you sent a card.  You made a phone call.  You offered me money.  It is an odd situation but I know that you care too.
  • Then there is the priceless dot.  The one that spent three months in skilled nursing unable to walk.  She showed them all.  She came home.  She has been there every step of the way.  She has listened, cooked my favorite potato salad, gave me a temporary bed, supplied me lemon drops for my cough, done my laundry,walked my dog, and showed me TOTAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  THANK YOU MY ONE AND ONLY SISTER.  You are not a dot.  You are a miracle!

So when you think that little things aren’t important, just remember the dots.  Each dot has its own special meaning and may be the most important one in the life of another!

Originally posted 2011-07-03 23:29:42.

Author: Robert Fowler

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