Look At Each Day As A New Experience

In order to eliminate worry, fear and negative thinking it is essential for me to look at each day as a new experience. I will site a few examples that I have experienced in just the last few days.

As we age, we sometimes allow our thinking to become mundane, routine and unproductive.  Then there are others that are quite the opposite in their thinking.  In order to eliminate worry, fear and negative thinking it is essential for me to look at each day as a new experience.  I will site a few examples that I have experienced in just the last few days.

Since I work the night shift and all week ends my days off are Tuesday and Wednesday.  This is the time, as a single person, that I have to do those routine chores like grocery shopping, cleaning, and etc.  When a holiday falls with my two days off that gives me an extra day to indulge in something inspiring, relaxing ,or fun.   Each of us has a different interpretation of what that might be.  It is imperative that I change my chore day around a bit at times to keep from becoming negative.  This week I did my grocery shopping the day prior to Thanksgiving.  I will say no more on that subject because I could write a book of negative experiences at the grocery store on that busy day.  That day is GONE!  Yes, it was an experience and a good learning one too.  I learned a lot about self control!

Then came Thanksgiving day.  This is the day that families and friends get together to enjoy each other, give thanks and express gratitude.  Some that are without family volunteer to help others.  Thanksgiving day can bring back old memories.  It also can be the the beginning of new memories too.  The day is what you make it by living out your day as a new experience.  For me , it meant letting go of the day before and giving thanks for a new day ahead.

I woke up to a beautiful day.  The sun was shining bright.  The air smelled fresh.  There was a pleasant breeze blowing.  It felt like a spring day.  Even some of the grass was still green.  I threw open the windows and allowed the smell of my turkey baking in the oven to flow outside as an inviting aroma for the neighbors.  My pies were ready for the oven.  The phone rang.  I heard the sound of my sweet daughter’s voice asking how I was.  She lives over a thousand miles from me.  I enjoyed listening to the excitement in her voice as she talked about my new grandchild that she will be having in March.  She asked,” Mom, what do you do with the string that comes with the turkey?”  I smiled.  Then as a non- Betty Crocker Boomer Mom, I answered.  “I put it under my turkey before reading the directions.  It is to lift it out of the pan.  So make sure you read the directions first because, I didn’t do it exactly right!”  Now she accepted this answer because she accepts me just as I am; non -Betty Crocker.  Anyway, I enjoyed the experience of the day of hearing her voice and sharing my experience.  You know, I bet you that both our turkeys tasted good, regardless of where we put the string.

Yes, Thanksgiving was a success.  Sweetie, my dog, and I took a nice walk.  The turkey was delicious.  I broke my diet rules and stuffed my tummy full.  Yes, full I say; and I do not feel guilty because it was NOT  heart healthy for one meal. Later I was able to have a great telephone conversation with my one and only older sister.  We had a few laughs and shared some stories past and present.  It is wonderful to have a nice sister that one can relate with later in life or anytime of life if you choose to have a good experience.  The rest of my day was spent with meditation music, hanging a new picture and enjoying some much needed R&R(Rest and Relaxation).  I may have been alone but not lonely.  The day was a new experience.

Now here it is Black Friday and my Monday which is most folks real Friday.  Again folks, we have to watch that thinking and look at the day as a new experience.  Now I did not say that comes easy.  At least it does not for me.  I have to work on it daily, as I have had to do today.  The last two days are GONE.

I avoid the news.  That’s too negative.  I turned on social media though.  There I read about someone that pepper sprayed a group of people to keep them away from her bargains.  Now I do not like crowds and did not want a repeat of the day before Thanksgiving.  I needed a hair cut though so I had to be brave and look a the day as a new experience.  Very slowly I dressed.  I ventured to my car.  I started the motor .  I drove to the nearest intersection.  May I mention, I live by a SHOPPING MALL! There was no traffic.  I made it. The beauty shop in located by the grocery store.  The lot was not crowded. I proceeded into the shop.  It was NOT crowded.  I got a nice hair cut.  I had a few laughs with the cosmetologist that cut my hair.  I even received twenty-five per cent off on a sale product.  Good deal!

Now here I am back at home writing a blog.  Just look at each day as a new experience.  Stay in the moment.  Don’t worry!  Look fear in the face and refuse to give in to it.  After all, it is your day  It can be, as I have described, A NEW EXPERIENCE!

Originally posted 2011-11-25 19:50:25.

Author: Robert Fowler

Robert Fowler is President of Retirement Media Inc. Check out Robert's blog at BoomerPlaces.com

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