Is It A Stigmata For Men To Dye Their Hair?

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Is It A Stigmata For Men To Dye Their Hair?

I was just getting a haircut in my unisex salon and struck up a conversation with Shasta my stylist about my blogging.  I told her I was thinking of doing a post about gray hair and men.

Shasta is a good conservationist (aren’t all stylist?) and was a wealth of knowledge on the subject. When does hair normally turn gray, around the early forties I asked. No not necessarily, some get gray hair even in their twenties but after age 30 the chances of getting gray hair increase every year. By age fifty half your hair is likely to become gray. Also stress or worry does turn your hair gray.

On the other hand some men keep their hair color much longer. My dad had black hair in his seventies. I think that was because he used Vatalis Hair Tonic to keep his hair looking wet and dark.  Others used  Brylcreem. That’s old school.

So why do most women dye their hair and have for a long time (remember those Clairol commercials)  but much fewer men do?

Shasta says it is for several reasons that men don’t color as much.

Men are told they look distinguished when they turn gray; as opposed to women who look old.  Where is the sex equality in that?

When women color their hair it will last longer than when a man does it because of the man’s more frequent hair cuts. That could get expensive. Shasta charges $50 for a man’s cut and color (I just had to ask, lol) and that would last about three weeks.

But also it is part stigma.  Men traditionally have not colored their hair. Men don’t want to be kidded about dyeing their hair. Men may think it is weak or feminine to color their hair.  All kinds of viewpoints trying to hold the status quo in place on this issue.

hair colorOn a recent cruise I was sitting toward the back of the Princess Theater before a show and noticed all the old men sitting with the younger women.  As I started noticing each couple turning their heads I could see they were the same age but hair color made the difference.

Shasta says you should dye your hair to make you feel good, not for other people or to make it seem like you are younger. However I did hear of a few friends  who did not normally dye their hair, did so while looking for employment.

More baby boomer men probably dye their hair than you think. Many who don’t notice think it will be jet black but men and women’s hair dye coloring today has a most natural look. For men it may leave a little gray and not be obvious.  See Paul McCarty, Russell Crowe, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise and you will see what is possible.

What about you, do you think it is still a stigma for men to dye their hair.   And if so, why?

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18 thoughts on “Is It A Stigmata For Men To Dye Their Hair?”

  1. I didn’t realize men dyed their hair a lot. I don’t think my husband would ever do that, Although with his genetics he will likely loose his hair before it turns gray.

  2. I actually think that is a personally choice! If my husband want to dye his hair I would support him and if he doesn’t, that’s fine too. Although I do prefer him would dye his hair to make him look younger and more energetic.

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  4. Stigma or not, I’m told that the grey streaks look more manly than the all-same-color died version. If you must die at all, I suggest you not make it look like an artificial wig might look like.

  5. I’m tired of paying top dollar for hair color at the salon. I’m learning to color my hair at home.

  6. Hell no, hell no! I am 38 years old and I started going grey when I was 21. I have a young face and apparently I don’t look to bad ( apologies for the big head! ).
    Since I was 35 I have been using ( woman’s ) hair dye to color myself a dark brown and man does it make a difference. If you are not happy about your appearance then change it – simple. I’m 38 and because of hair dye I look like I’m in my late 20’s ( no kidding this stuff really makes a guy look younger ). Suck it up and dye dye dye – it works and in most cases it looks natural.

  7. Interesting article. While there is really that stigma, I totally agree that if it will make you feel good then dye it, after all it’s for you and not just other people.

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