In my last blog I mentioned the three L’s for living which are Live, Love and Laugh but I would like to add one more L.  that L would be Learning.  No matter how old we are life is a process of learning experiences.  Let us never forget what we have learned and the wisdom that we gain from our experiences!  For this we can be Grateful.

According to Wikipedia, Lifelong learning is the continuous building of skills and knowledge throughout the life of an individual. It occurs through experiences encountered in the course of a lifetime. These experiences could be formal (training, counseling, tutoring, mentorship, apprenticeship, higher education, etc.) or informal (experiences, situations, etc.

Learning in the 60+ age group

Learning in old age (over 60 years old) elderly people can learn a great deal from activities suitable to their age e.g. art, music, sports for the elderly, handicrafts and social work. They are highly respected in Thai society; capable of searching for knowledge and provide intellectual support to local communities. They can also carry out voluntary work in community organizations, clubs and associations. Such work makes their lives meaningful as well as bringing benefits to society.

Lifelong learning opens your mind and creates a curiosity that is natural when you are young, but can fade as you age. It increases your wisdom and helps you adapt to changing situations, which comes in handy as you age.  Lifelong learning can help you make new friends, enrich your life, and help make the world a better place.

Working Boomer Starts To Blog

Working Boomer joins facebook and now starts to blog. Boomer Places is a Boomer Blog with Boomer stories and Boomer Topics.

It has been about a year since I started using Face book which is a social network. As a single person working the night shift and all week ends, there is not much time for a social life. My daughters are grown and have their own family activities. I began to realize that something was missing in my life at age 61 which needed to be fixed. Retirement was not an option. I like my job; I have good benefits and a good employer so I asked myself, “What can I do? What can I change?

I sat down at the computer and signed into Face Book. This was a new adventure for me going into a social network/cyberspace. There I sat friendless. Then I added on my two daughters and a few of their friends. I did a search and found a couple of people that I use to know. Wow, did I have a lot to learn so the learning process began. At that time I had the Internet on a land line phone which did not give me much of that wonderful tool the Google bar. Each day in my spare time, I would go into Face Book and say hello to my daughters. This was fun. Then one day I saw a nice comment on my daughters post by one of her friends. Immediately, I ask that person to be my friend in a comment. Whoops, this did not go over to big with my daughter at the time and she responded with a comment saying, “Mom, get your own friends.” Now this started another learning process.

So daily I would go into Face Book and make a nice comment. Usually no one replied back because I had no friends. Some times I would write something funny and other times I would write some thing inspiring. My daughter called and asked, “Mom what are you doing?” I responded, “I am trying to make friends on Face book and if someone does happen to read something positive that I have written or laughs at something I post then I have helped someone. I think she thought I was a little nuts but she knew her Mom is a free spirit and would continue with this silly routine.

Then one day a comment came onto one of my post by Retirement Media. Immediately I asked, ‘Who are you?’ It was explained to me that there was this site that I might be interested in so I decided to check it out. It contained so many good things. I searched some of the places that it offered for retirement. I looked at nursing facilities, read about health, wellness, motivation and found it had everything I needed to read and dream about as a Working Boomer. If something really interested me, I left a comment.

Then came the day I was able to get real cable internet with a much improved Google bar which opened another exciting cyber space experience but I never forgot my friend Retirement Media.

I even remember the first question that I commented on in Face book Retirement Media. The question was; if you could have any dream job of your choice what would that be? Now I like to dream so I replied, “A comedian on a cruise ship.” I definitely enjoyed my relationship with Retirement Media. I stopped listening to the news on television . Now I read the Retirement Media Newspaper instead.

One day this nice gentleman named Robert Fowler friended me. Now it turns out this guy owns this Retirement Media. He has a nice wife and she friended me too. Now this was a beginning to a Big Adventure! Mr. Fowler asked if I wanted to be co-administrator on Retirement Media Face book. Of course I said yes because I enjoy learning, dreaming, playing and reading all the helpful articles that are there. Someday, I plan on getting one of those over 55 apartments that Mr. Fowler has displayed and make my dream come true.

In the mean time though, I am still working my full time job, Face booking, Twitter tweeting, and blogging. for Retirement Media. Thank you Mr. Robert Fowler the person that made this pretty blog page possible. Now I am having so much fun that I may NEVER retire. Thank you Robert and by the way, I nick name those I like so when I talk about you to my friends in St. Louis, I call you Mr. Google Man. It is so much fun to Live, Laugh and Love!