Book Review: Redeye Fulda Cold by Bill Fortin

Wurzburg Germany

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Redeye Fulda Cold
By Rick Fontain

This week I read an interesting book titled Redeye Fulda Cold that would especially appeal to any US Military Veterans, especially those who were drafted during the Vietnam War Era.

It’s the story of Rick Fontain, a kid who got drafted into the US Army in 1968, who with the help of a clerk friend was fortunate enough to get assigned to training for a new missile system called “Redeye”.  Being on the ground floor of the roll out of “Redeye” presented Rick with many opportunities and adventures.

Rick’s story hit home with me since I was drafted in January 1971, less than three years after he was drafted and I too was assigned to a post in Germany just like he was.

Rick takes us every step of the way from the send off from the draft board, the induction haircut, basic training and the offers he refused of advanced training if he would extend his enlistment.  I and any Veteran who was drafted during that time will have their own memories, which will surly be brought to mind as you read this book.

We all did a lot of living in a short two years of our lives in the US Army, no matter what your assignment was. The characters we met and the friends we made will always be remembered. The places we traveled to opened our minds to new things in a hurry. It was an exciting adventure.

Redeye Fulda Cold bookA lot of research was put into this book. The author must have made some good notes to portray this story in such a good manner. This is not an imaginary spy novel but a story of real life adventures that us Army draftees will strongly relate to.  Even though Rick was a draftee, he was certainly 100% US Army in spirit and deeds and took a lot of pride in his job and the relationships he built.

We know how the Army really works and Rick did too. Things get done in unconventional ways, yet in a structured organization with many rules.  Who you know and chance play a big part.

Redeye Author Bill Fortin
Redeye Fulda Cold Author Bill Fortin

If you were in the US Military during the last 60’s and early 70’s definitely pick up a copy of Redeye Fulda Cold and get ready for a exciting yet comfortable story you will relate to.

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Robert Fowler
US Army Veteran
Wurzburg, Germany 1971-72

Above photo I took in Wurzburg Germany 1972.

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  1. I haven’t had a chance to get to this book yet but I have it sitting on my shelf waiting for a read. I think I’ll have to get on that!

    Thanks for the review.

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