Rick Bava Interview – Baby Boomers

I just listened to my friend Rick Bava’s interview with Hollis Chapman on Blog Talk Radio. I encourage you to take a listen. Rick wrote the book In Search of The Baby Boomer Generation.

Here is my email to Rick about the interview: Rick, I got up early this morning and just enjoyed  listening to your interview with Hollis Chapman. I will start sharing on our social media so others can enjoy it also.  May do a blog post about it.

It was relevant and introspective which made it interesting.  You are a great speaker as well as writer. 

I like that it was comprehensive yet the best part for me was that you addressed  the current challenges of baby boomers and commented on our way forward,  because I believe that is  what we are mindful of currently and really what people want to hear more about.

Both you and Hollis made  good  points about boomers transitioning  to something they want to do to make  a little money and on their terms hopefully while giving back a little. This gives  their life a sense of purpose.  The importance of social security really hits home when you are in your 60’s as you pointed out and yes we started the working from home trend some  time ago.   I became self employed working from home  way back in 1992 and loved it after  working for the big corporations in office complexes.

I especially liked your emphasis on boomers family connections.  Many of us older boomers no longer have  living parents but we are,  as  you say, reconnecting with siblings  with family outings and holidays and either on  social media, texting and old fashioned phone calls. Many siblings  are  having some health problems and  that rallies the remaining  family  together. Past disputes  don’t seem to matter so much anymore.  Let bygones be bygones.

Finally the future of baby boomers section of the interview had me jotting down notes because it was spot on relevant.  Everything  you mentioned could be a topic of  it’s own. Preparing ourselves for  the future as you pointed out includes return to family  and taking care of living parents, spending time with grandchildren,  reconnecting with siblings as pointed out.  You mentioned connecting with college friends.  My college roommate from back  in 1969-70 called me out of the blue last week  and we had a great time sharing memories.

Also included in that category of preparing ourselves for the future would be getting our affairs  in order.  Updating or doing a  last will and living will is something I  see happening. Downsizing and getting rid of stuff you no longer need and getting your housing age friendly are something I  see us boomers have  been doing.

Thanks for much for doing this interview and sharing.  I am  also glad to learn of Hollis podcast  and will take a listen to some of his other shows.

We will be in touch.
Robert Fowler
Retirement Media Inc.

Originally posted 2020-10-22 07:28:11.

Author: Robert Fowler

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