AARP Life@50+ Vendor Spotlight: Schwan’s Home Delivery

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AARP Life@50+ Vendor Spotlight: Schwan’s Home Delivery

It has been another exciting day in Beantown at the AARP Life@50+ convention, where I have been mixing and mingling and living it up with my contemporaries from all 50 of these United States – and even some from across the pond. Senior citizens and baby boomers from 50 to 75+ have come to network, socialize, learn new things, get ideas for their retirement years, and find great deals on products and services specifically targeted to the 50+ crowd.

The majority of the activities, entertainment, and vendors here at Life@50+ are aimed at helping vibrant, active Boomers pursue the next segment of their life journey. Many of us have recently retired, or are nearing retirement, and are now in pursuit of fulfilling enterprises, active recreation and healthy living. The vendor expo houses over 200 booths, featuring a broad range of vendors for all aspects of 50+ lifestyles: financial, health and fitness, technology, travel and leisure, home and garden, retail, and much more.

A Health-Conscious Crowd

As a group, we Baby Boomers are a more active and health-conscious crowd than most of our parents and grandparents were in their retirement years. We have worked hard to stay on top of our health and fitness, so that we can truly enjoy the opportunities that come our way for travel, recreation, and family time once we have retired – and we want to continue with our healthy choices. The organizers for AARP Life@50+ are obviously aware of this trend, as I have seen many vendors and exhibitors offering information, services, and products geared specifically toward healthy habits and nutrition.

Schwan’s Home Service, an AARP Discount Partner

Schwan's Home DeliveryToday I heard about a new AARP vendor – the Schwan’s Home Delivery company.

The Minnesota-based national frozen foods company has made a name for itself with its yellow trucks full of ice creams and delicious meats and seafood, and has now expanded its offerings with hundreds of healthy meal options in the LiveSmart line of products – foods with minimal additives, fewer calories, less sugar and sodium, and no trans fats. Schwan’s Home Service is now the largest direct-to-home food delivery provider in the nation, with over 400 distribution centers across the country.

Schwan’s Home Delivery means convenience: From the comfort of your own home you can order from an online catalog of frozen meats, pizzas, prepared entrees, appetizers, desserts, and even fruits and vegetables – and have them delivered right to your doorstep by a polite and efficient delivery person. When you are too busy to run to the grocery store, the grandkids are visiting, or you just want to avoid the temptations down every grocery aisle, the home delivery and multiple-serving re-sealable packages of delicious, healthy meal options are a perfect solution.

AARP and Schwan’s Home Service has teamed up to offer AARP members some special deals. New Schwan’s customers with an AARP membership can receive $20 off of their first $50 order. Then, with every online order from then on, they will receive double SCHWAN’S Rewards, earning rewards points worth 10% of each purchase, which can be used for a future order. AARP members will also receive email offers for Exclusive AARP Member Hot Deal Promos.

You don’t have to be here at the Life@50+ convention to get these great Schwan’s deals, either – just click here, or go to the Schwan’s website, enter your AARP membership number, and create a Schwan’s account to receive these special promotions. Creating an account is free, with no obligation to purchase anything.

Author: Robert Fowler

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  1. What an interesting event! I personally believe that we should have more convention such as the AARP Life@50+ convention. Not to mention Schwan’s Home Delivery which offer such a great delivery for retirees. I mean when you are at the age of baby boomers or in the 70’s you would not want to travel too much and would like to just cook with comfort at home. It gives extra bonding time with your close ones and this delivery service do solve a problem that is needed in that market. As for the author, may you have an awesome retire and keep on spreading the love!

  2. AARP and Schwan’s Home delivery service offers a huge amount of delivery services to their customers. From Schwan’s delivery company, you can order your items like foods, fruits etc. at your home online. This company is trusted in the area and offers a lot of meals options to the customers.

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