Baby Boomers Sharing Holidays

Baby Boomers Sharing Holidays

boomer sharing holidaysI know Thanksgiving is over and I personally don’t like to dwell on Holidays too long but I have an observation after spending Thanksgiving yesterday with a group of people: baby boomers are their own family.

Mary Ann and I went to our friends David and Tina’s for Thanksgiving and was joined by a group of our own age ranging from age 60 to 70+. Four singles, three women and one man. Two of the ladies brought their moms, one of which was turning a spry 90.

We had only met one of the others besides the hosts but we hit it off and had a great time talking about all kinds of things. Backing up my recent thoughts about boomers liking to travel we heard about a trips just taken with Road Scholar to Portland Oregon and then California.  Another, the gentleman, had just returned from a cruise and land excursion trip to Alaska. Of course I had to tell about our British Isles cruise in August. We were excited telling each other about our trips and other stories about what is going on in our lives. We liked talking and sharing each others company.

We chatted and talked about getting older with a huge dose of sense of humor added. I think we talked about wrinkles, assisted living, taking care of parents, medicare, becoming our parents, our homes, cats, what we are eating for a healthy lifestyle and plenty more, all with laughter and maybe a glass of wine.  Just baby boomer living.

We were like family. We greet each other, accepted each other, and related so well.  We shared so much in common. Two married couples, six singles, three males, 7 females.

We have other boomer friends that would have fit right in.  Other friends who are single, have no kids, have no kids or relatives in the areas, or those who do not for whatever reason have a working relationship with their relations.  I think there are quite a lot of fellow baby boomers in this situation.

The party didn’t need to be larger but I could image this same type group of boomer friends getting together for other holidays and occasions all over the country. This may be a trend in the making. Boomers getting together and sharing the holidays.

I have just written about house sharing by baby boomers and I could easily see this group, or part of the group, living happily with such an housing arrangement if they desired.  This would be an excellent way to age in place.

How about you, have you shared the holidays with your boomer friends?

Author: Robert Fowler

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