Taking Baby Steps Toward Retirement

Here are some baby steps to take to continue to pace yourself toward your retirement years.

Steps Towards Retirement

When I first starting blogging I had high hopes for my retirement years.  Like many boomers I have had to make adjustments. Goals must be realistic and obtainable.  The past is the past, the moment is now and the future is not here yet.  Some boomers prospered in the past.  Their retirement is somewhat secure.  Then there are those of us that have found that not to be so.  I have looked at my wants and my needs.  It is not too late!  It is a challenge. First and far most keeping a positive attitude is the most important thing that one can do.  As I do this, I find that smaller might even be better. Each day brings something new and different.  Remember the tortoise that won the race.  Then how about the little caboose that said, “I think I can, I think I can.”  They both did!   Here are some baby steps that I have taken in the past three years.  Hopefully you will be encouraged to continue to pace yourself with steps toward your retirement years.

  • I searched for a new job with health care benefits.  I took in account that my new job must be one that I could perform as I aged.  Since my savings were gone, I needed something that could also enable me to make a living.  I also needed a job that offered a pension plan.  I found it!  The area where I was living was not very safe nor did it offer much job opportunity.  I moved to another state.  With luck, I found an apartment that was less expensive than the area that I left.  In addition, the area where I now live in is safer, has more job opportunities and resources for seniors.
  • I then set goals for becoming debt free. This meant sacrificing a lot of things like vacations, shopping sprees, credit card spending, and buying things that were not an absolute need.  It meant sticking to a budget.  Three years later, I am happy to say that within two months this goal should be completed.  It has not been easy but WELL WORTH IT!  With a do not quit attitude, over coming obstacles and making changes I am getting there.
  • I use the Internet to explore options.  55CommunityGuide.com has given me different resources for places to live.  The information that I am gaining from the web has given me ideas to further my search for retirement housing types and places to live as I age.
  • I joined in with social media. I use twitter and facebook.  By doing this I keep up on health care changes, options for seniors and many other things that I need to know.
  • Thanks to SeniorCenterDirectory.com, I have checked out the senior center in my area.   Now I am in tune with what is offered in my community.
  • Skilled nursing can be an issue for seniors.  Therefore, I have begun to get quotes for long term care insurance.  Now I am researching skilled nursing facilities.
  • In my space time, I have learned to make a few extra bucks using my computer at home.
  • Shopping, the community college, post office, service station, and health care needs are within minutes from my apartment.  This is essential as I grow older.  If I should relocate this will still be a top priority along with cost.
  • I now use the library, not only for learning but for fun.

These are only a few of the baby steps that I have been taking toward retirement in the past three years.  It has not been a straight path.  There has been many obstacles but I persevere.  I am taking action, being accountable for my actions and persevering just as you are doing.  Times may be changing but boomers are changing too!  Stand up!  Strut your stuff!  We CAN do it?  Take those steps!  Even baby steps will get there.

Originally posted 2011-04-12 20:27:40.

Author: Robert Fowler

Robert Fowler is President of Retirement Media Inc. Check out Robert's blog at BoomerPlaces.com

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