Stress and Responsibilities

Baby boomers have responsibilities that can be hard to meet and sometimes that can result in stress. Here’s how to relieve stress overload.

The birds are singing. I woke up with their sound at 4:30a.m. to begin my day.  It is Thursday on the calendar but Monday for me. That is the day that I begin my work week.  I started reading baby boomer blogs on the computer as I drank my morning coffee.

Some people wrote about exercising and healthy eating.  Others wrote about how difficult it is to save money for retirement.  Then one person wrote a humorous blog about finding a vibrator as she dug in the garden to plant watermelon.  This gave me encouragement to write about stress overload.

Stress Overload

Today I am just going to keep it simple and write the truth about my feelings.  This boomer is in stress overload – but is managing to be responsible.  Maybe you can relate.  As a child, I was always taught to be responsible.  I have been.  I work a full time job and dream of retirement.  My funds say no that may never be possible.  Can you relate?  We are in a different era of life.  Facing the truth is not always easy but necessary for me.

I had a grandchild born this week.  She is over a 1000 miles away in Florida.  My heart says to forget my job, catch a plane, and  GO.  My bank account says no you can not plus I have a job to go to tonight that gives me good health care benefits and a pay check to pay my bills.    At age sixty-three, I will do what I was taught;be responsible.  Many boomers are feeling overwhelmed and in stress overload.  They are taking care of their parents in their homes or taking care of their grand kids.  Others are going to job interviews to start second jobs to make ends meet.  Many are sitting at computers each day with severe arthritis but pounding away on their computers to make money to survive in today’s economy.  We are in stress overload.

I am grateful to have a job but I have to be honest.  I would rather be in Florida holding my new grandchild and sitting beside my daughter’s bedside.  This is our world today.  As a divorced female the responsibility can put me easily into stress overload.

Some boomers are retired and planning vacations but still create circuit overload in their lives by trying to do too much to fast.  Slow down I say!  Enjoy what you have.   Right now you have a choice which some of us do not.  Take it easy.  Live for today.

How to Relieve Stress

Even though there are many of us that are in different situations, there are ways to deal with stress overload.  Here are a few that I will practice today.

  • I will do what is put in front of me to do but not over do.
  • I will keep a positive attitude and look for the good things around me.
  • I will continue to be responsible and remember that life is not always as I would want it to be but I am not alone in that respect.
  • I will rest when I get tired.
  • I will be grateful for what I have.
  • I will not let my emotions be in charge of my life.
  • I will care for myself by being responsible
  • I will take time to smile to give encouragement to at least one person in my busy day.
  • I will keep on keeping on because each day is new and I do not know what tomorrow will bring.

Whatever happens today, I will trust that it is happening for a reason and purpose.  Life is life and stress overload is not everyday.  On the days that I can, I will strive to do my best and be empowered by knowing that is good enough!

Hang in boomers we are just experiencing life on life’s terms and it is part of our journey.  Yes, we may get tired but enjoy the days that you are not as I am going to do.  Keep a positive attitude.  As for me, I am going to start planning and working toward a short visit to see Rorie Grace, my new grandchild.  I might not be there today but I am there in my heart.  I may not use the savings from my job for a new car but I will be responsible.  I will suit up and show up on my job today.  I will save a few dollars and visit that baby as soon as I can so I can kiss those sweet cheeks.

Remember, when in boomer stress circuit overload, this too shall pass and you can always find something to love or be grateful for, if you try hard enough!

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