Baby Boomer News – Issue 3

Baby Boomer NewsContinuing the Baby Boomer News for this edition, I scanned the baby boomer headlines for this week for interesting stories. I like the ones with news about baby boomer generation’s current lives and also boomer trends. I say for us because I am age 65 and one of the older boomers myself. So here is a quick look at news affecting baby boomers.

Names for Grandparents

This story is all over the Internet, probably because it is from USA Today but it seems some baby boomers may want to be called something else besides the tradition grandparent names like Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Bubbe, or Papa. These boomers want to be called something that won’t be construed as feeling older. Gigi and Mimi are popular. Many boomers choose a more unique name. Source: Story

Boomer Travel Trend: Taking Extended Holidays

It seems baby boomers are traveling more before retiring by taking extended holidays sometimes leaving on flights with no return date booked.  They are doing it because they can and while they can. This verifies my observations that travel by boomers is on the upswing. Source: Story

road tripsBoomers Taking More Frequent Shorter Trips

According to this based on a AARP survey (AARP Travel) baby boomers are taking more frequent and shorter domestic road trips rather than longer International trips.  The boomers leave behind their children and grandchildren and head out with little short term planning. They spend $3000 per year on travel on average. Nine Great Summer Road Trips by AARP and Retirement Travel: Road Trips

Well this boomers taking short trips clashes with the story right above this one doesn’t it.  I personally think both types of boomer travel may be in an upswing.  Source: Story

Wall Street Looks to Aging Boomers

Wall Street is looking to the aging baby boomers as an investment theme. Boomers they say are starting to put their feet up, buy investment properties, get more diseases, lose some of their eyesight and draw on government assistance. So they say put your money into Healthcare, medical science and services for aging boomers.  Source: Story

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Not Making the Cut
The rift between Baby Boomer Generation and other generations.
Testing for Hepatitis C – has been covered.

Baby Boomer News

Baby Boomer News

I scan the headlines for interesting baby boomer news stories. I like the ones with news about baby boomer generation’s current lives and of course what is directly ahead for us.  I say for us because I am age 65 and one of the older boomers myself.

50 Years Since JFK Assination
Well that is a milestone.  Everyone in our generation probably still remembers what they were doing when they heard the news. I was in the 9th grade and heard it from the announcement over the school’s PA system.  It was certainly a shock. Everyone was depressed by this event, adults and children.  They claim it was the “loss of innocence” and maybe it was. Source: Various.

Despite Projection, Restaurant Visits By Baby Boomer Has Grown
Well yes. Did they think we would be eating dog food by now? So visits by boomers has grown but visits by younger generations have declined. My take would be that the boomers have the money to eat out while families with children and getting started in life would have less discretionary income. To me this is not a shock. Source: Story.

 5 Ways Baby Boomers Can Bring Joy Back Into Exercise Through Child’s Play
danceThis was actually an interesting blog post.  The first item list is Dance and having taken two kinds of dance classes last week, I agree, maybe.  I took Shag lessons and they are great fun but almost no exercise.  On the other hand I took a Swing dance lesson with SilverSneakers and got great exercise. So it depends.  Swimming. Safe and low impact and most certainly popular with baby boomers.  I will pass on the remaining three: Roller Skating, Jump Rope and Holla Hooping.  Really?  But you don’t need all of these, just one will do fine. Source: Story

Top Technologies for Baby Boomer Drivers
This was by the MIT Age Lab for whom I am a fan. Blind spot warning systems warns drivers of objects in blind spots, especially while changing lanes and parking. Lord knows we need this. Smart headlights to reduce glare and improve night vision is also a winner. Assistive parking systems makes parking easier by indicating distance to objects and certainly that one is need also. Read about the others in the Story.

The CDC Says You Baby Boomers Should Get Tested For Hepatitis C
Why is it important to get tested for Hepatitis C?
• Millions of Americans have Hepatitis C, but most don’t know it.
• About 8 in 10 people who get infected with Hepatitis C develop a chronic, or lifelong, infection.
• People with Hepatitis C often have no symptoms. Many people can live with an infection for decades without feeling sick.
• Hepatitis C is a leading cause of liver cancer and the leading cause of liver transplants.
• New treatments are available for Hepatitis C that can get rid of the virus. Story.

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Headlines I saw that are not news to me

  • Aging Baby Boomers to Delay Retirement Plans (Been hearing this at least for 5 years)
  • Baby Boomers Generally Oppose Changing the Rules for Social Security (Oh I wonder why)
  • Most Boomers Want to Age at Home (Well, yes.)