Baby Boomers Stress

Working Boomer has bypass surgery and deals with baby boomers stress.

Writing is therapeutic so I have to get some thing off my chest so that I can get on with this thing called life as a Baby boomer.  Two and a half weeks ago, I started out to do my laundry at the mat.  Now I am not fond of the laundry mat nor am I fond of doing laundry on my day off.  Prior to leaving my apartment, I had had some chest pain.  I put in a call to my physician.  His office returned my call immediately.  They told me to go to the emergency room.  After dropping off my laundry I proceeded on down to the hospital.  Within hours, I found myself in the back of an ambulance headed to intensive care.  The next day I awaken from my triple by pass heart surgery.

Now I am here to tell you folks that life can throw you some curves and mess up a few plans.  It can even cause baby boomers stress and anger if you allow it.  You can act ridiculous and others can too.  That is a choice.  Bottom line is just this; you still need to deal with IT!  You can complain, stomp your feet, cry, throw a fit, curse, laugh, cry, meditate or spit if you want.  You can be childish or mature.  There is still no getting around the inevitable though.  You still have to DEAL WITH IT!  Oh and by the way, you can not change what others do during this time.  You can play poor pitiful me or get into the blame game.  You can be selfish or self caring.  You can fight or you can give up.  You can take the easy way out or you can put on your big boy or big girl pants and deal with it.  You might even get into that thing called stinking thinking and convince yourself that the world revolves around you.  Guess what, it does not!  It is just life, so make the best of what you can.

Everyone has stress.  Life is life and it is not going to quit happening.  We are all equal.  No one is better or less than another.  We all want love and deserve what is good in life.  So when you get to thinking that you are so special that stuff will not happen to you, then think again.  It will!  Take a deep breath.

Surround yourself with caring loving people until the rough times go by.  Laugh a little.  Pet your dog.  Be grateful that you can smell and see.  Look for something positive.  Love yourself like you have never loved yourself before.  Be grateful for those that understand and are there to listen to you. Hang strong!  Be gentle with yourself.  Above all appreciate those that care and forgive those that do not have a clue.  After all you are wearing the pants so stand up tall and show the world what you are really about.  Be good to yourself.  You earned it!  You deserve it!  If others are stressed, let them have their problem because you have got your own right now. That is more than enough to deal with at the time.  Guess what folks, this too shall pass and you will be a better person for dealing with it too!

By the way, a special thank you to all those healthcare people out there that see us through some very difficult times as we go through our stuff.  They are great!  As a matter of fact sometimes they show us more love and compassion than we show ourselves.  Guess what?  They are human and have stress too.

Originally posted 2011-05-31 20:02:17.