An Age to Be Grateful Not Just On Thanksgiving

I have noticed some of my friends in the ages around the late 50s to early 60s talking more about being grateful. In my own life I am doing the same. There must be something about being more grateful as we age.

An Age To Be Grateful Not Just on Thanksgiving

be grateful not just on Thanksgiving

I have noticed some of my friends in the ages around the late 50s to early 70s talking more about being grateful.  In my own life I am doing the same.  There must be something about being more grateful as we age.

It could be we are reflecting more on all the people we have known, the places we have been and the accomplishments and events in our lives.  What a life each of us has had up to this point in time!

There are many people we can be thankful for in our lives.  Think of the people who were your friends at work who you shared lunch time with.  Your colleagues who shared with you, instructed you, who volunteered their time for association meetings as maybe you did too.

Think of your parents who fed and took care of you and sacrificed so your life would be better than theirs.  Think back about other family members like brothers and sisters we shared so much of our lives with, aunts and uncles who gave us presents and cared about us.  Some of these family members are no longer with us. We probably didn’t tell them at the time but we are now grateful for them.

Think of all the places you have been in your life and all the things you have been fortunate enough to experience.   Some of us have traveled to other countries, other states, the nation’s capital, the great Western US, or our National Parks.  Maybe you had the experience of attending a World Series, the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, the Olympics, Indy 500, a Broadway Play, or the Petit LeMans.  I am sure you will remember any of those great events and be grateful you made that part of your life.  Maybe it was attending a play at your local high school, your church meetings, or volunteering.  Then maybe you now recognize that life is a journey and simple things like sitting under a shade tree, sitting by a stream,  people watching, or visiting the senior center are all things to be grateful for.

Think of all the things you have accomplished in your life and how grateful you are for them.  These may include raising a family, a happy marriage, your education,  sports or music, a career, a trade or skill you learned really well.  This list could go on but I am betting if you really think about it you are grateful for the opportunity you had to participate in each of these accomplishments.

Now in our everyday life we are becoming more grateful for people we run into like the cashier who smiles and chats with us, the friend who calls and invites us to lunch, a spouse who stays by our side, service workers who wait on our table, clean the hospital and keep this world going.  We can show our appreciation by saying thank you, tipping, holding the door open for people and generally recognizing and showing respect to everyone.

My Thanksgiving challenge to you is As we go through life from this point forward we shall live in the present and recognize every experience, person and place we come across in our lives is something to be grateful for.  All things big and small is to be appreciated.  Showing  gratitude helps too.  This in turn will make us happier and our lives more fulfilled.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving take some time to think back on all the things you are grateful for.  Maybe this post will jog your memory.

The Invisible People

Invisible people can be found, if one takes the time to look, at shopping malls, small towns, cities, hospitals, street corners and many other places. They are not loud or boastful. Usually they take seats toward the back of rooms. Sometimes an invisible person shows up when least expected but slips into a crowd and is not noticed for what he or she does.

Invisible people can be found, if one takes the time to look, at shopping malls, small towns, cities, hospitals, street corners and many other places.  They are not loud or boastful.  Usually they take seats toward the back of rooms.  Sometimes an invisible person shows up when least expected but slips into a crowd and is not noticed for what he or she does.

You may have missed seeing an invisible person as you rushed rudely toward a department store door to buy that last sale item on the shelve.  The door was not automatic but someone did open it for you.  Then there was the time on the grocery store parking lot when you shoved your empty cart up next to the vehicle next to you without taking it to its proper place.  As you backed out of your parking spot, if you had noticed, the cart was being rolled over to the proper place by a quiet stepping, courteous, caring invisible person.

An invisible person is well liked by others but is very seldom mentioned.  They do not put on a facade or show but instead add a feeling of peace to most situations.  You might not hear from the invisible person for years.  Then one day when you are in need, they are there sitting by your hospital bedside.  They are not afraid to touch your hand or give you a loving warm smile filled with encouragement.  Their voice is usually soft and gentle like a spring breeze in the morning fresh air.

Invisible people are non-judgmental and excellent listeners.  They do not interrupt and are sincerely interested in what you have to say.  Some have high educational degrees while others may have only attended a few years of school.  Their educational degree matters very little because both types of invisible people have so much that they contribute to the world in their own ways.  They are not self seeking.  They do not argue and even though their opinions count, it is not important to them to prove that they are right.  They have a way of carrying themselves with dignity, respect and purpose.  Even in the most stressful of situations, invisible people appear to be at ease.  Their looks and gentle words can sooth the most hurting soul.  They come in all sizes, colors, and backgrounds.  None of this is an issue to them.  They view the world as a gift with each small accomplishment looked upon as a stepping stone in their journey of life.

It is as though they have a special connection with nature.  Critters scurry around them without a care in the world as the invisible person takes a leisurely walk in a park or woods.  They have a special appreciate for color, cloud formations, and natural beauty.  They appear to be at peace with the world and what is around them even on the darkest of days.  They can be content alone or in a crowd but prefer to not be seen.  It is as though they have a sixth sense and know how to share a gentle smile just when you need it the most; that is of course if you choose to slow down long enough not to miss it.

Invisible people are truly humble and understand the meaning of love.  They face fear head on quietly with an attitude of acceptance and peace within.  Invisible people make exceptional friends because they allow you to be your own person and love you just as you are.  So many times though, they go unnoticed because of the chaos and selfishness ways of the world.

Invisible people are really not invisible.  We just need to slow down, appreciate, respect each other and take the time needed to clear our hearts, eyes and ears to allow the invisible people to impact the way we live in society today.  Stop and think about it.  Has your life become so complicated that you missed the opportunity to see and feel the presence of an invisible person today?

Boomer Living: The Power Of 24 Positive Small Words

Small words can carry power to inspire, bring hope, joy, and encouragement to others.

There are many sayings about words such as:  A picture is worth a thousand words, actions speak louder than words and etc.  We as boomers have taught and heard powerful words..  We smiled when we heard some small words spoken for the first time by our grandchildren and children before them.

Remember the first time that you heard the word Mama or Da Da uttered from a babies voice.  If you didn’t have children of your own then maybe there was a time that you heard just your name spoken from a little one.  I bet you smiled.  As adults maybe it would be good to go back and focus on small words that create positive reactions for us and others.

When we practice small things like small words it will give us the power to grow and experience what is good in each other.  It is simple and free.

This is a list that I have been using more often.  It is rewarding to see how the words work.

24 Positive Small Words

  1. I love you.
  2. Thank you.
  3. Excuse me.
  4. I care.
  5. You are special.
  6. Good morning.
  7. How are you?
  8. That was very nice.
  9. I understand and admire your courage.
  10. Your smile is like sunshine.
  11. You have such a good listening ear.
  12. The things you do are important.
  13. You did a great job.
  14. We can do this together.
  15. You inspire me by trying.
  16. I appreciate you.
  17. Your sharing makes a difference.
  18. You were missed when you were gone.
  19. You have brought joy into my life.
  20. You can do it.
  21. I noticed your kind deed.
  22. I enjoyed being with you.
  23. You are never alone.
  24. You touched my heart.

Yes, small words can carry power to inspire, bring hope, joy, and encouragement to others.  Then the positive effects come back to us.  I will ask you to join me in a review of small words that we can use to create harmony, peace, and love in our baby boomer journey of life.  You can do it.  It is okay.  We did it as babies.  We taught our children.  Now let’s not forget the importance and the positive power of small words.  It is up to you. It is never too late. What other words can we add and practice that are small but very powerful?   It is not being childlike.  It is really about showing how grown up we really are.  Today might be the day that your life or the life of another will be changed with the power of a kind and considerate small word.

Boomers Stop Chasing Your Tail

Book review of Dr. Wayne Dyer writings about finding happiness. Good advice for Boomers.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is a post from the past which has a timeless message. Each day I find it is necessary to meditate. Meditation brings inner peace.  One of my favorite authors is Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Dr. Dyer was born May 10,1940 in Detroit, Michigan.  He spent the first 10 years of his life in foster homes and orphanages.

Today Dr Dyer is a motivation speaker, author, therapist and an self help guru.  Dr. Dyer is the father of eight children and resides with his family in Maui Hawaii.

Dr. Dyer has compared happiness as something being in one’s tail.  Dr. Dryer says, “Don’t chase Happiness, it will find you.  love who you are.”  Don’t be like a cat.  Stop chasing your tail.  Dr. Dyer says,” live life as you want not as others want you to live.”  People will have different opinions of how you should be but more importantly is that you love who you are.  Hang strong and enjoy inner peace.

The message is clear: Allow happiness to find you.  Stop the rat race of chasing.  Enjoy the moment!

My favorite quote by Dr. Dyer is, “When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the Floor.  It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”  Dr. Dyer says, ” How people treat you is their karma, how you react to it is yours.”

Boomer Living

Boomer life can give you the feeling of being  pressured and stressed.  In addition to everyday life such as Doctors appointments, medicare, discovering new wrinkles, loss of a friend, children having problems, etc.   It is still important to do a self check.  Enjoy the moment and Stop chasing your tail.

Book review- by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Building Healthy Relationships In Today’s World

We boomers have known many relationships in our time.  There are relationships with family, co workers, neighbors, partners, business associates, health care professionals and even those that we meet on Face book and other social media sites.  Then we have a spiritual relationship and even a relationship with our very own being.  Relationships are different.  People are different.  Relationships can be complicated, rewarding, stressful, pleasant, positive or negative.  Bottom line; healthy relationships are necessary in order to feel good, know peace and be successful in our everyday living regardless of circumstances outside of ourselves.

This is a difficult subject for me to write about because I spent many years in unhealthy relationships so I am no expert on the topic, but I do have wisdom.  With that wisdom, I am in a continuing process of living, laughing, loving and learning.  Today I choose to have healthy relationships.  The four L’s are very important as I try to balance my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional self.  It takes work but the work is necessary to our overall health and well being.  With that said, I would like to share a wonderful experience that I have had with Robert Fowler the owner of Retirement Media.  I have never met Robert nor his beautiful wife MA but I think of them as close friends that have given me more than they will ever know.  It is time to say thank you and share some of my own personal secrets with him and you, my friends.  This is how I learned to develop an online working, positive, rewarding relationship with a person that is totally different from me,a person that I have never met.  This is the story and how it brought joy into my life. Robert, alka Mr. Fowler, this is HOW YOU AND MA INSPIRED MY LIFE by giving me the opportunity to practice building a healthy working relationship on line in today’s world! My reward has been great online friends that helped me with my PURPOSE, by living, laughing, loving and learning as we shared our thoughts, feelings and stories.

It began in November of 2010 as I commented on a post on Retirement Media Face Book where I was looking around dreaming of a retirement home on   Up popped this Dude, yes I say Dude, named Robert. Dude is what I have called him a number of times whether HE  liked it or not.  lol  I disagreed with something he said about social security on his site.  Well, I was right, so being my usual, let’s get this right self, I commented.  So this Dude Robert, thanked me.  Yes, he thanked me instead of getting angry.  🙂  Then he even asked me to help him on the site since I had been a consistent commenter.  “Sure”, I thought to myself.  My mind took off with it’s distrusting self, for you see, I had had some bad experiences before in my earlier years of life on line.  The committees in the mind said, “What’s HE wanting?  Who is this ____?  Now does HE, Robert, really think that I am DUMB enough to believe that he owns this place?  Why would HE, Robert, need my help since HE is smart and I am not THAT educated?  Hec, I can’t write.  I am not even computer smart.  It must be a stalker. The Dude, doesn’t even have a pic of his face on this Retirement Media Face book.”  Wow what a trip those committees of the mind took me on since I had not even one little bit of trust left after my negative experience of relationship building on line from years long ago.  Now keep in mind friends that I am writing this for the first time and Robert has no idea that I had all those thoughts. The truth will set you free, I always say… 🙂

To make a long story short, I meditated for a couple of days then agreed.  “Why not? Robert appeared sincere and willing to teach me,” I thought to myself.  “Teach me?  You got to be kidding,” the mind jumped out in full blown negative mode again. 🙁  So our relationship began.  I learned Face booking, tweet twittering, blogging, and google golining.  He, Robert, continued to show respect, kindness, concern, patience, caring while I did everything possible to ruffle his feathers. 🙂  I wrote on his face book site about making chicken and dumplings, my sonic toothbrush and even napping.  Now when I wrote about the importance of a good nap for health I forgot to include the link.  Did Robert get mad or belittle me?  NO, he did not!  He just came back with that calm manner and wrote, “Ann, I need the link because I want to learn more about napping.”  Then there was the time when he had a problem seeing at night while driving so I filled him in on glare proof glasses.  Yes, I did.  Did he get mad?  No!  Then the blogging started.  I could write, but I didn’t know anything about blogging so I just let him know up front, “Robert, I am NOT linking, making pictures and YOU  have to edit.  Did he get mad?  NO!  Instead he welcomed the chance for us to work with each other as we both learned.  Then  I challenged him to a blog, which was, in my opinion, the best one ever!  He shared his experience about a humorous fishing trip with MA.  I found myself ROFL.  It was great!  I could always visualize MA sitting quietly in the background, with her sweet smile, shaking her head but being supportive of Robert’s new adventure with working with Working Boomer.

Now on a more serious note, MA and Robert touched my heart.  They were there with me in spirit as I rode in the ambulance for my emergency heart surgery.  Robert gave me my first and only birthday party on Retirement Media Face book.  He sent me books through the mail for my reading and learning pleasure, not knowing that it was my first time to receive gifts in the mail.  He and MA were there at Christmas time on line and they made my Christmas with a gift from their hearts which brought tears to my eyes as I cried with gratitude.  I spent that Christmas alone but I had my dear friends MA and Robert Fowler in my heart.  He gave me the opportunity to learn, laugh, live and experience the feeling of love for friends that I had not even met.  Robert gave me the opportunity to write and express myself by finding my voice.  Most important of all Robert and MA helped me build confidence and a healthy relationship with friends like you.  Robert gave me the opportunity to express my gratitude for senior centers and resource for senior apartments, low income housing, and beautiful pictures to view on his sites.   I put no human being on a pedestal but I can express my gratitude for the laughter, love, and learning that this work relationship brought to me.

So friends, as you continue your journey in life always remember to live, love, laugh and learn while you can.  Working Boomer will be retiring the name Working Boomer but she will always remember her experience and be grateful for the friends that she has met on line through Retirement Media.  She might stop into Boomer Places now and then to share a story and say, HOWDY FRIENDS..

Thank you Robert Fowler as you continue to spread the love and experiences that you have to share during the rest of your Baby Boomer years.  Much love, joy, success and peace to all of you as you continue building healthy relationships in your journey of life.  Always remember to face life with your head held high, be proud of who you are and never pass up a chance to live, love, laugh and learnPeace be with you all, my dear on line friends.

A Simple Way To Avoid The Monday Blues

Yes, we have the power to change our attitude and avoid the Monday blues. Also just a reminder as I was reminded; gifts of importance such as positive words do not cost, but are worth much to others. Encouragement and love have the power to heal. Words and simple actions can bring SMILES to faces. It is a simple way to give and help others to avoid the Monday Blues.

Monday comes every week as we all know.  As a week end worker, it is my Friday. I turned on my computer to Face book, Google+ and twitter.  There I read where a lot of boomers are tired just as I am on Monday. Some folks sounded a little blue.  Then I looked for positive and encouraging words that others had written on the social network sites.  By doing this, I know that I am not alone but share some of the same thoughts and feelings as other boomers.  I take what I want and leave the rest.  By sharing even small words which are written or said is a gift that we all can give another.  Just for today, I am going to write two things that I read on my face book that encouraged me.  Hopefully it will encourage you.  We are one.  We are human and we ALL  have the ability to express kindness and caring to help ourselves plus others.

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote this, “I am a human being, not a human doing.  Don’t equate your self-worth with how well you do things in life.  You aren’t what you do.  If you are what you do, then when you don’t…you aren’t.”   “Wow, what a simple concept,” I though to myself as I read the words.  Next, I opened an email from a face book friend.  It reminded me not to over do.  Also the person thanked me for a response.  That felt good.

Then I looked at a posting from another young person. This is what it said. “It is very difficult to take care of others unless you have first taken care of yourself. What do you need to do for yourself so that you can be available for others? What needs are going unmet? How can you be kind to yourself?”  My heart sang with a smile as I thought about how young this person was. But yet he took the time to write those words for all of his face book friends to read.  The words gave me hope.

I read another post from a Face book friend that reminded me about how gossip can hurt others.  I smiled.  How simple but how important this is to remember when we speak.  Even silence at times can be a gift.

Yes, we have the power to change our attitude and avoid the Monday blues.  Also just a reminder as I was reminded; gifts of importance such as positive words do not cost, but are worth much to others.  Encouragement and love have the power to heal.  Words and simple actions can bring SMILES to faces.  It is a simple way to give and help others to avoid the Monday Blues.

Remember, as each day passes we become older and wiser.  Each Monday will become more and more important. The last chapter of our life is being written.  So if you didn’t start today then set a goal for next week to keep it simple and avoid the Monday blues.