A Simple Way To Avoid The Monday Blues

Yes, we have the power to change our attitude and avoid the Monday blues. Also just a reminder as I was reminded; gifts of importance such as positive words do not cost, but are worth much to others. Encouragement and love have the power to heal. Words and simple actions can bring SMILES to faces. It is a simple way to give and help others to avoid the Monday Blues.

Monday comes every week as we all know.  As a week end worker, it is my Friday. I turned on my computer to Face book, Google+ and twitter.  There I read where a lot of boomers are tired just as I am on Monday. Some folks sounded a little blue.  Then I looked for positive and encouraging words that others had written on the social network sites.  By doing this, I know that I am not alone but share some of the same thoughts and feelings as other boomers.  I take what I want and leave the rest.  By sharing even small words which are written or said is a gift that we all can give another.  Just for today, I am going to write two things that I read on my face book that encouraged me.  Hopefully it will encourage you.  We are one.  We are human and we ALL  have the ability to express kindness and caring to help ourselves plus others.

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote this, “I am a human being, not a human doing.  Don’t equate your self-worth with how well you do things in life.  You aren’t what you do.  If you are what you do, then when you don’t…you aren’t.”   “Wow, what a simple concept,” I though to myself as I read the words.  Next, I opened an email from a face book friend.  It reminded me not to over do.  Also the person thanked me for a response.  That felt good.

Then I looked at a posting from another young person. This is what it said. “It is very difficult to take care of others unless you have first taken care of yourself. What do you need to do for yourself so that you can be available for others? What needs are going unmet? How can you be kind to yourself?”  My heart sang with a smile as I thought about how young this person was. But yet he took the time to write those words for all of his face book friends to read.  The words gave me hope.

I read another post from a Face book friend that reminded me about how gossip can hurt others.  I smiled.  How simple but how important this is to remember when we speak.  Even silence at times can be a gift.

Yes, we have the power to change our attitude and avoid the Monday blues.  Also just a reminder as I was reminded; gifts of importance such as positive words do not cost, but are worth much to others.  Encouragement and love have the power to heal.  Words and simple actions can bring SMILES to faces.  It is a simple way to give and help others to avoid the Monday Blues.

Remember, as each day passes we become older and wiser.  Each Monday will become more and more important. The last chapter of our life is being written.  So if you didn’t start today then set a goal for next week to keep it simple and avoid the Monday blues.

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Don’t Take Life for Granted. Live It!

“Live this day as if it will be your last. Remember that you will only find ”tomorrow” on the calendars of fools. Forget yesterday’s defeats and ignore the problems of tomorrow. This is it. Doomsday. All you have. Make it the best day of your year. The saddest words you can ever utter are, ”If I had my life to live over again. ”Take the baton, now. Run with it! This is your day! Beginning today, treat everyone you meet, friend or foe, loved one or stranger, as if they were going to be dead at midnight. Extend to each person, no matter how trivial the contact, all the care and kindness and understanding and love that you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.”

Og Mandino quotes

So quickly we humans can forget how important it is to care, use kindness, understanding and love.  How quickly we can wish for a reward only for ourselves.  How quickly we can forget in a moment of anger, despair, or chaos just how important life is.  Take the time to LOVE. Take the time to SHARE. Take the time to give THANKS.   Take the time to use KINDNESS.  Take the time to show Understanding. Take the time to allow yourself to be HUMAN.  Take the time to allow others their right to be human.  Take the time To hold anther’s  HAND.  Take the time to speak the word LOVE.  Take the time to show someone you  CARE!  Give a HUG.  We have but one life.  Life is a Gift.  Lift your face to the the sky and let your Heart sing!

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Boomer Living: The Power Of 24 Positive Small Words

Small words can carry power to inspire, bring hope, joy, and encouragement to others.

There are many sayings about words such as:  A picture is worth a thousand words, actions speak louder than words and etc.  We as boomers have taught and heard powerful words..  We smiled when we heard some small words spoken for the first time by our grandchildren and children before them.

Remember the first time that you heard the word Mama or Da Da uttered from a babies voice.  If you didn’t have children of your own then maybe there was a time that you heard just your name spoken from a little one.  I bet you smiled.  As adults maybe it would be good to go back and focus on small words that create positive reactions for us and others.

When we practice small things like small words it will give us the power to grow and experience what is good in each other.  It is simple and free.

This is a list that I have been using more often.  It is rewarding to see how the words work.

24 Positive Small Words

  1. I love you.
  2. Thank you.
  3. Excuse me.
  4. I care.
  5. You are special.
  6. Good morning.
  7. How are you?
  8. That was very nice.
  9. I understand and admire your courage.
  10. Your smile is like sunshine.
  11. You have such a good listening ear.
  12. The things you do are important.
  13. You did a great job.
  14. We can do this together.
  15. You inspire me by trying.
  16. I appreciate you.
  17. Your sharing makes a difference.
  18. You were missed when you were gone.
  19. You have brought joy into my life.
  20. You can do it.
  21. I noticed your kind deed.
  22. I enjoyed being with you.
  23. You are never alone.
  24. You touched my heart.

Yes, small words can carry power to inspire, bring hope, joy, and encouragement to others.  Then the positive effects come back to us.  I will ask you to join me in a review of small words that we can use to create harmony, peace, and love in our baby boomer journey of life.  You can do it.  It is okay.  We did it as babies.  We taught our children.  Now let’s not forget the importance and the positive power of small words.  It is up to you. It is never too late. What other words can we add and practice that are small but very powerful?   It is not being childlike.  It is really about showing how grown up we really are.  Today might be the day that your life or the life of another will be changed with the power of a kind and considerate small word.

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Boomer Points To Ponder For A Purpose

A few months ago I was struggling with finding my purpose in life.  I stood in faith.   I continued on with my journey in life. I  dreamed the dream of my boomer retirement years.  Consistently, I looked at Mr. Robert Fowler’s sites, Retirement Media and 55communityguide.com along with his retirement face book pages.  I read many inspiring things written by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Maya Angelou and Simon T. Bailey.  Most important of all I never lost my faith nor did I quit because I wanted to know my purpose for living my life.  I wanted to find a way to help others. In my introduction boomerplaces.com I said that if I could help one person smile, laugh, be encouraged, or enhance an other’s life in any way then my day was a success.

I was contacted by Mr. Fowler asking if I would help him out with a few of his face book pages actually doing what I was already doing by commenting.  After taking two days to meditate about this I agreed .  In  my heart I felt this would be  a way to help others.  Money was not my motivator.  My desire was to post things that I thought would help others.  I made it clear to Mr. Fowler that I needed to always be honest and share from my heart.  I needed to reach other boomers and maybe just help one.  Today I write as WorkingBoomer using my favorite words Live, Laugh, Love and Learn.

To show my gratitude for this opportunity as Valentines Day is near,  I want to write just a few points for all of us to ponder on Live, Laugh, Love and Learn as it flows from my heart into this writing.


  • Don’t waste a moment of life.  It is too short.  It is precious.  It is an adventure.  It is a gift.  It is a time to help others.  It is a time to take action.  It is a time to be enjoyed.  It is a time to create.  It is a time to inspire.  It is a time to accomplish.  It is a time to meet challenges.  It is a time to shift as quoted by Simon Bailey.  It is never to late to spread your wings and fly.  It is a time to seek your purpose.


Smile and give your smile to someone else because it is contagious.  Laugh because it is good for your health.  Share laughter with others because it brings joy into their lives.  Develop a sense of humor because it will help you get through the hard times.  A sense of humor will allow you to deal better with life’s  problems as each day passes.  Try to maintain a positive attitude.  What good does it do to live in fear or negativity?


  • Love because it has the power to change the world.  Love because it brings peace and contentment to your heart.  Love because it replaces hate.  Love because it brings about forgiveness.  Love because it is what every human being needs and wants.  Love because it shows compassion and kindness. Love has the ability to heal a broken heart.  Love because that is what your children need, the elderly need, the neighbor needs, the stranger needs, the homeless need, your family needs, your friends need.  Love is what people of all ages, origins, backgrounds, and people of the world need to experience for a life of happiness.


Learn to improve yourself.  Learn to be tolerant.  Learn to contribute to life.  Learn to be fulfilled.  Learn in order to share with others.  Learn to be a success.  Learn to develope new skills.  Learn by studying history to understand today and tomorrow. Learn to understand how to be the best person that you can be.  Learn how to give.  Learn how to receive. Learn and just keep on learning so that you will always stay open to new and creative ideas.  Learn to stay young at heart.

No, I am not Simon T. Bailey, Maya Angleu, Dr. Wayne Dyer or any other well known person that you may have heard of in this life.  I do share a common bond with each one of them though.  I am a boomer with a purpose. I know in my heart that each one of you have a purpose.  Each one of you have a gift.  It is just all about finding it and putting it into action.  So I leave you with this writing today with a few points to ponder as you seek your purpose in life.  I leave you with love and a small piece of my heart!

As quoted by Simon T. Bailey, Confidence makes the Brain grow.  Worry, stress, and fear cause your brain to slow down.  Be Bold, Be confident, Be Brilliant!  It is never to late!

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Boomer Memory Of Strengthened Faith

Boomer memories: A get-away turns dangerous when a Winter storm hits, trapping the girls in their cabin at the top of the mountain. Memories are to be shared and Working Boomer lets up know the rest of the story that she always will remember.

It was late March, a beautiful early spring day, as my friend Lou and I set out for the Ozark Mountains for a much needed get a way. I had received one of those free offers to a resort for two nights and three days as guests to view a vacation community. Since funds were low this was an opportunity that we just could not pass up. The sun was shining bright, the sky was crystal clear as we pulled into the resort entrance where we were met by a Realtor who graciously showed us to our condo. It was much more than we had expected. The view from the balcony looked down on the quaint village nestled at the bottom of the mountain.  It was a dream come true; a place for rest and relaxation, no stress, no worries, no responsibility.  For two gals in their early 30’s it was an escape from reality; a little peace of heaven on earth placed there for our enjoyment.  Yes, 1984 was going to be a good year.

Lou and I were ready! After taking our cooler and bags from the car we jumped into our comfortable pajama pants and long sloppy tee shirts. We tuned into our favorite radio station and brought out our manicuring sets, facial masks, curling irons, chocolate candy bars, chips and soda pop. Of course, Lou had her favorite love story book while I had my mediation and inspirational book to read. Lou flopped down on one couch with her legs hanging over the end as I spread out on the floor with my feet and legs in a chair. After pampering ourselves for a few hours, we decided to go to bed early to get some much needed sleep before our sightseeing trip that we had planned for the next day.

After sleeping for about two hours I woke up to a pounding sound on the window by my bed.  I pulled back the curtains to see sleet, ice and snow falling all around. The driveway was covered in ice and of course we were at the very top of the mountain.  We were iced in a snow storm to be remembered! Old man winter had returned in full force. I awakened Lou.  Immediately she started to panic.  She was crying as fear over took her.  We both were due back to work within two days and could not afford to miss any pay.  I had a fear of driving in bad weather and always avoided it.  After listening to the weather news, we learned the snow was suppose to continue for two days and there was talk of shutting the highways down.  I felt scared, powerless and out of control.

Lou was not into meditation and prayer but I was. I asked if she would pray with me.  She agreed and we held each others hands while I prayed.  A since of peace came over me that words can not even describe. The answer came!

Some how we de-iced the car and I drove it down the steep mountain. We made it to the highway where there were no vehicles in sight. Along the way, we stopped at a gas station for a fill up.  A truck driver asked us if we were crazy for driving in the weather.  I smiled and replied, “ No Sir. There is something more powerful than me behind the wheel of this car.”  We then continued on our way.  It was a fourteen hour drive which in normal conditions would have only taken five hours.  I remained calm during the entire trip.  My fear of driving had been removed.  My faith had been strengthened. We arrived safely back in the big city.  Lou now prays and meditates.  As for me, I have a story.  I have a memory.  It may not have been the escape that we wanted but it was the Gift that we needed.  It was The Power Of Faith and Peace Within.  The Gift was priceless and now it is being shared with you!

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A Positive Attitude Is A Choice

Boomers can strive to develop a positive attitude or remain negative; it is a choice. A positive attitude can lead us to happiness and success.

Boomers: Why Develop a Positive Attitude?

There are many things in life that we do not have the power to change such as the weather, time, and certain life events. The one thing that we can change is our attitude. Some of us are pessimists and others are optimists. We can strive to develop a positive attitude or remain negative; it is a choice.

A pessimist expects things to go wrong and dwells on the negative while an optimist maximizes the positive and minimizes the negative. Making a choice to develop a positive attitude and living in the now has many rewards, not only to our self-esteem but affects our life and the lives of others. Living many of my earlier years as a pessimist, I missed opportunities, happiness, peace of mind, and joy that life had to offer. Today it is important that I strive to maintain a positive attitude. Here I will list reasons that influenced my choice.

Negative Attitude
Creates stress
Keeps one from developing ourselves to our full potential
Causes physical problems such as headaches, stomach problems, sleep disorders, and fatigue
Increases fear which can dominate our life and life decisions
Keeps us from meeting life on life’s terms
Can keep us in a state of blame and procrastination
Effects the lives of those around us
Stands in our way of meeting goals and succeeding
Produces doubt, bitterness, insecurity, and anger
Takes away our positive energy and the joy of living

Positive Attitude
We cope better with daily living
We experience joy and happiness
It bring optimism into our life and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking
Displays self esteem and confidence
We have more energy and inner peace
Gives us the power to inspire and motivate ourselves and others
People actually enjoy being around us and helps us develop healthy relationships
Inspires us to succeed
Gives us a greater appreciation for the little things in life
Gives us hope during difficult times
Inspires us to love, create, and be the best person that we can be
Opens up a whole new way of thinking about life, respect, and our value system
Enables us to be a succeed without ego or grandiose ideas

A positive attitude can lead us to happiness and success. There are no benefits to a negative attitude if we are into mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual living. Your attitude is contagious! What is your choice? What better gift can you give to yourself and those around than by developing a positive attitude?

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”  –    quote by Winston Churchill

Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable ,or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same-Francesca Reigler

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