Facing Life With A Little Boomer Humor

Some boomer humor can help you deal with life’s ups and downs. Working Boomer shares a little humor from her life today.

As some of you know, I use humor to deal with some of life’s little irritations.  It works for me!  Today thus far was no exception.  I woke up at 4 a.m. today full of things to get done prior to my work night tonight.  I wanted to write a blog about city retirement and things to do in St. Louis, Missouri.  Obviously that has changed due to my mind going in too many other directions using humor.  I am determined to write though because one of the first things on my mind today was a song from the past, “You Are On My Mind.”  Yes, computer friends, I mean you, so I am going to share a little boomer humor.  This is how I used humor to change negative thought to positives in just a few hours.

  1. I bought a new hair color product to cover my gray roots.  Since I have a cosmetology license, I did not see a problem with this.  It was!  The new product had totally different ways to color white and gray.  I read the directions.  I followed them.  The results was dark brown.  The box said light vibrant red brown.  I wanted what the box said.  Well, I will be trying to enjoy my new look of dark brown.  Lesson learned, I say!  It will grow out.  If necessary, I will wear a cap or hat for six weeks.  There is no use to sweat the small stuff.
  2. I look forward to the Retirement Media Daily News Paper that comes out in the evening.  There was no paper last evening due to some problem on the computer.  You got it!  There was no paper this morning either.  No problem, I will have double to read when it does appear.
  3. I wanted to air out the apartment today with the fresh spring air.  I opened the patio doors.  There was no sunshine but a nice rain with chilly air.  Instantly my head started to pound because I have allergies.  The lawn folks cut the grass yesterday.  Again, no problem.  The patio doors are closed and my head ache is easing down underneath my dark brown hair.   It will make a great day to sleep before my midnight work shift tonight.
  4. Then I remembered there were a few things that I still needed from the store.  With umbrella in hand, I proceeded out the door to my car.  Now, I am here to let you know that traffic in the early a.m. should be avoided whenever possible.  Even more so on a rainy day at the end of a week when day folks are trying to get to work.  That is another lesson I learned this morning.  The lady saved the day that horned her truck horn at me when she almost hit my car.  Need I mention that I was sitting still and she was the one moving.  No auto repairs or injuries and that is good!
  5. Sweetie, my dog, was a wee bit disappointed about the rain too.  She wanted to chase rabbits but she does not like her feet wet.  All the better for me because I don’t like my head wet waiting for her to do her number in the early morning hours.  Yep, that was another positive turned to a negative.
  6. I saw that the gasoline prices went up again overnight.  One more penny and it will be at $4.oo a gallon.  Lucky me!  I didn’t need gas today.  Maybe it will go down again before my tank is empty.
  7. The clothes that I picked up at the laundry mat are in good shape, even though I managed to drop them in the wet grass. They were nicely hung on hangers in strong clear plastic.  Whoops!  That was close!  I am so glad that I don’t have to go back to laundry mat and do them all over again.  Now how is that for turning a negative drop to a positive thought.

I have had a lot of fun writing this blog even though it is light and a little off beat but so is life at times.  Remember as I always say; This too shall pass.  Life is getting too short to waste on the small things that we can not control.  Try and find something that you can laugh about each day!  Have you had a good BELLY LAUGH today?  Just try it because it feels good!

You have a choice, laugh or cry.  I hope that you share your laugh with us so that we all can laugh with each other. Need some more boomer humor.

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Boomer Wisdom: Hindsight Is 20/20

Tips To Make Life Easier

Ann challenged Robert to do a blog post with her on things to make life easier. So Robert woke up this morning at 5AM and before coffee here is what came out.   Using our boomer wisdom off the top of our heads (or is it 20/20 vision?)  Ann and Robert came up with the following. Rather than make life hard on ourselves, maybe this will help.

Robert’s Tips to Make Life Easier

  • 1. Keep things simple
  • 2. Don’t borrow money
  • 3. Don’t gossip
  • 4. Don’t lie
  • 5. Do what you are supposed to do
  • 6. Show up on time, maybe a little early
  • 7. Give the other party more than they expected
  • 8. Learn a skill or get an education
  • 9. Go to bed on time and get your sleep
  • 10. Don’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday, live in the present

Ann’s Tips to Make Life Easier

Since Robert wrote very early, I will write what comes to my mind at 12 noon on a beautiful day in February. It is just like spring not winter. What a gift. Last year at this time we had a difficult winter. It just goes to show how each day can be different. It is up to us to accept, be grateful and make the most of each moment. No one else can do that for us. We have no control over all circumstances but we can always strive to be the best person possible. Therefore Robert, here is my list. I hope everyone will add to it because it is one that can be never ending. If we all contribute then the world will be better place for us and those around us.

  • 11. Laugh just because it feels good. Humor has the ability to heal.
  • 12. Love yourself just as you are but be willing to change negatives that hold you back from enjoying life.
  • 13. Be spontaneous. What is the good in watching the clock all the time. It always moves at the same pace. Let your enter child let loose and fly.
  • 14. Learn to trust yourself. You may not always be right but you can grow from your own mistakes
  • 15. Be forgiving. Anger and holding grudges serve no purpose to your well being. Besides others will enjoy being around you more.
  • 16. Accept change. It is a part of life.
  • 17.Replace fear with faith. Most of the time you will find the fear will get much smaller as you practice this.
  • 18. Accept mistakes as stepping stones in life instead of defeat.
  • 19.Reward yourself daily, after all you are worth it. Make room for rest and relaxation. It is important to your well being.
  • 20. Admit when you are wrong. Correct the mistake or make an amend as soon as possible. Do you hang onto self pity, anger and resentments that will sap life right out of you.
  • 21. Know your limitations. Doing is good but be careful and don’t bite off more than you can chew as the old saying goes.
  • 22. Stand up for yourself when it is necessary. Door mats stay on the ground.
  • 23. Rejoice in all things good! Sing a song, hum a tune, dance a jig, clap your hands, tap you foot or just blink your eyes. Just do it!
  • 24. Practice your listening skills. It is amazing what you can learn from others. Listening to the sounds of nature, a train whistle, or a laughing child can bring joy to your heart and memories long forgotten.
  • 25. Set priorities but take time to be free. Be free to be_ _ _. You fill in the blanks.
  • 26. Let go of trying to control everything. It is tiring. Ask yourself this question, “How important is it? Do I really have that much time in life to waste?”
  • 27. Allows other to help you when you need help. You may find that it feels good and makes them feel good too.
  • 28. Practice humility. No one is more than or less than. We are all human.
  • 29. Try not to take personal everything that comes your way. After all it may not even be about you. Allow others to learn from their mistakes just as you have. Rise above in your thinking.
  • 30. Use love in everything that you do. If you slip in that area today then try again tomorrow. By doing this you be a success in the journey of life.

There is so much more that could be written and writing is a wonderful way to communicate and relieve ourselves of anxiety. Even more important is practice no matter how small or large. Feel free to share your comment or add to the list. Let Robert and I read your write. Live, Laugh, Learn and Love, Annie Alka WorkingBoomer

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Where Will The Baby Boomers Live?

An update on where will the baby boomer live in retirement. This is being answered everyday right now. Here is our take.

where will boomers live

So where will be baby boomers live as they retire? That is the question that is being answered right now as 10,000 boomers a day turn age 65 like I did this year.

I spend a lot of time reading everything I can about the very same thing.  Plus I am living this myself and see my friends moving for retirement. Here is my take.

Where Will The Boomers Live in Retirement?

The options are several but let’s just consider these:

1. move to an active adult community in another state
2. move to an active adult community in your own state
3. move to suitable home in another state
4. move to a suitable home in your state
5. stay where you are living now

From the way it looks now, the majority will stay in their own homes for many reasons, not the least of which is affordability. They make make some changing to their homes to make them more liveable as they ended up aging in place.  This is option 5 above.

The next sizable tier, those who can afford it, may just move in a more suitable home in their own state. This is option 4. They may move from a large home to a ranch with a basement or a townhouse with master on the main and same level living areas. This may be to a location right in their current neighborhood because they like living there but just want a more suitable home for their retirement living. They may move a little closer to their children (grandchildren) and I see this happening quite a bit.

Some but a smaller group will elect to move to one of the 55+ places in their current neighborhood or one of the active adult communities on the edge of their metro area.  This is option 2.  I am seeing more of these 55+ communities being build in the suburbs where people are living now and I think this will become more popular as time goes on. These boomer communities will be smaller because of the land acquisition cost than those large Del Webb type active adult communities on the outer edges of metros.

A very few will move retire to the exciting city living and even fewer currently are moving to a true small town for retirement unless it is in one of the  active adult communities.

Some will relocate to other states especially Florida, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina and Texas and other 55+ places.

Very few will move overseas for affordable retirement living, places like Costa Rica or South America.  Some will move into their second homes which may be vacation or seasonal homes, but not many.

So as I see it this is what is happening right now answering the question where will the baby boomers live in retirement.

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Subtraction Improving Boomers Lives

Subtraction Improving Boomer Lives

Subtraction means removing things and in this context means removing things from your life to improve it. What you remove from your life can be just as meaningful as what you add.

Most of our lives we were are adding things to improve our lives and happiness. We added cars, houses, boats, concerts, jewelry and all kinds of stuff. We also wanted to see and do as much as we could. For so long the more we added the more we thought it added to our happiness.

However after a lifetime of adding many baby boomers are now finding out how to improve their lives by subtraction, removing things.

Examples of Improving Their Lives by Subtraction

For example, Jim says he doesn’t like to watch TV anymore more. He doesn’t need those lights flickering in his face and the loud commercials and besides there is very little content of value to him anyway.

Ann is cleaning house and getting rid of a lifetime of stuff that was just sitting around. I don’t want my kids to have to go through all this stuff. With every load I take out I am feeling lighter and better.

John and Marie are selling their large home and downsizing to a moderate size ranch with basement. We don’t need or want a large home anymore. This will reduce the time and money needed for upkeep plus give them more livable housing that meets their needs better.

Tony has been a political junkie for a while and used to get real passionate about it. He has gotten out of that. He says “You are not going to change anyone’s mind. Besides both sides may be corrupt so what’s the use. I don’t think I want to change the world anymore. There are more positive and better things to do with my time.”

James says he quit following any sports teams. When the baseball players went on strike years ago that was the beginning of the end for him. I don’t need the hype before and during the games. Besides it’s hard seeing the huge salaries being paid these days to guys with awful attitudes getting into trouble all the time. I can do without professional sports.

Fred has his main house and two second home condos. The upkeep is expensive both time and money wise. He is thinking of selling them.

So rather than adding the above are some ways boomers are subtracting and improving their lives by doing so. These are just examples. Your subtraction will be different than mine. The important point to be aware of is that for many boomers removing is becoming more important than adding.

Examples of subtraction used to improve your life by reducing or avoiding risks are given in my post: Aging Boomers: Avoid These Downside Risks

In general subtraction can improve your life by: simplifies your live. Less to keep up with. Less risks. By removing things you can better focus on a meaningful life. Maybe you want to focus on enjoying nature, friends, family, travel, gardening, trips, museums, getting outdoors, volunteering, learning, and healthcare or whatever floats your boat. Removing things can let you focus on what you want to do today. That will improve your happiness for sure.

I think this concept is important so I am making the by line of this blog “Less work and things, more people and activities”.

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Boomer Living Trends

Here are some trends happening with us of the baby boomer generation. If you are a boomer, can you relate to any of these?

Buying a New Car

Boomers have been buying new cars, even though many of us are driving less. The catalyst for baby boomers to buy a new car is the safety equipment in new cars these days. My wife Mary Ann picked up her new Honda yesterday with Navigational system and Sensing, replacing her 2009 model car.  It is amazing what cars can do these days. Boomers feel these items make today’s cars safer and easier to drive.  One day when self driving cars become available, there may be another boomer car buying spree.
safer autos for baby boomers

Being More Active

Boomers are becoming more active and getting out for walks and playing pickleball and other sports.  I joined 10,500 boomers at the National Senior Games a couple of months ago and witnessed the passion first hand.
National Senior Games race walkers

Attend to Our Health

All boomers’ lives are affected by their health and that is becoming more clear by the day. The Medicare nurse comes to our homes each year to check up on us (if you have an Advantage Plan).  Many of us do annual physicals and preventative dental work.  We visit health fairs and do Health Screenings which are medical tests that doctors use to check for diseases and health conditions before there are any signs or symptoms. Screenings help find problems early, when they may be easier to treat. Many of us are dealing with chronic health conditions that alter our lifestyle.

Downsizing and Moving

Almost every boomer I talk with has downsized or is downsizing, getting rid of stuff they no longer need. Many times this is in preparation for a future move to a home more suitable to their needs, like a retirement home in a 55+ active adult community or small town.
retirement home

Traveling More

Travel while you can is our motto. Traveling is our new purpose it seems. I am astounded at the amount of travel quite a few of my friends are doing. Back to back major trips that would have been considered “trips of a lifetime” are taken in a year.

That’s the way I see it from here.

Robert Fowler
Village at Deaton Creek, a 55+ Del Webb Community


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Baby Boomer’s Housing Trends

We have observed these 10 Baby Boomer housing trends. Boomers are not doing as some expected in regards to their housing. Links in the items listed go to more details.

1. Many Baby Boomers love seasonal homes in resort locations. Living in a seasonal home for two to six months then returning to their primary home. Some seasonal homes are owned but many are short term rentals. Most seasonal homes are in warmer locations. Most are in resort locations including active adult communities.

2. One level living is a must because of potential mobility issues and safety concerns. This style is referred to as “ranch style” homes. Continue reading “Baby Boomer’s Housing Trends”

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