Beatlemania Now! Baby Boomers Still Love The Beatles

Beatlemania Now! Baby Boomers Still Love The Beatles

The Beatles tribute band concertTonight we attended a packed Cobb Energy Center venue to see Beatlemania Now!, a tribute band of The Beatles, the band which defined the music and helped shape the Baby Boomer Generation.

Here are some photos that I took, risking getting kicked out by an over zealous aisle attendant.

Sargent Pepper costumes
Beatlemania Now had plenty of colorful outfits, like these of the Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.


We Love The Beatles
Young fans with home made poster “We Love The Beatles”. There were three generations of Beatles fans present.


John Lennon tribute
This guy did a good job as John Lennon, both looks and with his songs.


Beatles Fans
The Beatles fans really got into the music of Beatlemania Now!


Georgia Harrison tribute singer
This singer did a good job as George Harrison especially with “Here Comes The Sun”.


beatlemania  band concert
The large video screen in back of the band showed scenes from the 60’s.


Beatlemania Now review
Tribute singers for John Lennon and Ringo Starr. It was a fun evening and we would recommend Beatlemania Now! if you get a change to see it.


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A Little Music and A lot of Dancing

I came from a small town where dancing and what they called wild music was just not allowed. But music and dancing became of important part of Boomers lives.

I came from a small town where dancing and what they called wild music was just not allowed.   I mentioned before though that this Boomer is a free spirit.  Remember those little transistor radios back in the day.  Well you could see me at any time with one in my hip pocket.  Of course the hip had to be turned just the right way to get the music to come in clear from the radio station.  Oh and dancing in the small town was just a big no but I had the beat.

On a hot summer day you could catch me listening to some great hits.  I would sing “I’m Sorry” by Brenda Lee at the top on my lungs and couldn’t sing a lick as the old country saying goes.  Then there was Wild Thing, When A Man Loves a Women, and Papa’s Gotta Brand New Bag.  Yes, and don’t get me started on Heat Wave, Sugar, Sugar and Save The Last Dance for Me.

Little did I know that my all time favorite “Harper Vally P.T.A by Jeanne C. Riley would become my early wild boomer life.  Those hot pants and Go Go boots were my thing.  I worked hard and played hard and oh did I love to dance.  I would dance with my broom while cleaning house or dance the night away when out on the town or by then it was the city.

Then along came the song Ride the White Pony and my disco dancing could clear a dance floor any time.  If possible I would stay on a dance floor and close the place down.  They talk about running for exercise in today’s world but I am here to tell you back in the day, I danced for exercise!

Years were passing so I had to change my style.  I met up with a band leader and turned COUNTRY.   Now can you believe those apples.   I have sat with Chuck Berry at one of the places he owned and listened to him get a crowd roaring.  I was on a roll now and switched again.  This time it was Two stepping, country waltz, the 10 step and Cotton eyed Joe just to mention a few country dances.  Don’t let me get started on dancing to that all time great hit, Ride Sally Ride.  OH my, Oh my those were the days of music and dancing.

Then that thing called middle age started to creep up on me and I found my self sitting on a bar stool listening to “The Queen of the Silver Dollar by Dayle Holly.”  That did it!  I had to grow up.  Now that does not mean that I stopped listening to music nor did I stop dancing.  It just means I changed my way of life.  Maybe you could say maturity hit me or maybe I just needed to try something else like meditation music, easy listening,Christian rock, blues and jazz.    I even listened to a little Opera but that night will not be repeated.  It is great music but just not my THANG!

So here I sit today remembering back to Chicago, Three Dog Night, The Beatles and the list goes on and on.  Those tunes will never leave my head and I can still pat my foot any old time.  Yes sirree, those Boomer days were some great times.  Let’s keep on rocking and rolling because the Band Stand Group is not over yet!

Boomer Music

This will tell you where to obtain the best boomer music.

Neil Young

Where can I find good baby boomer music online?

Let me guess, you’ve just heard that great Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song in a TV show or car commercial and would like take a trip down memory lane just once, but can’t seem to find the record anywhere? Well, today is your lucky day, because I’m going to show you three places where you can reliably and safely buy any song you want in seconds. So let’s get started, shall we?

If you’re technologically savvy and you want to get a digital copy of that song you really like, you should give iTunes a try. Even though the technology is pretty recent, you can find all sorts of music from the 60s and 70s on there. The great thing about iTunes is that you don’t have to buy the whole album to get that one song you’re craving; you can just download it for a small fee and load it on your mp3 player. And the good thing is that it’s totally legal, so you won’t have to feel bad about stealing it on one of these popular music download sites.

But if you were looking for the real thing, you should give EBay a try. It’s filled with merchants who are specialized in 60’s and 70’s music and the great thing is that you can check how good they are before you make a purchase. Buying on EBay is similar to buying in a real record store, besides the fact that you’ll have to wait for your records to come in.

When you buy on EBay, you can always communicate with the seller to see if they offer discounts on big orders. There are hundreds of sellers out here that sell huge batches
of baby boomer music for a fraction of the price, so you might actually get a better deal if you buy in bulk. But make sure you pick a seller with a feedback score of at least 50 before you engage in any transaction. This way you’ll be sure that the seller is trustworthy and that your records will be in good condition when you get them.

But my favorite place to find oldies is definitely They have thousands and thousands of hits available in all types of formats. They even have a search utility that allows you to search all of the groups you’re interested in and get a review from fellow users just like you. So you might stumble on an album you never even heard of and get a sense of what you can expect just by reading the honest reviews given by the other users Buying music on Amazon is safe and easy, but be careful, you might get overwhelmed by their huge selection, so make sure you know exactly on which album the song your looking for is before you make your choice.

Finding great baby boomer music online is pretty easy if you know where to look… The web is full of great deals on baby boomer music, just make sure you go with reliable and established sellers and you should find what you’re looking for in minutes…